Top 15 Best Sanitizer For Hands In 2022


Sanitizer for hands or handwashing sanitizers are the best way to prevent coronavirus.

The hand wash sanitizer help you stay healthy by protecting you against germs.

Did you know that your hands are the part of the body, which is more liable to be exposed to germs that could cause sicknesses like cholera, corona, and other airborne diseases?


This happens if you touch your face, food you eat, and other sensitive body parts with dirt or germs on your hands.

Therefore, to enjoy good health, good hygiene should be on the top of your priorities.

Did you know that different kinds of diseases are recorded as a result of individuals being exposed to germs?

For instance, Ebola and Covid-19 are major diseases that are currently causing the death of thousands of people globally as per

This is why having a hand sanitizer should not be optional but extremely important at this critical moment.

Sanitizers for hands are made with products, which keep your hands clean and away from germs for a number of hours.

Let’s face it, there are germs everywhere. So, we make our products that go wherever you do.

Whether you’re looking to fight germs in the classroom, office, or home, our fast-acting hand sanitizers come in forms to fit your every hygiene needs.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hands to prevent Coronavirus (covid-19)?

Actually, it is advised to wash your hands as often as possible to prevent covid-19, because every surface that you come in contact with has a considerable amount of germs on them as per Didier et al..

Unfortunately, you cannot see germs with your eyes so it is pretty easy to assume that your fingers are clean as they do not look dirty.

However,  germs  are everywhere and you would be exposing yourself to the risk of diseases if you do not pay attention to clean hygiene and clean your hands often.

In short, you should regularly wash your hands using best sanitizers for hand or soap.

List of the best hand sanitizer

  1. Pocket Hand Sanitizer With Moisturizers

One of the best sanitizers for hand is the pocket hand sanitizer.

It can protect you and your family any time anywhere. No worries about the water, no worry about the heavy, just take it to protect you.

The portable design would make you free to take it anywhere.

In fact, it effectively kills more than 99.99% germs, fungi, cocci, and viruses,   and non-toxic.
It is gentle and non-irritating, does not hurt the skin, has water-holding and moisturizing function.

How to use pocket hand sanitizer

For better hygiene, take an appropriate amount (2-3ml) of the product to moisten your hands and rub for 15 seconds until the liquid covers your hands, wait for drying, and do not wash with water.

  1. Microcide Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

To stay safe from coronavirus, use Microcide alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

It is a rapid drying alcohol-based sanitizer containing 70% alcohol and special ingredients to prevent skin irritation and dryness.

Microcide alcohol-based hand sanitizer rapidly kills a broad spectrum of germs leaves skin feeling silky soft even after repeat use.

How to Use Microcide alcohol-based sanitizer for hand

Place enough microcide sanitizer on your palm and cover your hands, then rub your hands together well until dry up.

  1. Hand Sanitizer Moisturising Aloe Hand Sanitizer

Another best and cheap sanitizer for hand is the Moisturising Aloe-Infused Hand Sanitizer.

It is a  product that is fully certified and made from natural plant-based compounds.

This hand sanitizer is in gel form and is packed in a compact 50ml tube that is easy to carry around in your pocket and bag.
It contains 70% alcohol content and enriched with moisturizers and aloe extracts that leave your hands feeling soft, fresh, and smooth.

Hand sanitizer

How to use it

  1. Just take a few drops and apply on your palm
  2. Spread rub over back of your hands and fingertips until dry
  3. Use as often as you require


Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs and in case of contact with eyes, flush with water. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek immediate medical advice. Keep away from fire or sources of ignition.

  1. Dhahabu Instant Hand Sanitizer Litex Non Sticky – 50ml

This hand sanitizer is in gel form and contains alcohol in order to kill the germs present on the skin.

The alcohol works immediately and effectively in order to kill bacteria and most viruses.

Alcohol can be very drying to the skin, so this brand of sanitizer contains a moisturizer to minimize skin dryness and irritation.

Several studies have concluded that the risk of spreading gastrointestinal (stomach) and respiratory infection is decreased among families who use hand sanitizers.

This hand sanitizer protects you against 99.9% of germs and viruses

How to use it?
To use these hand sanitizers effectively, place a small amount, the size of your thumbnail, on the palm of your hand and rub it over your entire hand, including in your nails.

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  1. Msiri Liquid Hand Sanitizer – Germ And Virus Protection 250ml

Msiri hand sanitizer is a perfect counter or desk-size germ fighter. It is an original formula, which is by your side wherever you need it most.

It is highly effective in the promotion of personal hygiene.

Msiri hand sanitizer contains 80% Alcohol, which helps in killing germs and viruses. This can help you stay healthy in this critical moment of coronavirus outbreak.

Msiri hand sanitizer is now on Jumia Kenya. Order online and have it delivered right at your doorstep across Kenya.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, In case of contact wash thoroughly with water.

  1. Zoe Hand Sanitizer 60ml

Zoe hand sanitizer is one of the best sanitizers for hands that kills 99% of germs and viruses. It can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 that is killing thousands of people.

Maintaining good hygiene is the best way to eradicate the outbreak of this deadly virus. Regularly cleaning your hands is the best way as per the situation.

Keep your family safe by buying and using this hand sanitizer often.

How to use Zoe hand sanitizer

For healthy hygiene, squeeze thumbnail of zoe gel on your hand and rub your hands thoroughly.

This hand sanitizer is rinse-free and will kill 99% of germs. However, you need to use it regularly.

Best hand wash to prevent corona
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  1. Ivory Hand Sanitizer 70% Isopropyl Alcohol-Based 500ml

This hand Sanitizer is a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol-based palm cleanser that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria from your hand to keep you safe from all kinds of infection-causing possibilities whether you’re indoors or outdoor.

Actually, you don’t have to keep water, soap or anything else to disinfect your hand quickly as it does not need any rinsing with water or drying with towels.

In fact, the offered alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer can be used anywhere you need it most.

It is ideal for hospitals, schools, offices, gyms, homes and more.

Why buy this hand sanitizer?

It will offer you long-lasting protection, so you won’t have to apply it repeatedly on your hand as compared to other hand sanitizers.

Furthermore, it is a 70%+ v/v Isopropyl Alcohol based concentrated formula so even a bottle of this hand sanitizer will go a long way for your hand sanitization.

How to use Ivory Hand Sanitizer 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Based

Take out an appropriate amount (2-3ml) of hand sanitizer to moisten your palm and rub for 10-15 seconds front-back to front and in-between your fingers until the liquid covers your hands and dries.

Do not wash with water. Hope that is very clear.

  1. Dettol Shower Gel Skincare Antibacterial – 500ml 

Dettol has a range of home cleaning, personal hygiene products to help keep your home clean and your family protected from germs, and viruses like coronavirus.

Dettol Natural Body Wash range gives you the trusted Dettol germ protection, plus nature’s best for naturally healthy skin.

It has the goodness of Natural Olive and Almond to make your skin feel restored and moisturized.

How to use Dettol

Wash your hands thoroughly with Dettol to kill 99.9% of germs and viruses. Avoid contact with eyes and in case of contact, wash thoroughly with water.

Hand wash for corona
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  1. Aro Liquid Hand Wash Lavender-5L

Another best sanitizer for hand is the Aro Liquid Hand Wash Lavender. This sanitizer creates a  richer lather when mixed with a small amount of water and is convenient to use on all types of skin.

It kills 99.9% of germs and leaves your hands with a fresh fragrance.

Benefits of this sanitizer

  • Cost effective product apply a small amount and get great result
  • This product is with a rose fragrance
  • It is designed to be gentle on your hands
  • Leaves your hands soft clean with a fresh fragrance
  • This product is containing glycerin for more softness
  • Acts as a bacteria controller
  1. Lan Strawberry Antibacterial Handwash

Lan Strawberry Antibacterial Handwash is formulated by the following ingridients, Water, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Tinosan, Perfume,  and Dye.

It kills 99.9% of germs thus can help improve your family hygiene during this critical moment.

What it does

  • Cleansing
  • Nourishing the skin
  • Invigorating
  • It has strawberry Essence
  • Gentle on hands

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  1. Aro Liquid Hand Wash Lemon & Citrus-500 ML

Another best sanitizer for hands is the Aro liquid hand wash lemon and citrus.

This hand washes lather easily with water. You only need to use a small amount of it and water to make a thorough hand cleaning.

In fact, it leaves your hands with a fresh fragrance, free from germs and viruses.

Why you need this handwash.

  • It is cost-effective product
  • This product is with a lemonand citrus fragrance
  • Acts as a bacteria controller
  • It is designed to be gentle on your hands.
  • Leaves your hands soft clean with a fresh fragrance
  • This product is containing glycerin for more softness
  1. Miniso Sweet Citrus Repairing Hand Soap

Use the best hand wash sanitizer for healthy hygiene at home and job.

MINISO is the promoter of global intelligent consumer products.

Sticking to the life philosophy of “simplicity, nature and good quality” and the brand proposition of “returning to the nature”, protecting you against germs and spread of viruses.

  1. Aqua Vera Liquid Wash – Aloe Vera – 500ml

Get your hands clean and smelling fresh every time you wash them with Aqua Vera Aloe Vera Liquid Hand Wash. It contains powerful plant compounds that protect you against germs.

Aqua Vera Aloe Vera Liquid Hand Wash is very effective and affordable. You can order yours today to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Stay safe and locked at home or job with this hand wash.

Benefits of Aqua Vera Aloe Vera Liquid Hand Wash

  • Pomegranate scent
  • Protect against germs
  • Very affordable and effective
  • Fresh-smelling
  • Moisturize your hands

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  1. Tresemme Purify and Replenish Deep Cleanse Shampoo

Tresemme purify and replenish deep cleansing shampoo gently removes build-up and heavy residue from waxes, pomades, creams, sprays and more


It is enriched with vitamin c and extracts of grapefruit and lemon and is gentle enough for daily use.

  1. Automatic Soap Dispenser Infrared Hand-free Touchless

The touchless soap dispenser  is one of the best sanitizer you can buy at this  time.


Actually, Automatic Soap Dispenser Infrared Hand-free Touchless can provide soap conveniently without contaminating your hand.

Did you know that the automatic soap dispenser with a smart infrared sensor provides you a sanitary, no-touch and easy-to-use experience?


Hand wash
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More about Hand-free soap dispenser

Hand-free soap dispenser comes with built-in accurate infrared smart sensor, and just 0.5 seconds sensing time to make liquid out.
Furthermore, the sealed rubber material on the soap dispenser bottom will prevent soap leakage, and keep dispenser not be sliding around your countertop.

Aword from Tannos Online

Use the above hand sanitizer to keep your family safe from coronavirus. These sanitizers for hands enable you to stay free from germs and make you stay healthy.

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