30 minutes Exercise At Home for Abs


For faster weight loss you need to perform a 25 minutes exercise at home for abs. It is true that you may feel too tired and exhausted after work, however, taking 25 minutes to workout your tummy belly can lead to faster weight loss at home.

You don’t need to go to gym every week to train in order to lose weight.
 In fact, exercise for weight loss at home is the best way you can burn body fats faster.

Therefore, this article provides you with the best workout that will enable you to lose weight at comfort zone.


Including the workout in your routine session and following your weight loss diet plan is all you need to do. They will help you improve your cardiovascular system, strength and tone your muscles groups.

Requirements for weight loss workout at home

You may need some simple home workout equipment for effective workout. For example, you may need skipping rope, abs roller,  yoga matt, workout clothe and shoe, dumbbell or kittlebell, water bottle and rubber band.

These home gym equipment are not expensive and you can purchases them online at affordable price.

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Here are 30 minutes workouts for weight loss at home

Every workout starts with warm-ups and stretches that help prevent any potential injuries that may occur during your workouts. It also enable the muscles to get ready for more challenging workouts.

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So, here we go.

Do 5-minutes pre-workout stretches

Take at least 5 minutes to do warm-ups and stretches to enable your muscle to feel at home.

Ensure that you warm properly. Examples of warm ups you can do are jumping, swinging your hands, and toe touching.

These are the best warm-ups and stretches you can start with every day before digging into the core of workout for toning different muscles.

How to perform stretches and warm-ups for starter

  • In your backyard, take 2 minutes jump for 3 sets and 10  to 20 reps  
  • Then take another, 2 minutes to perform butterfly freehand swing or any hand swing
  • Take one minute, stand still, bend to touch your toe, while your knee straight only bending your back to enable you to touch the toes.
  • At least 2 sets 6 reps each.
  • The pre-exercise of slow motion as compared to the core workout


Never underestimate the power of warm-ups or stretches, therefore, always start with jumping, hand stretching, or toe touching pre- exercise for weight loss before any other exercise.  Furthermore, the pre-exercise should be of slow motions as compared to the main workout you intend to do.After the warm-ups, now you can start toning your muscles.


Do 20 minutes cardio workout for weight loss

After that perfect pre-exercise, now you are set to perform the main aerobic workout for weight loss. This exercise focuses your heart and lungs. Therefore, have your skipping rope.

How to perform rope skipping for weight loss

  • Hold the skipping rope,one hand on each skipping rope handle.
  • Now stand holding the rope, the rope on the backside
  • Now jump as you rotate the rope as shown below
  • Perform 20 minutes skipping using your ropes then take 5 minutes burst skipping.

This aerobic workout will enable you to improve the whole cardiovascular system, boosting your metabolic rate resulting in faster burn of calories and carbs.

It will also help improve arteries function, lowers blood sugar levels, boost your insulin sensitivity, thereby preventing, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

This can be your workout for day one.

25- minutes workout for toning

Toning workout Is very important for belly fat loss, it help burn the excess body fats.

A good example of a toning workout is the press-ups. Performing press-ups can help you tone most of your body fats.

It also help improve your arteries and blood vessels’ functions. Therefore, take 20 minutes and perform press-up.

How to perform toning workout

  • lunges. To tone the muscles in your bottom (the glutes) and tops of the legs (quadriceps), lunges are a great exercise. …
  • Squats. Squats target the same muscles as lunges but can be better for toning the bottom specifically. …
  • Running. …
  • Stomach crunches.

25-minutes for abs workout for belly fat loss

There are a few abs workouts that you can perform every evening after the job.

This are the old traditional crunches that are easy but effective(1).

They help burn your stomach fats and enable you to feel lighter and energetic. You can perform these simple abs workouts to enable you to lose belly fats and weight faster.

Exercise At Home for Abs


Therefore, take 20 minutes to perform these workouts.

25-minutes for leg workout

Losing belly fats need a comprehensive workout. You cannot lose belly fats only rather you will lose overall weight.

Wall squat is the best way to perform an exercise for belly fat loss and weight loss. Also, read 9 Tips How To Lose Belly Fats Faster Within One Month.(2)

Therefore, take 20 minutes to perform wall squats.

This squat is effective for both with knee arthritis and belly fat loss. It is one of the easiest types of squat that is result-oriented.

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After warm-up, lean on the walls with your back while standing, under control, squat until your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Then Pause for 2 seconds, and return to the initial start point.

Repeat the motions 3 sets, 10 reps.


25-minute firm butt, bums workout

Butt and bums workout are weight loss oriented. They target your but fats and bum fats. You can perform these workouts for faster weight loss(3).

These workouts are very simple but well performed; you can lose some extra pounds. Therefore, you can perform this workout after work.


25-minutes biceps workout

Having your dumbbell or kettlebell, you can burn your arms fats to build lean biceps muscles.

Taking 20 minutes doing this workout can help you burn more biceps fats and build lean and stronger biceps muscles.

25-minutes triceps workout

Not leaving triceps workout; you need to perform triceps workout.

Very simple but effective workouts that will enable you to burn most of your arms fats. You may need dumbbell to perform this workout to lose weight.

5-minutes cool down routine

After every workout, you need to cool down for 5 minutes. Cooldown enables you to recover muscle pain. Therefore, perform this cool-down exercise.

Exercise At Home for Abs