10 Best Tips For Faster Weight Loss in Weeks

Do you want to lose weight faster when you are over 45 years? Well, I know you find it difficult to reduce body weight.

But I assure you, with exercise and a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight or losing excess body fat is possible and easier.

Typically, losing weight at any age is achievable regardless of your physical capabilities or medical diagnoses unless if you are planning on having private gastric bypass surgery.

You need to just get rid of bad perceptions and start these easy steps to reduce your weight or excess fats.

Here are the best tips to lose weight faster 

  1. Get checked by a healthcare professional

Before your first day at the gym, you need to check your health condition.

This is important for those individuals aged 45 and above and those not used to strenuous physical activities.

You can visit a nearby health facility and get a physical medical examination before starting an exercise routine or joining a Gym.

share your medical condition with your doctor for effective advice.

In fact, this helps you detect any health problems that could hinder you or put you at risk of an injury during your workout.

  1. Make a regular workout routine

Exercise provides incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from the inside out.

The best workout routine helps you achieve your primary goals more effectively.

For faster weight loss, you need to make a simple and achievable plan.

Be creative and create time for your workout. Furthermore, nothing comes easy. You need to keep going. Following your workout guide will be the best option for you. 

In addition, exercise remains the key to a better life to start exercising your body to reduce body fats and weight loss.

Inactivity causes unweight gain that can result in being overweight and obesity.

Therefore, if you are over 45 years old, you need to start an exercise since at this age you start losing muscles through a process called sarcopenia.

This loss of muscle mass can result in a slow metabolic rate, which may lead to weight gain.

Note: Regular exercise is very essential, it stimulates the rate of metabolism and burns more calories in the body.

It also helps you maintain your muscle mass and makes you lose weight faster within 3 months.

  1. Set Realistic Goals and Make Plan

Create a realistic plan, which is achievable and can make you lose weight.

Everything starts with a plan. You must plan how you want to lose weight and what you need to do to achieve it.

You will realize the more you follow your routine the better you achieve.

Be progressive, therefore, start with the easiest and simplest exercise that will not make you strain.

For instance, on your first day, start with aerobic exercise like treadmill, running, crunches, leg press.

The next day you will realize you can perform other strength training and the chain

Remember, starting with a small goal will not only improve your success.

It will also motivate you. A well-planned workout program will help you lose weight faster within one month.

  1. Team up 

I know you have many friends and “Unity is Strength”.

Therefore, I suggest that you pair up with a friend, co-worker, or family member.

Join yoga classes or any boot camp training with him/her, start enjoying the workouts.

You can as well form your cycling team or race team. This will help you stay motivated and help you achieve your goals. Letting you lose weight faster and easy.

A good example is when I first joined the gym I had no partner and I find it very difficult to stick to my training program.

I could not continue anymore, but one day when I went to the gym I found one of my old school friends and I team up with him.

I can tell you, now am very different, have gained a lot. So, I advise you to find your partner and you will achieve it the way I did.

Note:  working out with friends or co-workers can strengthen your commitment to a fitness program and make exercising more enjoyable.

This can make you lose weight faster when you’re over 45 years within one month

  1. Optimal protein intake to reduce weight gain

Eat enough high-quality protein in your diet. The best food for lean muscle development.

Protein intake helps reduce weight loss and essential for stopping or reversing age-related muscle loss.


The fact is, older adults require higher protein as compared to younger adults.

Therefore, if you are over 45 old, you need to eat more protein to boost your lean muscle growth.

Getting a nutrition plan can help you lose weight faster and effectively.

For a better weight loss visit a dietitian to help you make a nutrition plan for faster weight loss.

Be 99 percent to lose weight faster with the best nutrition plan from nutritionist or dietitian.

  1. Hire a personal trainer

You can hire a personal trainer as working with a trainer can help you follow your workout program.

The fact is, a personal trianer has alot to do with your weight loss. He/she will help you in doing some weight loss workouts that are best for you.

A personal trainer will help you pinpoint the workout mistakes and enable you to avoid  workout injuries.

Consider hiring a personal trainer if you find it difficult to train alone.

You will easily achieve your goals by making you lose weight faster when you’re over 45 years.

  1. Eat a balanced diet to reduce weight gain

This means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain healthy body weight.

Eat diet rich in whole foods and other natural foods.

To lose weight faster when you’re over 45 years, avoid processed and refined flour to help you stay on the safer side.

Whole food includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, poultry, fish, legumes, and grains.

They are packed with nutrients essential for maintaining healthy body weight, such as fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

The presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in whole food helps in faster fat loss and weight loss.

Therefore, eating balanced-diet  rich in whole food may make you lose weight faster within a week

  1. Limit added sugars, especially processed beverages.

Do not consume or if it is a must, then limit the amount you take.

Processed foods contain a high amount of calories.

This food includes:

  • sweetened beverages
  • candy
  • cakes
  • cookies
  • ice cream
  • sweetened yogurts
  • sugary cereals

To avoid eating this food to reduce belly bulge, reading ingredient labels is the best way to determine if an item contains added sugar.

Importantly avoid common sweeteners such as cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and agave.

The reality is, reducing added sugar foods can make you lose weight faster when you’re over 45 years.

  1. Choose the right supplements for fat loss

Using the right slimming pills and fat burn supplements is the best way you can do. These supplements and pills are the best for fat loss and faster weight loss.

In fact, as you grow older, your ability to absorb a given food nutrients reduces gradually, thus, increasing your risk of deficiencies of folate and vitamin B12.

You need extra energy to boost your immune system and overall body functions.

Note: Deficiencies in B vitamins like B12 can negatively affect your mood, cause fatigue, and hinder weight loss.

Therefore, it is advisable for those over 45 to take a high-quality B-complex vitamin to help decrease the risk of deficiency.

  1. Sit less and move more to help reduce body fats

Avoid sitting for long hours. Get some exercise to improve the metabolic rate and to improve your blood flow.

It is important to walk, stand up, do some stretches to help burn more calories than when you sit in the office for long hours without some physical activities like stretching.

Siting long hours can make you gain unhealthy weight that may increase your risk of developing other chronic illnesses.

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Summing it up

Consistency and determination carry out the day. Make a realistic plan and perform regular exercise as you stick to your workout routine.

This will significantly help you stay healthy, lose body fats and weight.

Avoid added sugars, incorporating strength training into your workouts, eating more protein, and eating a balanced diet are just some of the methods you can use to improve your overall health and lose excess body fat.