12 Back Pain Relief That Relieves Back Pain Faster


It is important to prevent back pain. Therefore, the best back pain relieve is key.

Several studies show that back pain can result in wide array of health complications.

In fact, back pain is very disastrous as it can lead to disability, low sex performance, depression, anxiety, spinal cord injuries, arthritis and many more.


For that very reason, it is important to curb it as early as possible.

Always, prevention is better than cure, therefore, take your time to grab the tips.

Common signs and symptoms of back pain

It is very important to note the following sighs and reliever the pain appropriately.

  • Muscle pain at the back, it can ache.
  • Pain along your backbone
  • Worsening pain as you bending, lifting, standing or walking
  • Pain in the ribs
  • Causes weakness, numbness or tingling in one or both legs

Types of back pain

There are two types of back pain namely:

  1. Acute pain- it occurs in less than 2 month(1)
  2. Chronic pain- it occurs more than 3 months and can cause severe health problems(2).

Common causes of back pain

 The most common causes of back pain are:

  • Back muscle strain can cause back pain
  • When the disk ruptures or bulges due to overwork can lead to back pain.
  • Arthritis in the spine can cause back pain
  • Skeletal irregularities at middle age can cause back pain
  • Osteoporosis can cause back pain
  • Old age can lead to back pain
  • Lack of back workout and abdominal exercise can lead to back pain
  • Overweight can result in back pain
  • Improper weight lifting can result in back pain
  • Psychological issues like stress, anxiety, and depression can lead to back muscle pain
  • A poor dietary and sedentary lifestyle like smoking, and drug abuse

How to prevent back pain

The most important part is the prevention of back pain. You need to prevent back pain to avoid other risks such as disability and other health conditions.

how to prevent back pain

Here are the best tips for back pain relief for better health.

  1. Eat a healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins

Healthy eating plays a major role in preventing back pain or back pain relief. Especially, eating foods rich in minerals and vitamins.

Actually, minerals are essential for the strengthening of bones.

Therefore, eating food rich in minerals can prevent risk of osteoporosis and disk bulge or rupture.

Also, vitamins help fight off diseases like arthritis, which is linked to back pain.

Healthy eating habits will also prevent the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, and overweight(3,4).

Furthermore, zinc, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, potassium helps in neurotransmission, builds stronger bones, boost blood counts, boost brain health and helps prevent certain chronic illnesses(5).


Healthy eating habits may help in back pain relief, especially eating food rich in minerals and vitamins. it can also help prevent chronic illnesses like arthritis, neurological disorders, certain cancer among others.

  1. Regular exercise helps in back pain relief

Physical inactivity can lead to chronic illness, which is linked to back pain, certain cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity, and overweight.

It is unhealthy to stop physical activities as it is linked to several chronic illnesses like cardiovascular diseases.

In fact, inactivity can also increase the risk of weak bones, unhealthy muscles, and many others(6).

For that matter, it is very important to do exercise to enable you to improve your blood flow and cardiovascular system.

Physical activities has a wide array of health benefits as cited in most studies.

A study shows that exercise can improve your posture, helps in core strengthening, coordination and help prevent the risk of arthritis and other health complications like belly bulges(7).

 For that reason, perform regular exercise targeting abs muscles and back muscles.

However, the best back workout routine for back pain is very important. It can help prevent injuries during your workouts.

Aerobics or cardio exercise is the best,but you need to choose which best deserves you. Here are 10 health benefits of exercise.


Physical inactivity can lead to health complications such as overweight, cardiovascular diseases, increase the risk of weak bones, unhealthy muscles. However, regualr exercise can help overcome back pain or prevent back pain. It also improve the overall health of individual.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight to relieve back pain

Avoid unhealthy weight gain that can cause back pain. Unhealthy weight gain is linked to several chronic illnesses.

In fact, unhealthy weight gain may result in fat deposit on the body.

This can lead to certain cancer, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol level and many more(8,9).

All these may result in back pain.

Studies show that unhealthy weight gain can lead to overweight, which can cause joint pain including lower back pain(10).

Actually overweight and obesity are linked to lower back pain as compared to those with healthy body weight as cited in most studies(11,12).

Therefore, always,  trim your weight and avoid excess calorie and carb intake to prevent back pain.


Unhealthy weight gain  can lead to excess body fat deposit that is liked to several chronic illnesses such as blood pressure,  cancer, diabetes, cardiovasular disease among others. Therefore, for effective back pain relief, you need to maintain healthy body weight and stop eating high-calorie rich foods.

  1. Avoid overtraining

Overtraining is the worst mistake you can do to your life.

It can lead to bone injuries and other body injuries including lower and upper back pain.

Apart from that, overtraining may lead to arthritis in old age(13).

I know most athletes and bodybuilders do overtrain as they aim to achieve their dream goals.

This is too dangerous for their overall health. Though, this may not result in immediate side effects.

The truth is overtraining can increase your risk of back pain. It can strain your back muscles and cause severe vertebrae injuries(14).

These vertebrae injuries may even lead to disability and severe discomfort or back pain. It can also lead to surgery and replacement of certain bones(15,16).

Therefore,  you need to be serious with your life and follow the best strategies to exercise and relieve back pain faster.

All you need to do, is to to avoid overtraining.


Overtraining can lead to vertebrae injuries  that may even lead to disability and severe discomport or back pain. Therefore, to prevent back pain, you need to avoid overtraining and start following effective training strategies.

  1. Avoid regular lifting  of heavyweight

Regular lifting of a heavyweight in the gym or offloading bulk weight increases your risk of experiencing back pain.

It can also lead to joint pain and other chronic illnesses like arthritis, and spinal cord complications.

In fact, lifting heavy weight can lead to bone brokage or damage that can pin you down for the rest of your life. It can also lead to vertebrae injuries that may cause severe back pain(17).

Studies show that most of the people who have back complications were either involved in lifting heavyweight in gym or offloading bulk luggage(18,19).

Actually, back pain is common among those offloading bulk luggage and those lifting heavyweight in gym.

Another study shows that squatting in a gym using too heavyweight results in a higher risk of developing back pain(20).

For those very reasons, you need to limit or avoid lifting heavyweight, loading and off-loading bulk luggage to prevent back pain or to help relieve back pain.


Lifting too heavy load can lead to back injuries and other health complications. Therefore you need to avoid lifting heavyweight, loading and off-loading bulk luggage to prevent back pain

  1. Develop lean muscles

Lean abdominal and back muscles help in strengthening your core, posture, and stability.

Abs workouts can help prevent back pain.

The stomach exercise helps burn excess fat deposits in your abdominal cavity.

This helps relieve lower back pain. It also helps you reduce the risk of developing stomach cancer, stomach ulcers, heartburn and other chronic illnesses.

For you to develop lean muscles, you need to avoid high intake of calories and unhealthy fats.

You also need to start a regular workout routine.

Lean muscles help prevent severla chronic illnesses such as skin diseases, skin cancer,  back pain, joint pain, diabetes, arthritis, reduce the risk of insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease among others. (21,22)

So, you need to start doing abs and back workouts to avoid back pain.


Getting lean muscles can help prevent back pain, joint pain and other chronic illnesses such as skin diseases, skin cancer, and other cardiovascular disease.

  1. Avoid drug abuse

Involving in drug abuse affects blood flow and can block blood vessels and arteries.

This can lead to difficulties in breathing and can result in several cardiovascular diseases. 

It can also affect the transmission of signals along the spinal cord and other nerves, this can lead to back pain.

In fact, drug abuse is unhealthy for overall well-being and can cause health complications such as chronic illness like cancer, arthritis, joint pain, lower and upper back pain, blood pressure and many more(23,24).  

For that matter, always avoid drug abuse to prevent back pain and other health complications.


Drug abuse can lead to several chronic illnesses such as joint pain, back pain, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and other severe health infetions. Therefore, you need to avoid drug abuse to prevent back pain.

  1. Stop smoking

Cigarettes can lead to chronic diseases that are linked to back pain. cigarettes smoking contains harmful substances that alters blood circulations and metabolism(25). 

It can affect your backbones and ribs, which may result in further health complications.

Actually, smoking causes a wide array of cardiovascular diseases, which are back pain, joint pain, and other advanced chronic illnesses(26,27).

Therefore, you need to quit smoking to prevent back pain and stay healthier.


Smoking is linked to several chronic illnesses including back pain, joint pain, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many more.

  1. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol

Drinking alcohol makes you lose your stability and you can easily fall down and injure your spinal cord. 

It can also lead to several chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, arthritis among others(28).

Studies show that men and women who drink excess alcohol are likely to develop arthritis, cancer, break their backbones, legs and other body parts(29).

avoid alcohol

Therefore, to prevent back pain or to reduce the risk of back injuries then you need to avoid excessive alcohol consumption.


You need to avoid alcohol consumptopn to reduce the risk of back, joint and other body part injuries. Alcohol is also linked to other chronic illnesses like cancer, and heartburn.

  1. Manage psychological problems

Stress, anxiety, and depression are very harmful just like cancer.

They can cause back pain and other chronic diseases.

Studies show that psychological issues can cause complications in blood circulations and can lead to lower and upper back pain(30).

In fact, stress is very dangerous for overall well-being.  So, you need to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

In addition, psychological issues can lead to suicide or death if not managed(31).

Therefore, here are 20 ways on how to manage anxiety, stress, and depression to prevent back pain.


It is important to manage physiological problems to help reduce the risk of anxiety and other health complications.

  1. Avoid movements that strain your back

 Improver twisting of the waist can lead to back-muscle strain and can result in disk rupture. 

This is very common for those who drink alcohol.  It can also happen when you lift weight in the gym or wrong sitting position.

Therefore, watch your sitting, standing or how you lift weight to prevent back pain.

  1. Avoid improper workouts

Improper back workout, abs workout, squats, or overall exercise can lead to injury of the spinal cord, back pain, and other body injuries. 


It is true to say that most joint injuries in gym are caused by improper workout forms.

Therefore, avoid workout mistakes that can increase the risk of back pain.


Start now to prevent back pain as early as possible.

Take Note

The fact is, back pain is common.

However, staying on the safer side to reduce the risk of injury, minimize back pain, and prevent its recurrence is important.

Grab the tips on how to prevent back pain mentioned above.

In case of severe back pain, back injury, new bowel or bladder problems, visit a nearby hospital for medical attention.