Top 15 Best Exercise For Arthritis Pain Naturally

If you are living with arthritis, you need to perform the top best exercise for arthritis that enables you to stay stronger and more energetic.

Truth be told, many people are living with arthritis and they need quick help. Being that when arthritis left untreated it can lead to disability.

While treatment goes in hand with exercise, therefore, you need these top best exercises for your wellness.

This article provides you with the best exercise for arthritis in the knee, hips, shoulder, and hands.

Is exercise good for arthritis?

Actually, exercise is 100% good for arthritis.

It improves arteries’ function, the immune system, and the overall cardiovascular system. This improves blood flow and body metabolism.

Therefore, exercise can prevent arthritis and you need to perform regular exercise for your own benefit.

However, too much exercise can cause arthritis in middle age.

Studies show that physical inactivity is the major cause of most chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, and more.

 How To Train While Living With Arthritis
Type Of Exercise  For Arthritis Time Duration Per Week
Aerobics (moderate-intensity exercise) 30-50 minute 2-3 times
Strength training or resistance training

(High-intensity training)

15-20 minutes 2-3 times

What are the benefits of exercise for people living with arthritis?

Exercise improves overall body functions. Here are some of the target influences of exercise to your body.

  • Exercise improves joint mobility and flexibility

Doing exercise will boost blood flow and stretches your joint muscles. This improves mobility and flexibility.

  • Exercise strengthens your muscles

doing exercise, especially resistance training can help you build stronger lean muscles. this reduces discomfort and enables you to overcome arthritis.

  • It improves your muscles’ endurance

This helps boost blood flow and arteries’ health. It also prevents heart issues and liver disease. Exercises like jogging and other aerobic exercise is very important for you.

  • Improves cardiovascular system

Exercise while living with arthritis also improves the overall cardiovascular system. this prevents neurological disorders. It also prevents other chronic illnesses such as sleep disorders, and heart attacks, among others.

Here are the best workouts for arthritis for healthy living

  1. Meditation Exercise

Meditation exercise is one of the best exercises for arthritis.

This exercise involves breathing in and out.

For instance, perform a deep breath or breathe in and pause for 3 seconds, then breathe out.

The breathing exercise improves the whole cardiovascular system and reduces stress and anxiety linked to arthritis.

For that reason, it prevents arthritis in the hips, back, knees, shoulder, and hands.

Therefore, if you are living with arthritis, then meditation is the best exercise for you.

  1. Jogging exercise for arthritis

Jogging exercise is one of the best exercises for arthritis in the knee, however, you need to run like the athletes. Too much running can cause injuries linked to arthritis or worsen arthritis discomfort.

On the other hand, being physically inactive worsen the discomfort caused by arthritis.

Therefore, creating time, and jogging outdoors can help you relieve joint pain.

Stop sitting the whole day in the office then go back to the house to eat and sleep. The fact is, you are increasing your chances of getting arthritis.

You need to jog to prevent arthritis. Jogging improves blood flow and artery function. It also boosts heart health and prevents other chronic illnesses.

  1. Warm-ups and stretches for arthritis

Stretching exercise improves muscle endurance, strengthens the core, and helps in coordination and posture.

Warm-ups also improve heart health, which can help you reduce arthritis. It is one of the best exercises for arthritis in the knee, hips, and hands.

best exercise for arthritis

Therefore, you need to perform stretches and warm-ups at least once a day to reduce discomfort caused by arthritis in the hips.

In fact, stretches are the best exercises for arthritis in the hips and shoulder.

You may be working the whole day, however, it is important to take 5 minutes to stretch and stop sitting for long hours without stretching.

  1. Bike cycling exercise for arthritis

Cycling helps improves blood circulation and strengthen body muscles.

It is the simplest and most enjoyable exercise for arthritis in the knee and hips. Bike cycling reduces arthritis in knees, hips, and shoulders, However, you need not ride for a longer duration.

Furthermore, cycling helps reduce blood pressure and diabetes. It improves overall body health.

Therefore, take your time and bike cycling.

  1. swimming for arthritis

Swimming and water aerobics help improves the cardiovascular system. This helps prevent arthritis in the hips, knees, hands, and shoulders.

It improves heart health and arteries functions, therefore, reducing arthritis.

best exercise for arthritis

Swimming exercise can prevent arthritis more effectively if performed good enough.

If you are living with arthritis, then swimming and water aerobics exercise is the best for you.

  1. Yoga exercise for arthritis

Another top best exercise for arthritis in the knee is yoga exercise. This is a type of balancing and stability exercise for arthritis in the knee, and hips.

It is also one of the best exercises for arthritis in the shoulder and hands.

best exercise for arthritis

It improves coordination, strengthens the core, and improves posture. If you are living with arthritis in hips and knees, then balancing and stability exercise is best for you.

Sign up for yoga classes at your local studio or gym and start this exercise.

  1. Pilate exercise for  arthritis

In fact, It is better to do only a few exercises using control and correct form than many exercises using the incorrect form or poor control.

Pilate exercise is also one of the best exercises for arthritis that involves movement designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body.

It helps in strengthening the core and improves coordination and balance.

It can improve your muscle strength and energy level. Pilate is the best exercise for arthritis in the hips and knees as it improves the overall cardiovascular system.

Furthermore, this exercise prevents chronic illnesses including blood pressure, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

  1. Boot camp exercise

Boot camp exercise is a time-based exercise that you pay for the sessions.

They involve both cardio and resistance exercise and it helps prevent arthritis in hips and joints.

Precisely, cardio exercise and resistance training help improve arteries’ function and blood flow.

In addition, most people living with arthritis report that they feel relieved from arthritis in the hips, shoulder, hands, and knee after boot camp exercises as compared to other exercises.

Boot camp exercises can enable you to stay motivated. It also increases insulin sensitivity and reduces blood sugar levels in the bloodstream.

For that reason, Boot camp exercise helps prevent several chronic diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, obesity and overweight, and blood pressure.

You can join these sessions by registering with your local studio or gym.

  1. Traditional crunches workout for arthritis

Crunch exercise helps in belly fat burn and weight loss. They help in coordination, strengthening the core, and balancing.

Performing crunching exercise help reduce discomfort and help you recover from arthritis.

Crunches are one of the best exercises for arthritis in the hips.

You can perform 2 to 4 sets, and 10 to 15 reps of crunches workout to help your recovery from arthritis very fast.

Crunches per week sets reps
2-3 days 2-4 10-15
  1. Strength training for arthritis

Arthritis causes muscle loss and reduces energy levels. This lowers the body’s immune system and can cause other chronic illnesses.

Strength training enables you to gain lean muscles and boost protein resynthesize.

This help prevents arthritis in middle and old age. However, too much exercise can cause arthritis in middle age or elderly people.

Therefore, training with moderation.

In addition, resistance exercise helps prevents arthritis in the hips as it leads to excess fat burn and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

 In fact, resistance help reduces fatigue and several health complications.

Therefore, strength training is the best exercise for arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, obesity and overweight as backed up by research.

Importantly, when performing resistance training, use enough weight and do not lift too heavyweight. This will help you avoid workout injuries.

  1. Team sport

To stay motivated and achieve your training goals, you can join local sports teams.

For instance, joining tennis, basketball, football, and cycling teams can be beneficial. Sign up for these team sports and train with them to improve your overall health.

Team sports are one of the best arenas to exercise for arthritis in the knee, hips, and other joint pains if you feel uncomfortable training alone.

  1. Zumba dance exercise for arthritis.

Another top best training for arthritis in the hips is aerobic dances like Zumba dance.

These dances are very important as they improver the whole cardiovascular system and improve arteries’ health.

It strengthens the tissues, thereby, joining bones harder. Furthermore, aerobic dances prevent cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and overweight.

  1. walking exercise for arthritis

Walking is a very important workout, it strengthens overall body muscles and improves the immune system.

It is the easiest and best exercise for the knee that you can perform.

Therefore, leave your car at home, walk to the market or to the job place if you are working at a walkable office.

Go for a walk every day, if you can, but make sure you walk at least three to five times per week.

If you’re just starting out and can only tolerate a five-minute walk, then start by walking just five minutes a day two or three days per week.

This will help you prevent arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, and many other health complications.

  1. Press-ups workout

Indoor press-ups after work or in the morning before going to the job can help reduce arthritis in the shoulder, back, and hands, and diabetes.

In fact, press-ups are the best workout for arthritis in the hands and shoulders.

Press-ups or planks can be modified by changing your position to bear weight on the forearms rather than hands and wrists, or the position can be changed to bear weight on the knees rather than the feet.

This will improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar, breathing system, and posture, thereby, reducing arthritis in the hips.

Therefore, perform press-ups 3 sets, 6 to 10 reps at least two times a week.

Note that bodyweight exercises require good core muscle strength and most of these exercises recruit a lot of muscle groups at once, making them hard but effective.

Press-ups per week sets reps
2-3 days 2-4 6-10
  1. wall squat for arthritis

Another easy workout for arthritis is here, wall squatting.

Squat exercise helps improve core strength, coordination, and balance thereby, prevent arthritis in the knees.

It aids in increasing blood flow and strengthening muscles. This prevents artery dysfunction that is linked to arthritis.

To perform wall squatting for arthritis, start with 10 reps three times per week.

While squatting, stop at the point where you feel muscle pain, but continue to perform the exercise regularly, so that the non-painful range will increase as thigh and core muscles become stronger.

Ensure you perform 3 sets, and 10 reps of squatting for effective results.

Squats  per week sets reps
2-3 days 2-3 10


How to stay safe during exercise for arthritis

  • Be progressive – start at a slow pace to avoid injuries and other health complications
  • Keep on track- do regular medical checkups. Check your heart rate as you train to avoid other complications
  • Listing to your body– train within your limit, if you feel exhausted leave it from there and come later.
  • Drink enough water- you need to stay hydrated throughout the day to stay safe.
  • Stay motivated– enjoy the workout and feel the fullest. You can join groups like a yoga class, Pilates, and sports teams.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet- have a nutrition plan to help you follow a balanced diet.
  • Make it simple- let the exercise not be complicated.

Exercise to avoid if you have arthritis

You cannot do certain workouts. For instance, high-intensity exercise or any exercises that worsen and make you uncomfortable.

You need to be progressive and never go for high-intensity workouts either aerobic or weight lifting that can cause injuries to you.

However, exercise to void arthritis can depend on one person to another.

You only need to figure out which exercise best fits you.