15 Mistakes To Avoid While Training In Gym


There are several common mistakes to avoid while training in the gym.

People do make some simple mistakes.

I was once a victim during my first days of joining the gym.


This was due to a lack of guidance and research until one of the big buddies in the gym shown me the right direction.

We learn from our experience and it is the best lesson for everyone.

Here are some of the mistakes.

  1. Lifting too heavyweight within a short duration

The first mistakes to avoid while training in the gym is lifting too heavy weights within a short duration.

For instance, you are lifting the 90 kgs or heavier weights than you may lift. 

Swinging the weight or by using momentum, may result in severe injuries of the muscles and bones.

Therefore, you should always start lifting with the minimum or lower than what you can carry and then gradually increase the weight, you will achieve an optimum training session.

Do not start lifting heavy weight because your partner, who came before you to the gym, is lifting.

Note that, Greater momentum increases the potential for injury and reduces the effectiveness of the muscle group being targeted.

This also makes you build well-defined muscles within a few weeks.

  1. Avoid using too heavyweights

The second common mistakes to avoid while training in the gym is compiling too many weights, which you cannot comfortably lift.

Make sure you use enough weight and that is where fractional plates chips in.

For example, if you can do 15 reps with a certain weight, then you can add a few fractional plates or other weight.

However, do not increase the weight by not more than 5% at a time.

A slight increase in weight enables you to gain more muscle and strength and that is the key to greater progress.

By avoiding too heavyweight can make you build bigger muscle faster within weeks.

  1. Not Training At The Right Pace or Frequency

The third common mistake to avoid is doing quick reps or too fast.

In this case, you may be lifting weight in high frequency as if you are being chased by a dog.

My friend relax, there is nothing gained by lifting weights fast or rapid.

The best is achieved when lifting weight in a slow, orderly, and controlled manner.

By not lifting weight too fast. you can gain the following benefits; Gain more total muscle mass, and force produced .

It also helps you gain more muscle-fiber activation both slow and fast-twitch fibers.

In addition, lifting weight in controllable manner help reduce tissue trauma

Point to take home, a joint is only as strong as the muscles that cross it.

If you have not lifted in a long time, or ever, be careful what you ask of your joints.

  1. Not resting long enough, or resting for too long

Another common mistakes to avoid is going to the gym from Monday to Monday without resting or performing one rep to another without a short break.

This can result in an injury of muscles and bones.

Both can be a workout killer and can hinder you from getting bigger muscle within one month.

You should rest at least 2-3 days per week.

While in your gym session, the recommended rest period is approximately 30 second to 90 seconds from one rep to another, for overall fitness.

You should not rest too much.

This will enable you to build bigger muscles

  1. Avoid over-concentration on the mirror while training

Have been going to the gym, however, I noticed one most common mistake while training in the gym.

That is, most beginners and even senior gym-goers over concentrate on the mirror more than they train.

Checking their chest, biceps, and triceps after every rep, this limits their performance.

Some of them think that they are bigger, not knowing that the view on the mirror is larger than the actual view.

So to get bigger muscles always avoid over-concentrating on the mirrors on gym walls.

  1. Not following a workout program

I think at a point I was once a victim of not following my workout routine.

It is another mistake most gym-goers make, by not following their workout routine programs.

For instance, you find a group of big buddies training, then you have just arrived in the gym and pick from there.

Forgetting your workout program.

However, Adhering to your workout will greatly influence your performance.

  1. Not doing warm-up is another workout mistake

A very common mistake that most gym-goers do is not doing warm-ups.

Let me tell you, the warm-up is very important.

It helps in preventing injuries and enables the body to feel relaxed and to adapt to new changes.

You need to get your blood flowing and muscles warm so they don’t tear too much when you train them.

Warm-ups are very crucial especially before a workout and after a workout.

Some kind of jogging and body swing helps the body to feel relief and prevent injuries.

Most people ignore warm-ups like press-up, and flexibility.

However, immediately in the gym, they rush to lift heavyweight.

For faster growth of bigger muscle, you need to start with warm-ups.

  1. Not stretching is a big  workout mistake

Just like warm-ups, you need to do some stretching.

Stretching also avoids injuries of muscles and bones and improves your general performance.

Yoga is one of the best types of stretching that enables the body to feel relief and adjust faster.

Many buddies and beginners ignore this type of stretching.

It is one of the mistakes to avoid while training in the gym.

Always perform stretching before training and after training for faster muscle growth.

  1. Not starting with aerobics maybe another workout mistake

This is another common mistake you need to avoid while training in the gym.

Aerobics helps in core strengthening and improves stability.

It is one of the most essential types of training that one need not avoid while in your workout.

You need to start with aerobics before proceeding to the free weight lift.

  1.  Avoiding comprehensive training

Comprehensive training is the core of building bigger muscles.

Most people ignore complex workouts such as deadlift, squats, back workout, and shoulder workouts.

While in the gym, consider complex workout for effective and general muscle isolation.

Some people are fond of doing one specific workout every day.

For instance, training your biceps or lifting barbell for chest without corporation of other workouts.

It is important to do comprehensive exercise for bigger body muscles.

  1. Going to the gym while hungry is another workout mistake

To develop well-defined abdominal muscle, you need to eat a well-balanced diet.

Some gym-goers especially beginners, happens to train without eating.

This will affect your performance.

whey protein

A healthy diet improves your energy level, maintains your strength, and improves your performance.

The food you eat matters a lot.

You should avoid going to the gym while hungry you can take dietary supplements.

  1. Only Doing One Specific workout

Doing only one isolated workout is not effective.

It is a common mistake to avoid while training in the gym.

You may tend to do one specific workout through your training not knowing that it is a mistake.

Combine other resistant training or aerobics

Therefore, you need to include some comprehensive workout such as squats, and deadlifts in order to maintain a solid foundation of core strengthening compound movements.

  1. Not Isolating The Muscles Properly

For an effective workout, you need to isolate various body muscles properly.

Some individuals fail to target some muscles.

Crunch exercise is one of the best motions that allow you to achieve a great momentum for your abs muscles.

A good number of people fail to corporate these motions in their workout program.

They perform rapid and quick sit-ups failing to focus on specific muscles.

Actually, this does not create upper body momentum.

Therefore, to fix this mistake, you need to slow down the reps, and under control perform the crunches to feel each contraction in the right muscles.

  1. Not focusing on overall body fat

For instance, someone who wants to lose big belly bulge, he/she may think that only doing abs exercise may reduce belly fat.

The fact is, you cannot lose weight on one specific point.

You need to perform general body fat loss. This is a common mistake you need to avoid.

For effective belly fat loss, you need to combine resistant training such as the deadlift, squats, and many others.

  1. Not Using Enough Resistance Weight is another workout mistake

A good number of gym-goers only major on using enough weight on bicep and chest workout.

Other do not use enough weight.

However, when it comes to abs, shoulder, back and leg workouts, they undermine the use of enough weight.

If you are one of them, then stop the bad habit and include enough resistance weight.


The truth is, when you perform several reps and sets with lightweight, you only increase muscle endurance, but not building big muscles.

According to Maria Parepalo, combining both low resistance and high resistance for well-defined muscles.



For well build muscles, you need to avoid the above common workout mistakes.

They can affect your general workout performance and your health.

In addition, they can lead to severe injuries to your bones and muscles.

Following the right procedures for gym workout program is the best for bigger muscles.


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