Top 15 Health Benefits of Forskolin Based on Science


There are numerous health benefits of forskolin due to its powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

In fact, Forskolin is one of the many herbal supplements with a wide variety of health functions.

It is used in the prevention and treatment of several chronic illnesses including cancer, asthma,  and hypertension among others(1).


This article provides you with the advanced health benefits of using forskolin.

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is a herbal supplement that is obtained from the dried root of an Indian plant known as Plectranthus barbatus or Coleus forskohlii .

health benefits of forskolin
Image of the coleus plant

Some of the natural ingredients are also added to improve its medical power.

For instance, adding green tea extracts to improve its antioxidants properties.

The herbs have been used for centuries by traditional medicine elders.

How Does Forskolin Work?

Forskolin is a major catalyze that help the body to activate certain enzymes such as adenylate cyclase.  

This enzyme, in turn, synthesizes cyclic adenosine monophosphate(cAMP)(4).

 The cAMP is very essential for all body cells.

In fact, cAMP is a derivative of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and used for neurotransmitters(6).

Forskolin is always available in various different brands such as coleus forskohlii, colforsin, makandi, maohouqiaoruihua, and pashanabhedi.

Forskolin is always available in various different brands such as coleus forskohlii, colforsin, makandi, maohouqiaoruihua, and pashanabhedi.

Health benefits of forskolin

  1. Forskolin has used the treatment of cancer

It is rich in anticancer, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that help destroy cancerous cells and reduce tumor size in certain cancer.

In fact, studies show that forskolin can help increases the immune response to release antibodies to fight against antigens in the pathogen and kill them(8).

This helps in preventing other health complications that are linked to cancer.

Another study suggests that taking forskolin can help reduce the risk of lung cancer, and breast cancer more effectively, as it helps reduce the tumor size in patients with cancer(9).

Furthermore, forskolin is used in various health facilities to treat and prevent other chronic illnesses due to its powerful antioxidant properties.

Therefore you can use forskolin to enjoy the health benefits of forskolin. However, you need to consult with your doctor before using forskolin.


Forskolin is very effective in reducing tumor size and fighting off cancerous cells. It helps improves the immune system to help destroy breast and lung cancer cells.

  1. It reduces blood pressure

Another health benefits of forskolin is that it helps improves your blood flow, which “in turn” increases your insulin sensitivity and reduces blood sugar level in the bloodstream.

Studies suggest that forskolin may help regulate triglycerides levels, and help reduce “bad” cholesterol levels and increases “good” cholesterol levels(11).

This helps reduce your blood pressure in case you had high blood pressure.

Another study on high blood pressure patients shows that the patients could able to lower their blood pressure after three weeks of using forskolin supplement(12).

Furthermore, it controls blood sugar levels by lowering and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


Studies show that forskolin help improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood sugar level in the bloodstream and help also to regulate choleaterol level and triglycerides. All this are linked to reduce high blood pressure.

  1. Forskolin help reduce body inflammation

Studies suggest that forskolin has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties that reduce the production of sebum that may cause body inflammation(13).

This helps reduces excess body inflammation and other chronic diseases associated with body inflammations.

Another study shows that the presence of anti-inflammatory in forskolin may help reduces harmful free radical that is produced during metabolism(14).

The free radical can cause cellular DNA damage, which can lead to skin cancer, stomach cancer, stomach ulcers, and other digestive disorders as cited in studies(15).

Furthermore, forskolin boosts the body’s immune system to protect the skin against toxic infections.

Therefore, while using forskolin, be sure to enjoy these advanced health benefits of forskolin.


The forskolin has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce excess body inflammations and also pretect the cell’s DNA from free radical that may be produced during metabolism.

  1. Forskolin may improve heart health

 It helps improves arteries’ functions and helps opens the blood vessels for effective blood flow that help improve heart functions as suggested in a study(17).

This helps improves the whole cardiovascular system, preventing heart disease, stroke, and heart failure.

According to a study, the use of forskolin help prevent arteries’ dysfunctions, improves heart functions, and helps fight off foreign substances in the bloodstream(18).

In fact,  a study shows that forskolin may be used in the treatment of heart disease and difficulty falling asleep (insomnia)(19).

Therefore, using forskolin will help you get quality sleep and prevent you from cardiovascular disease like heart attack, stroke, heart failure among others.


The use of forskolin is scientifically proven to help in improving heart function, and help prevent insomnia or sleep disorders. It also help improve arteries functions and prevent blood from toxin infection.

  1. Forskolin helps in weight loss in overweight and obesity

Another health benefits of forskolin is reducing overweight and obesity.

Studies show that forskolin has appetite suppressant effects and can help reduce your craving for unhealthy food(20).

It helps reduce your appetite by reducing your hunger hormones.

This will reduce your calorie intake and carbs intake resulting in weight loss.

Research also suggests that taking forskolin may increase your metabolic rate to enable you to burn excess carbs, fats, and calories into energy(21).

Furthermore, it helps in burning excess fat deposits in your stomach cavity resulting in belly fat loss as cited in most studies.

When you lose excess body fats and a certain weight, you will reduce the risk of overweight and obesity, which are linked to diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, cancer and many more. 

In fact, forskolin helps in building lean mass and strengthen your body muscles without muscle loss(22).


Studies show that forskolin helps in weight loss and belly fat burn. It help reduce your appetite, increase metabolic rate and improves your digestive system. Therefore, for obese and overweight people can use this supplement, but you need to consult with your doctor first.

  1. Forskolin help in treatment of glaucoma

The presence of antioxidants in forskolin help treats symptoms of glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a disease that damages your eye’s optic nerve. It usually happens when fluid builds up in the front part of your eye.

 Studies reveal that the patients who were given forskolin, reduces the symptoms of glaucoma as compared to those given placebo(23).

Examples of glaucoma symptoms that forskolin prevents includes:

  • Severe eye pain
  • Nausea and vomiting (accompanying the severe eye pain)
  • Sudden onset of visual disturbance, often in low light
  • Blurred vision
  • Halos around lights
  • Reddening of the eye

Currently, many patients suffering from glaucoma use this dietary supplement to curb the symptoms of the disease.

Therefore, this is one of the health benefits of forskolin in the health sector.


It is used in the health sector in the treatment of glaucoma, which is a disease that damages your eye’s optic nerve. Studies suggest that forskolin help to reduce the symptoms of glaucoma.

  1. Prevents asthma

The strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties present in forskolin help in preventing asthma.

It boosts the immune system to fight against the antigen that causes asthma as cited in studies.

Forskolin is also recommended for people suffering from asthma for boosting their immune system to Improves lung health in Asthma & COPD (Bronchodilation)(25).

According to a study, it suggests that forskolin helps fight against the toxin infections that is linked to causing asthma(27).


This herb supplement can be use to reduce the symptoms of asthma and help Improves lung function in Asthma and COPD (Bronchodilation).

  1. Forskolin improves metabolism

Another health benefits of forskolin is that it helps in fighting intestinal spasms and prevents the body from chronic illness associated with a low metabolism.

An intestinal spasm is a spontaneous and sudden contraction of the muscles in your colon.

According to a study, it shows that taking forskolin can help regulate your metabolic rate and prevents the spontaneous and sudden contraction of your stomach muscles(28).

In fact, it does this by Increasing, restarting and stabilizing your metabolic processes.

This also help prevent other metabolic syndromes, which can cause other health complications.


Taking forskolin can help prevent the risk of spontaneous and sudden contraction of the your stomach muscles. It may also help improve your metabolic rate to reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases.

  1. Forskolin prevents dysmenorrhea

Some women experience severe pain during their menstruation, this cause discomfort and leave them hopeless and stressed up(29).

This severe pain can also lead to low sex drive and other chronic illnesses such as HPV and STIs.

Good enough, studies show that the use of forskolin by women may help them to reduce the painful menstruation, which typically involves abdominal cramps(30).

Furthermore, the antioxidants help in pain relief and boost moods, reducing stress and anxiety, which are linked to dysmenorrhea.

However, women need to visit a doctor before using forskolin supplements.


The forskolin has very positive effects on women with painful menstruation as it help reliev pain, boost moods, and helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which are linked to dysmenorrhea.

  1. Forskolin reduces  irritable bowel syndrome

It contains antioxidants that prevent leaky gut, which is a digestive condition in which bacteria and toxins are able to “leak” through the intestinal wall. 

Forskolin also helps reduces irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), which is a common disorder that affects the large intestine(31).

IBS signs and symptoms may include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation(32).

Forskolin does this by lowering or neutralizing the stomach acid that causes bowel syndromes.

 In addition,  studies show that forskolin help prevents intestinal ulcers that are linked to bowel syndromes(33).


Forskolin may help reduce leaky gut and irritable bowel syndromes by neutralizing the stomach acid. This helps improve the digestive system.

  1. Help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Forskolin may help prevent the development of social recognition deficits in participants especially in elderly persons.

It helps improve the neurotransmission system and boost your brain functions.

Furthermore, studies suggest that forskolin may help in boosting mental focus and prevents neurological disorders(35).

It is one of the health benefits of forskolin that gears to its wide use in old and middle age people.

Therefore, if you have any problem related to mental focus, then using forskolin may help you overcome it, but only remember to consult with your doctor.


People with mental problems and alzheimer’s disease may benefit from using forskolin. It will help boost their brain functions and curb these neurological disorders.

  1. It may help prevent chest pain(angina)

Chest pain or angina is pain that happens when there isn’t enough blood going to part of your heart.

It can feel like a heart attack, with pressure or squeezing in your chest(36). This may lead to several health complications like sleep disorders if not handled.

The goodness is that forskolin dietary supplements may help improve strength and energy level, performance and prevents chest pain and improve your sleep as cited in a study(37).

In most cases, bodybuilders and athletes use forskolin a dietary supplement to relief angina for better performance.  

It also helps improve your sleep thereby, preventing insomnia.


The use of forskolin may help prevent chest pain and may as well improve your sleep if you have angina.

         13. Forskolin helps reduce sleep disorders

Studies show that taking forskolin may help improve your sleep quality. It has very strong antioxidants that help fight against sleep disorders(38).

Some examples of sleep disorders that you need to know include sleep apnea, narcolepsy and hypersomnia, sleeping sickness, sleepwalking, and night terrors.

All this can be prevented by forskolin.

In fact, forskolin help regulates your sleep hormones and may make you enjoy every bit of sleep(39).

Therefore, for those having sleep disorders(insomnia), you can consider taking forskolin supplements.


You can overcome sleep disorders when you use forskolin supplements as cited in studies. Now worry less, purchase forskolin.

       14. Forskolin prevent urinary tract infection

Women are at higher risk of developing urinary tract complications as compared to men.

However, forskolin may help them get rid of these complications.

This is due to the presence of strong antioxidants in forskolin that help improve kidney function, bladder function, ureters function, and urethra functions.

In fact, forskolin has powerful antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that help fight off the microbes or the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can cause complications in your urinary tract(40).

Furthermore, this helps prevents kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and HPV among other reproductive complications.


Forskolin may help prevent urinary tract infections due to its strong antioxidants properties that fight gainst microbes that may cause damage and discomfort linked to cancer and reproductive complications.

          15. Forskolin can alleviate allergies

Studies show that many drugs used to treat allergies are designed to increase cAMP levels.

Usually, they inhibit the enzyme (phosphodiesterase) that breaks down cAMP.

This mechanism is the “flip side” of forskolin’s, which acts directly to increase cAMP.

Therefore, forskolin can be used by itself, or in addition to phosphodiesterase-inhibiting drugs in the prevention and treatment of many allergic conditions.


Forskolin is scientifically proven to help in the prevention and treatment of many allergic conditions as it directly boosts the cAMP levels.

Side effects of forskolin dietary supplement

Every good thing must have negative impacts.

Although, forskolin has no known side effects, however, few individuals’ reports to experience increased heart rate as common side effect.

Here are some of the side effects of forskolin

  • May cause bleeding
  • Fast heart rate (tachycardia)(45)
  • It may cause low blood pressure(hypotension) when used in conjunction with medications such as beta-blockers, and vasodilators(46)

Precautions for forskolin dietary supplement

 It is important to seek medical advice from the doctor before purchasing  any forskolin.

The fact is, the interaction of forskolin with other medications can cause severe health problems.

Therefore, do not start, stop, or change the dosage of any medicine before checking with your doctor, health care provider, or pharmacist.

Importantly, there are some fake and dangerous forskolin especially slim 250 forskolins sold in some countries that are imported from china.

Therefore, it is crucial to buy forskolin from well-recognized malls.


Where should you buy forskolin?

Do you want to buy forskolin?

It is important to buy forskolin in Jumia malls, Amazon, and any well-recognized malls and pharmacies.


Summing it up

Forskolin has several health benefits including improving heart health, pain relief, control of blood pressure, prevents asthma, weight loss and belly fat loss.

It also helps reduce body inflammations and glaucoma symptoms.

Forskolin also has side effects has it may increase bleeding, heart rate, and hypotension.

It is also important to seek medical consultations before using forskolin.

Furthermore, buy forskolin from recognize pharmacies and malls due to fake and harmful slim 250 forskolin from china.

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