Best Fitness Gyms in Kericho town To Join

Everyone in Kericho needs to join a fitness gym to improve their health and fitness as this also helps prevent chronic illnesses. There are several fitness gyms in Kericho that you can join.

For the sake of your overall health, it is imperative that you exercise for at least half an hour most days of the week. Reducing your intake of junk food is also essential. Consume less food overall. Incorporate more wholegrain foods, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet on a regular basis.

Losing fat: The desire to lose fat is the single most common reason for people to start exercising.

You should exercise and get advice on changing your eating habits, cutting back on calories, and cutting back on carbohydrates.

Some people do not struggle with their weight. Rather, they want to put on muscle to improve their appearance and overall health. This calls for lengthy sessions, a lot of hard lifts, and a higher protein intake. When attempting to gain muscle, speaking with a personal trainer is the best course of action.

However, you need to create a realistic workout routine and know the things to do on your first day at the gymbefore joining one of the best fitness gyms in Kericho.

List of best gyms in Kericho

  1. Aerobics Fitness Center

This is one of the best gyms a person can join in Kericho town. The gym has several gym equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

They also have gym instructors who are very friendly and can help you in creating your personal workout routine.

It is located near Riverside Academy, Nyagacho Kericho, Kenya

Contact: +254 700 755741 for more information.

  1. KTTC Hockey Pitch

KTTC Hockey Pitch not only provide a field for hockey player, but also provide a cool room for gymnastics. The gym has modern training tools and weights that you will use to train better.

Their friendly instructors will help you during training sessions and can help you in creating your training plan.

They offer Zumba dance, weight lifting, and aerobic sessions that you can join.

Address: J7MW+HQ7, Kericho, Kenya

       3. Palm Tree House Wellness Center

Palm Tree House Wellness Center is an organization whose main goal is to provide advocacy against drug abuse, professional counseling services, addiction training, and rehabilitation of drug-dependent individuals. We offer In and outpatient treatment for addiction,  Drug screening and testing, and relapse prevention. 

Family support program, physical training, psycho-education, sensitization on abuse prevention and treatment.  They also offer Trauma counseling, debriefing, and life skills training.

Contact: 0729888575 for more information.

     4. 035 fitness and Aerobics

This is one of the fitness gyms in Kericho Town that you can join for your fitness and health life. It has good instructors who can help you anytime you have a problem when training.

They offer Zumba dance, aerobic classes and weightlifting sessions just for you.

It is located along Tengecha road, Kericho.

Contact:  +254 722 811356 for more information.

    5. Tasha Health & Fitness Center

If you are looking for a good gym to join for your health and fitness benefits, then Tasha Health and Fitnss gym should be your choice.

The gyms has modern gym tools that will help you. It also has good instructors who will guide you on how to use different training tools to avoid injuries.

They offer weightlifting, Zumba dance and aerobic programs just for you.

Address: J7JP+FQX, Kericho, Kenya

     6. Kericho Ultra Trail Run

This is one of the gyms in Kericho that you can join today for better training. It has modern machines and weights that are easy to use while training. This can help you train better and achieve your fitness goals. Also, they have good trainers who can help you create your training program.

Zumba dance, aerobic and weight lifting programs area also available.

Address: J7JR+GMH, Kericho, Kenya

      7. Tamarick gym Kericho

This gym is located at Litein, Kericho. They provide a wide range of training tools and equipments that will help you train better. Their instructors are also friendly and will guide to train in this gym.

There are weightlifting, Zumba dance, and aerobic programs in this gym that are just for you.

     8. Milimani Appartments Gym

This is a gym located in Kericho and tou can easily join the gym for your health goals. It has good trainers who will help you out.

Address: J256+MV3, Kericho

    9. Sigira Welding Gym

If you know where Siriga is then you are absolutely good to go and join the gym there. You can easily ask anyperson in Koiwa to show you the gym. They have good training machines and weights that will help you.

Address: 98QC+7QR, Koiwa, Kericho.

    10. Abdul Griffins

It is one of the best gym in Kericho you can get good training tools and weights for building muscles and loss excess fats. Their instructors are outstanding as they are very helpful.

You can join aerobic program, weightlifting sessions and Zumba dance for you to become fitter and healthier today.

Address: J2F2+WF9, East Kadiang’a, Sondu, Kenya

Contact: +254 720 316102 for more information.

    11. Enatron fitness center litein

This gym is located at Litein, Kericho. They have good machines and weights that you can use to loss weight or gain lean muscles. The instructors in this gym are very friendly and helpful as they are ready to help you any time.

They offer weightlifting and aerobic programs to all thier clients.

     12. Health and Wellness Centre Kericho

Health and Wellness Centre is located in Kericho. Health and Wellness Centre is working in fitness centers and  gyms activities that are very essential to your general health. They have several weights and machines just for you.

Zumba classes, aerobic sessions and weightlifting are available in this gym

Address: J7JJ+FV5, Kericho.

Last Remark

Physical activities or joining a gym and training regularly is very beneficial for your health and wellness. You need to do exercise continuously to avoid chronic illnesses like arthritis, blood pressure among others.