How Green Powders Can Boost Your Immune System

Do you remember to get your daily dose of green powders today? If you still haven’t, you’re not the only one!

A 2015 study reveals that only 9% of the population consumes the recommended amount of veggies every day. The same research notes that 12% of adults eat recommended fruits daily. That’s poor, considering the benefits fruits and vegetables provide to the body.

Unfortunately, due to work-life demands coupled with a busy lifestyle, most people don’t have time to prepare a balanced meal.

The good news is that green powders can work pretty well by giving your body the required nutrients for healthy living. This guide walks you through the benefits of green powders, how they can improve your immune system, and other valuable information.

What Are Green Powders?

“Green powder” is a cooler term for vegetables and fruits in powder form, often enriched with superfoods to optimize your body’s nutrient intake. Green powders contain vitamins and minerals that enable the body to function properly. Some brands have flavored green powders to make them tastier, while others are plain.

In today’s modern lifestyle, optimal nutrition occasionally poses a threat to many people. For instance, if you travel a lot, greens powder products to use on the go are a good option.

For green powder, you only need to dilute them with a little water. With one veggie Powe systemder drink every day, you get sufficient micronutrients.

If that doesn’t work, you can spice up your food with the green powder. Because you can smuggle a spoonful of greens into different varieties of food, this makes them even healthier.

For instance, you can put it in your smoothie bowls or homemade ice cream. Even your favorite omelet will look great with a green coating of vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Green Powders

Vitamins and minerals enable your body organs to function properly and nourish your body, giving you a stable foundation to counter stress and shift harmful toxins.

Here are the health benefits of greens powders.

1.   Minimize Risk of Chronic Illnesses

Like green leafy vegetables, green powders are packed with antioxidants that minimize the risk of illnesses. Superfood green powders contain anti-inflammatory compounds that enable your body to eliminate radicals that can damage cells.

Superfoods such as chlorella, wheatgrass, and spirulina have detox capability that reduces metal toxicity in your body.

Another advantage is that they support your energy levels, help maintain normal blood sugar levels, and regulate insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk of diabetes.

Overall, an all-around green powder regimen can help lower your body’s toxic load and subsequently protect you from illnesses.

2.   Supports The Liver and Kidney Functions of Detoxification

Green powders support the liver function of detoxification and the kidney function of excreting waste from the blood.

The digestive enzymes and probiotics in the greens help in the digestion of food, thereby strengthening your gut.

This means your body will be free of toxins that slow down your liver function. Effectively, this reduces pressure on your body, and everything works smoothly.

The added algae and grasses also aid in detoxifying heavy metals from your liver and cleansing it. A happier liver gives you more energy.

3.   Regulates Your body’s pH

A well-balanced pH of between 7.35 to 7.45 is good for overall health. Unfortunately, with poor diet, toxicity, low electrolytes, and insomnia, your system may work under pressure to get the correct balance.

Oxidation can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.

A good pH helps transfer oxygen across the body and reduces the risk of infection. Research reveals that taking two tablespoons of greens powder can lower cell oxidative damage by up to 30%.

Green powders help to supplement your alkaline intake and normalize your pH.

4.   Good For Your Heart and Brain

By detoxing your body, you can enjoy lower cholesterol levels essential to maintaining a healthy heart. Green powders also contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin K, which are naturally present in green leafy vegetables like broccoli.

These nutrients ensure your blood vessels are healthy and protect the heart. Indeed, research shows that taking vitamin K reduces the risk of heart disease.

Further, because they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals, green powders enhance your brain health, supporting cognitive function.

5.   Beautiful Skin

Eating a diet rich in minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins reduces stress and gives your skin anti-aging properties. For instance, vitamin C increases skin collagen production, promoting a firm and toned appearance. Also, you’ll have less wrinkles and aging lines.

Wheatgrass and algae powders are nutritious and have high chlorophyll levels that rejuvenate the skin and promote anti-aging.

Taking a dose of barley grass and spirulina encourages a quicker skin cell renewal and releases all toxins. Wheatgrass can relieve eczema and other types of skin inflammation.

Probiotics promote a healthy gut which can be seen in your skin complexion. It’s important to note that a healthy digestive system combats inflammation and boosts your skin’s tone.

6.   Promotes Digestion

Green powders contain nutrients and probiotics that promote digestion. A healthy digestive system is responsible for up to 70% of a working immune system.

Such a gut can efficiently clear the toxins and waste from the body and keep you healthy. When compromised, you can have irritable bowel conditions, constipation, and colitis which can stress your entire system.

Superfoods supply your stomach with useful bacteria that aid in digestion. Also, algae help control the growth of candida.

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7.   Takes Care of Your Bones

As our body ages, the bones become more fragile and can break easily. At 30 years, most people attain their bone mass, and by 40, bones become thinner because they’re not being replaced, which can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Because it’s impossible to get all the nutrients from a diet, you can supplement with green powders containing calcium and magnesium.

Also, leafy veggies such as beetroot, cauliflower, apples, broccoli, spinach, and carrot contain boron which is vital for healthy bones.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Green Powders

Shopping for green powders can be overwhelming for most people. Here are things to consider before you hit the stores.

1.   Price and quality

Depending on the brand, the price and ingredients may differ. Usually, some brands containing superfoods such as chlorella or spirulina are more expensive than those with wheat grass.

Additionally, probiotics green powders containing live cultures are pricier than wheat or barley grass options. Usually they don’t come with any additional packaging so getting something like smell proof safe will keep your powder dry, safe and away from pets and kids.

2.   Ingredients

When shopping, look at the ingredients because it’s not always true that greens are healthy. Be sure the green powder you choose contains natural additives or organic substances.

On the same note, refrain from those with GMOs, sugars, preservatives, and allergens.

A high-quality green powder contains a whole range of micronutrients and has abundant components useful to the body. Look at the label to find out what nutrients your package contains and their percentage content.

Ensure the supplement offers your body the recommended daily servings of essential vitamins and minerals. A plus if the product contains digestive enzymes and probiotics to improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

It’d be best if the green powder is cold processed or frozen-dried as it would retain the nutrients and enzymes.

3.   Taste

Various green products taste differently and have varying flavors. If the taste is too intense, you can mix it with a smoothie and increase the amount over time.

Drawbacks of Green Powders

Nutrients and percentages can vary depending on the brand, despite the multiple health benefits. Be sure to consult a specialist to advise you on the best formulation for your health.

Additionally, you shouldn’t take green powders on medications such as cholesterol control and weight-loss drugs.

They can cause serious complications if you’re taking anticoagulants and blood thinners. Some green powders may contain lead and other metals, which may cause organ damage. As well, some may cause allergies, headaches, and nausea.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, green powders can pause threats whose effects are not well known.

Frequently Asked Questions About Greens Powders

Do you still need fresh fruits and vegetables?

Once in a while, you can incorporate fresh food into your diet because your body needs fiber. Besides, the natural process of eating solid food by chewing and digesting is still important. Green powders give you the assurance that you have enough micronutrients in your diet. Therefore, vegetable powders are not a complete replacement for your normal meal.

Should You Take Green Powder on an Empty Stomach?

Don’t drink the greens on an empty stomach because it can cause difficulty in digestion. Further, if it’s your first time, you can test your tolerance level by taking small amounts each day, then gradually increase over time.

Can You Take Green Powder When Working Out?

You shouldn’t take your green powder before training if you’re working out. Doing so can irritate the stomach. Additionally, studies reveal that consuming supplements with high levels of antioxidants or vitamins before training can inhibit strength gains. So, always treat yourself to the veggie powders after working out.

Last Verdict

From the discussion, it’s evident that green powders are vital for overall well-being. In addition, they provide multiple health benefits to the body, thereby improving your quality of life. However, they are not an end to a means because you must combine them with a balanced and healthy diet.

A nutrient-packed green powder is easy to prepare because you can dilute it with water. You can also mix it with other food items and enjoy its full benefits. Lastly, when shopping, be sure to look for the ingredients to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients.