Top 12 Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Video Games Case Study

The debate concerning whether video games are good or bad for children or the advantages of playing Computer Games has been going on since the times of Pong and Space Invaders.

According to Riad Chikhani, computer games started to get popular in the 1980s, when video arcade games and game consoles utilizing joysticks, catches and different regulators and illustrations on PC screens and home PC games were acquainted with people in general.

Presently, with the advancement of innovation, computer games have become increasingly practical and fun.

 This has prompted incalculable individuals dependent on it. Unfortunately, the vast majority have consistently assumed that video games were the reason for some psychological and physical issues, regardless of whether there was an absence of logical proof to demonstrate it.

However, with various studies, video gaming has stood out as one of the best gaming for both children and adults, as it has advanced benefits as contrasted it its disadvantages.

Pros of Playing Video Games

  1. Computer games help in boosting brain capacity.

For instance, specialists at the University of Montreal, in Canada, requested that individuals play Super Mario 64 over the span of half a month.

The analysts found that the individuals experienced development in the part of the brain that is liable for memory.

Actually, playing computer games involves skills like critical thinking and at times collaboration.

Another investigation by Petrov at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland, also found that playing computer games improves your correspondence and critical thinking abilities.

          b. Video games can likewise assist you with getting more innovative.

For instance, in Minecraft, you consider some fresh possibilities and fabricate things.

A few schools even use Minecraft to encourage subjects like math.

Furthermore, computer games usually have various levels or tasks that need to be completed within a limited time.

This can help children learn time management.

       c. Games can help improve your eyesight.

There are few gamer kids who grew up never hearing their parents state “you will go daze watching that screen throughout the day”.

For some time, it seemed like they had a point since one may in general flicker significantly less every now and again while playing a game.

This can cause difficult issues like eye fatigue and dry eye disorder.

A group of scientists from the University of Rochester looked to demonstrate if games truly exacerbate our vision.

The investigation included having a gathering of experienced first-person shooter gamers plays Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament 2004 while more easygoing gamers played moderate games like The Sims 2.

Subsequent to testing, the individuals who played the primary individual shooters gave indications of having a superior vision than the others.

This capacity encourages us to recognize between changes in shades of dim against a hued setting, which is extremely helpful while driving around at night or working at night.

       d. Video game enhances multitasking skills.

For instance, an action game may expect you to be very observant.

Actually, an action game expects you to have the option to move your joystick or keys while taking a gander at the different highlights on your screen, for example, vitality levels, approaching enemies, ammo left, and accessible time among different elements, all of which are essential to winning.

This guarantees that the player can watch and respond accordingly to all necessities of that specific game.

Therefore, people can learn to do multiple activities at a time when playing video games and this can be applied in real-life situations.

       e. Video gaming can improve our social skills.

Regardless of whether there is a lot of cellar-staying gamers out there, that doesn’t mean all gamers have issues associating in broad daylight and making companions.

Studies from three distinct organizations in the UK and Canada as of late did their own research to discover how normal standoffish conduct is among gamers.   

What everyone found is that gamers who participate in live social situations are really the most open and agreeable individuals there.

While observing gamers, they even proceeded to concede that those who play video games develop a stronger relationship as contrasted to non-gamers because of their matching love of games.

      f. Games can enhance our ability to learn.

In spite of mainstream thinking that computer games make you terrible at school, analysts from the UK found that specific computer games can really improve our brain adaptability.

They used games such as Starcraft, a quick continuous system game, and The Sims, a more slow life-reproduction game.

The results show that individuals who played Starcraft improved their intellectual flexibility since the game requires consistent reasoning and player input essential for brain-boosting.

While more slow games may not offer a similar advantage, it’s cool to realize that our preferred relentless games are helping us become better students while we get entertained with computer games.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

      g. Computer games may help treat depression 

A study conducted in New Zealand to investigate whether computer games (SPARX) can be utilized to deal with mental issues like despondency or stress, revealed that SPARX is explicitly good to give treatment to adolescents, as it is more dynamic and charming than customary guiding.

This game included making symbols to free the virtual universe of enemies portraying desolate, negative musings.

Each stage presented general realities about depression, including approaches to unwinding and managing negative feelings.

This video game worked better than regular counseling.

Furthermore, alongside medication, computer games have really appeared to help Multiple Sclerosis patients with their awkward side effects like equalization, intellectual capacities, and motor control impairment.

For instance, a study by West et al. in 2015  detailed that 24 MS patients improved their balance and even reduced their danger of falling because of playing computer games using a Wii balance board.

The game works by having clients remain on a board while moving their weight to adhere to the intelligent guidelines on the screen.

In spite of the fact that computer games don’t fix Multiple Sclerosis, they can conceivably be an important and extraordinary experience for those experiencing it.

        h.  computer games may slow down the aging

 Male, female, youthful, grown-up and elderly individuals all have one thing in common and that’s aging.

It is evident that playing any game that requires practicing your brain may assist it with remaining more honed, and that, as well, includes computer games.

On the off chance that you have ever done a crossword or sudoku, at that point you definitely know the advantages of gaming.

Computer games can prepare your cerebrum, open up new pathways of thought in your brain, and keep your psyche sharpened edge.

       i.   Play video games regularly to reduce Pain 

At the point when an individual plays computer games for an all-encompassing period, at that point, the complete mental focus that gets important to accomplish results makes a decrease in apparent agony for that gamer.

According to a study, whenever burn patients were allowed the chance to draw in computer games during their recuperation by analysts at the University of Washington, announced improvements of up to 50% in their agony levels.

This benefit could reach out to all types of ongoing torment. Individuals who are recuperating from wounds report comparative outcomes when they play video games contrasted to when they do not.

  j.   Video Game is helpful in the treatment of dyslexia.

Young grown-ups who battle with their dyslexia can encounter upgrades in this learning condition by playing computer games.

Their reading speed begins to improve after only 12 hours of playing video games that may incorporate brutality.

This benefit incorporates better word acknowledgment capacities, improved versatile mental reception, and abilities for data extraction from composed content.

The justification for this benefit is expected to some extent to be the composed and sound directions that numerous games give as a feature of their guidelines.

By zeroing in on the information in the video games, the instruments that can in some cases forestall learning are overwritten by the longing to be fruitful in the game.

Cons of Video Games

Just as other debates would rapture in any situation, few individuals contend that video gaming has side effects.

They state that playing sports and perusing can give you indistinguishable advantages from playing computer games.

       a. Some computer games can be destructive.

The University of Montreal likewise found that playing shooter games like Call of Duty has the contrary effects to playing Super Mario 64.

It causes the district of the mind that is liable for memory to shrink.

     b. Playing computer games takes time from more significant things.

I used to invest a great deal of energy playing them.

Here and there that shielded me from doing things I expected to do, such as examining my spelling words.

Actually, gamers probably won’t get enough exercise.

A few years ago, scientists examined children and teenagers in Canada who play computer games.

They found a connection between playing computer games for quite a long time before heading to sleep and heftiness.

The study further suggests that excessive play of video games may weaken children’s social skills and make it impossible to distinguish between the real world and the virtual world.

A word from Tannos Online

As opposed to the conventional conviction that gaming is only an addictive wellspring of amusement and preoccupation, ongoing exploration has demonstrated that gaming has various advantages and keys among kids and adults.

Video gaming helps in the improvement of intellectual aptitudes in both youngsters and grown-ups.

Similarly,  physical exercise helps in improving and reinforcing your muscles, and intellectual games help to humor one’s mind in steady incitement, accordingly improving the cerebrum’s exhibition, and improving coordination, and problem-solving skills.

It also enhances memory as it improves attention and concentration. As well, it is a great source of learning and improves social skills.