6 Steps On How to Build a Fitness Brand Faster

It is very important to know how to build a fitness brand to become a fitness trainer. This will help you to have more customers and also to earn more monthly income.

Actually, fitness brands help you get recognized by the community, customers, friends, and so on. 

For effective business, a business owner needs to have a good brand for his/her business. 

Most business owners hire an expert to help them design a better business profile. While you can do it alone if you follow these simple steps on how to build a good personal brand. 

In essence, to market yourself as a personal trainer may be challenging. For that matter, you need to do the following to get more clients and find more jobs as a fitness trainer.

Six steps to building a personal brand for your business

  1.   Set Your Goals

Building a fitness brand or personal brand needs a very clear goal. This is very important to any business both small or big.  

Having an away from of your objectives (both individual and expert) will assist you with distinguishing what to invest your energy in and what new ventures to accept.

Utilize your own qualities as a manual to assist you with adjusting your exercises to your persona and your range of abilities.

For instance, you may set an objective of composing for specific magazines or sites that will help build up your own image.

Possibly you’ll mean to show up on neighborhood TV, in a paper, or on a certain digital recording.

There are unlimited approaches to expand your own image openness.

Set your objectives to coordinate your endeavors.

       2. Create your fitness website

A great way to build your personal brand is using a website that contains your name or some derivative.

It is important to identify your niche, then choose your domain name. In fact, the website is very crucial for you as a fitness trainer.

The website should be professionally designed, and both clarity and accessibility of your services and products should be achieved.

A fitness website will allow you to write fitness blogs, sell your products and do affiliate marketing among others.

This will generate more income as compared to someone who has no websites.

Interestingly, setting up your website can be as simple as getting a domain name and signing up with a simple website company, or making your site with the help of a web designer.

         3. Design your business cards

Let people know your capability, market yourself.

In fact, you need to create a persona that centers around you and your unique strengths.

You need to create your business card that is very attractive with your main vision, mission, and goals.

This is best when you have business cards to give your clients or friend to build awareness. You can create your own business cards at home or you can use a low-cost website.

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         4. Create Social media accounts

Social media is a great tool for you. However, it can be good or bad.

Creating a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, TikTok, Youtube, and so on is a good way to build a fitness brand. 

Use what you’ve learned to share your knowledge with your audience, and social media is a good platform to do that.

However, you need to monitor the activities in your account to avoid social media frauds and hackers.

Set up a good profile on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Instagram so you have a way to communicate with your clients effectively.

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       5. Networking

Networking is one of the most important things for all businesses. It is good to know people.

By creating a good network connection, the networking can land you to a gig and sponsorship.

It’s really important when building your personal brand that you stay true to yourself and through networking, you should not fake things. Be who you are.  

Therefore, you need to contact people so that your fitness brand can be of great value.

You can also offer free seminars, locally or online, about exercise, health, diet, etc. are often a great way to meet potential new clients.

build a fitness brand

         6. Ask for referrals

Be free to ask for referrals from your clients.

Most people or business owners utilize this method to grow their business.

In fact, your existing clients can be a great source of marketing to their social circle. They can get you more clients. This will boost your income.

Therefore, offering some bonus if a client refers his/her friend to your company or fitness center is a great way to motivate them and build customer loyalty.

      7.  Provide a Discount to Customers

Giving a discount to customers helps build your fitness brand or personal brand. Remember discount is a good practice of creating and winning your customer loyalty. 

When a customer gets a discount on a given training session, he/she will feel happier and gets motivated to come to your gym.

Discount also enables you to emerge among your competitors.

This is one of the ways someone can use to build a fitness brand for its gym or business.

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What is the salary of a personal trainer?

As a qualified personal trainer, the salary will depend on where you are working.

However, a personal trainer can earn an average of $40,000 to $100,000 or more per year. That means you can make $3,300 to $8,300 per month(2).

Some may have other part-time clients that can boost the monthly income as a personal trainer. So you need to work smart to boost your incomes.

This means you have to avoid certain mistakes as a personal trainer.

You need also to improve your services. See how to increase your incomes as personal trainer here.

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Here are places you can get a job as a personal trainer

  1. Commercial Gyms such as 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness, among others. 
  2. Gym Studios: you can apply job in local and get paid
  3. Local Community Centers like local clubs. Actually,  most fitness clubs hires fitness trainers
  4. Hospitals or Wellness Centers
  5. Cruise Ships like Cruise Ship Job Finders 
  6.  Spas/Resorts: All-inclusive resorts sometimes hire personal trainers or fitness instructors to teach exercise classes. Cool Works and ResortJobs.com are websites that provide job listings for parks, resorts, and spas
  7. Corporate Fitness: You can work for a company that offers corporate wellness packages for businesses wishing to improve their employees’ health.
  8. In-Home Training. You can train clients in their homes.