BEST TIME FOR RUNNING: Morning or Evening


It is very important for everyone to have aerobic workouts such as running, however, knowing the best time for running is a key.

Actually, people have different objectives when it comes to running as part of the aerobic workout. Some individual go-to morning races others go in the evening to either become fit, lose weight, gain weight, recover from sickness or just for pleasure.

However, running as part of aerobic exercise helps improve your overall health status.


In fact, running as part of your aerobic exercise help in improving your body coordination, posture and whole cardiovascular system.

 According to studies, running is very essential for everyone, as it help boost your immune system that help fight against a wide array of chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and  many more(1).

It also helps in faster recovery from several illnesses as cited by doctors in their research.

What to do before starting running workout routine

For you to schedule your best time to run, it is important to go for medical checkup and get your medical details and doctors’ advices. This is very important, as the doctor will give you the best-recommended tips.

Do not take this for granted, especially, if you are 45 years old and above (Elderly Individuals) or if you have  previous medical records.
In fact, medical checkup before workout is a key to achieve your physical fitness and health status.

What time should you run, morning or evening?

Your doctor may recommend you go for running as part of your aerobic exercise to improve your health status or to help in faster recovery from sickness.

Despite not being told by a doctor, you may purpose to go for morning or evening running workout to become fit and active.

However, you need to decide what time is the best time for running.

According to studies, running every morning, especially, as from 5:00 am is the  best time for making your morning races(2).  Running for 30-45 minutes as from 5.00 am in the morning is highly recommended.

This temperature or altitude helps in building more hemoglobin and maximizing your energy. These improve your immune system and help you stay fit and active during the day.

You may also run in the late evening as from 6:00 Pm when the temperature is cool. Running for 30minutes or 45 minutes is a better way to go.

best time to run

Best time to run, morning or evening.

The best time to run is in the early morning as cited by most studies, especially running early in the morning as from 5:00 am to 6 am, a 30-45 minutes race.

This gives you the best-recommended altitude for building more red blood cells and energy levels.

Also, finishing your morning race by 6.00am gives you enough time to prepare for your daily duties or going to job.

However, other people find it comfortable to run during late evening, especially as from 5:30 pm when the temperature is cool. Doctors and several studies also recommend this.

The best time for running as part of aerobic workout in a week is at least 3 times weekly. 

However, if you are running to compete in cross-country contests or other competitions, you may need to run several times in a week, both early in the morning and evening.

Note that you need to rest at least 2 times a week, for perfect lean muscles and muscles recovery.


Best time to run is early in the morning as from 5:00 am, you can also run in the late evening at around 5:00 Pm.

Is it best to run both in the morning and in evening? 

These usually depend on your main objectives. For instance, if your aim is to compete for cross-country marathons, then running both in the morning and in evening is best. 

For those who want to lose weight faster, running both in the morning and evening may also be the best alternative.

However, running at least once in a day, either in the morning or evening improves the whole cardiovascular system, strengthen immune system, posture and coordination as cited by studies(3).

How to make a perfect running

Being progressive is the key to make a perfect race and to achieve your dream goals.

You need to start with 10-20 minutes race and then later graduate to 30 to 45 minutes race or more based on your goals.

Remember a thousand miles start with one-step, therefore, start slowly, and be progressive.

Do not start with high races. you can either run in late evening or early in the morning.

running in the late evening


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Can running help in weight loss?

Yes, running as a workout routine help in weight loss especially if you follow the best time to run during the day.

According to studies, running as part of aerobic exercise helps in weight management, especially, helps in weight loss in obese and overweight individuals.

 What happens if you scheduled and strict to your running workout routine is that it help in burn excess body fats into lean muscles.

A study on obese children doing daily running workout, suggest that the obese children were able to lose extra pounds within one week.


Another study on overweight individuals also reveals that running as part of aerobic workout helps in losing weight and reduces the risk of developing chronic illnesses associated with overweight.

For that matter, if you want to lose weight faster, then it is recommended to start your running workout routine and strict to it.


Benefits of running as part of aerobic exercise

  1. It helps in building lean body muscles
  2. Improves whole cardiovascular system
  3. Helps in faster recovery from sickness
  4. Boost general body coordination
  5. It helps improves body posture
  6. Boost your energy level and performance
  7. Help improves your health status
  8. Reduces the risk of developing chronic illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes and many more
  9. It helps in weight loss especially, those who are obese or overweight
  10. Key to weight management

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Running as workout routine is very important for everyone. It helps in weight management, improves the cardiovascular system, posture, body coordination, helps in recovery from sickness and many more.

However, you need to know what time is best for running.

Doctors recommend the best time to run is late afternoon or early evening to boost the immune system and overall health status.

In addition, running in the morning or evening, especially, for 30-45 minutes is highly recommended.