Henry Blooms Oral Fresh Probiotic Review

There has been a mixed reaction to the use of oral probiotics,  which has prompted us to examine Henry Blooms oral fresh probiotic review from different sources. Therefore, this article provides you with honest reviews of oral probiotics.

To start with, Henry Blooms Oral Fresh Probiotic mints not only freshen your breath but also naturally balance the delicate pH in the mouth and reduce plaque-causing acids to help fight bad breath.

These great-tasting probiotic mints help fight harmful bacteria while also boosting friendly flora to help create a healthy, fresh balance in the mouth every time you chew.

Available in Peppermint flavor, Henry Blooms Oral Fresh Probiotic mints are 99.9% sugar-free and contain 3 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per serve of natural probiotics.

Ingredients in Henry Blooms Oral Fresh Probiotic

It contains several natural plant compounds.  For instance, oral fresh probiotic contains natural sweeteners (xylitol, mannitol),  and natural flavors (peppermint, thyme). It also contains other three probiotic strains namely  Lactobacillus acidophilus, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Lactobacillus paracasei.  Oral fresh probiotic also contain firming agents such as Silicon Dioxide, stabilizer (Magnesium stearate), and thaumatin.

These ingredients make it very effective for use and for general health. 

How do I choose oral probiotics?

It is very substantial to note that when choosing an oral probiotic supplement, you look for products with a high strain count, which is measured in colony-forming units (CFUs).

Find a supplement with at least 3 billion CFUs. Keep in mind, though, that oral probiotics will usually have a lower strain and CFU count than regular probiotics. Fortunately, Henry Bloom provides the best probiotics for better health. 

How to use Oral Fresh Probiotic

It is very simple to use, simply chew 1 mint as needed throughout the day.  It has 3 billion CFUs per tablet for better results. There is no magic, you only need to take one tablet and chew it.

How long does it take for oral probiotics to work?

It takes between 7 days to 14 days. A study Dent Res J (Isfahan) shows that if you are taking a high-quality, multistrain, and multispecies oral supplement, one can expect to notice initial improvements and health benefits of probiotics in your digestion as early as the first 1 to 2 weeks after starting your probiotic.

However, this depends on how sensitive you are, several individuals feel a difference after a few days.

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Do oral probiotics do anything?

Yes, with dental probiotics, and according to Eur J Dent,  taking probiotics daily helps to colonize the oral cavity with bacteria that do not produce VSCs.

Further research has shown that eighty-five percent of individuals who took oral probiotics for one week experienced a significant reduction in volatile sulfur compounds.

Will probiotics help bad breath?

Yes, probiotics can restore the balance and improve your oral health overall, including helping eliminate bad breath. A research study suggests that these probiotics can reduce bad breath by eliminating the harmful bacteria that cause bad breath.

Which probiotics are best for bad breath?

The general probiotics suitable for bad breath are contained in oral fresh probiotics; this includes Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, and Weissella, which help prevent or treat halitosis in the oral cavity.

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Which probiotics are used for oral health?

As previously stated, some probiotic best for general health includes Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus strains that seem to be able to colonize in the oral cavity during the time that products contain them are in active use.

Salivary and gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) samples are often used to evaluate the microbial composition in the oral cavity.

Henry Blooms Oral Fresh Probiotic Review
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Are oral probiotics bad for you?

Dental probiotics, akin to most probiotics, comprise living microorganisms deemed safe for human consumption. These beneficial bacteria, when ingested in adequate amounts, wield significant influence on human health. By populating the oral microbiome with beneficial strains, dental probiotics contribute to oral hygiene and may mitigate issues like bad breath, cavities, and gum disease.

Research suggests they foster a balanced microbial ecosystem within the mouth, potentially reducing the prevalence of harmful bacteria. Incorporating dental probiotics into daily routines may enhance oral health, offering a natural and preventive approach to maintaining a healthy mouth and overall well-being.

Can bad breath come from your gut?

Based on studies, your bad breath could stem from your gut, more formally known as your gastrointestinal system. According to Dr. Meisner, the No. 1 gastrointestinal-related cause of bad breath is acid reflux, otherwise called heartburn or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Are probiotics good for teeth?

Probiotics belong to the class of good bacteria and have been used in treating gastrointestinal issues. They have now been proven to help in preventing and treating oral health issues caused by bacteria, including gingivitis, bad breath, periodontitis, and tooth decay.

How do you know if a probiotic is working?

If you feel the following improvements after taking probiotics, it’s likely that they’re working properly.

  • Reduced Bloating and Gas.
  • Increased Regularity in Bowel Movements.
  • Improved Immunity and Energy.
  • Decreased Abdominal Pain and Discomfort. 
  • Improved Digestion.
  • Decreased Bowel Inflammation.

Henry Blooms Oral Fresh Probiotic Review from Customers on Amazon Page

Top reviews from Australia

Lynn Fowler:  Very disappointing. They disappear in less than 5 seconds – barely time to even taste it, much less refresh your mouth. Won’t be buying this again.

Kathleen Walsh: Tasty. Fair superior to the glee chewing gum.

Amazon Customer: Mainly writing to contradict an earlier review which states that the bacterial strains aren’t supported by evidence. Refer to the 2020 open access article on Science Direct: “A critical appraisal of the effects of probiotics on oral health” by Parul Chugha, Renuka Dutta, Anuradha Sharmab, Neeru Bhagatb and Mahesh S.Dhara. These three strains are shown to be effective against a number of bacterium causing a number of oral maladies.

DC: Check the bacteria before you buy, I was about to but did some research and found no scientific evidence that these bacteria are helpful.

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Words of Wisdom

There has been a mixed reaction to the use of oral fresh probiotics from Henry Blooms. But Henry Blooms Oral Fresh Probiotic mints not only freshen your breath but also naturally balance the delicate pH in the mouth and reduce plaque-causing acids to help fight bad breath. 

Henry Blooms oral fresh probiotic review is very important to users, but note that people have different metabolic rates, thus, some people have perceived that they could able to improve their digestive system and eliminate bad breath. However, some people have not witnessed any positive effects. But you need to be patient while using this product because it can take more than seven days to start seeing the results.