How to Use Ab Roller During Abs Workout At Home

You need the best ab roller for abs workout to enable you to lose belly fats and get a six-pack faster. Not only having the best ab roller is important but also knowing how to use ab roller is critical. You can have the best roller in the world, but if you don’t know how to use it then your problem is not solved.   

It is, therefore, important to not only buy ab roller but also to know how it is used since inappropriate use of ab roller can impose other health problems such as injury of the spinal code, hands or arms.

Why use Ab roller for abs workout?                                                                   

Ab rollers are very effective workout equipment that helps in burning excess body fats, especially around the abdomen.  

Abdominal rollers are conveniently portable and easy to use at home or in the gym.

Benefits of use Ab roller for abs workout   

This Abdominal Exercise Wheel works not only on the abdominal muscles, but also the entire upper body as you contract and stretch the muscles in your back, shoulders, chest, and arms as well.

It helps in weight loss especially help reduce abdominal fats that are linked to stomach, liver, kidney, and lung cancer among others.

The roller workout also helps maintain a healthy body weight.

Characteristics of a good ab roller 

  • Superior Balanced and Strong Grip

The double wheelbase aids with superior balance during your reps and the handgrips are designed for maximum grip to avoid slips and injuries.

  • Highly Portable Ab Roller

This lightweight Abdominal Exercise Wheel is also perfect for travelling and exercise on the go.

For instance,  it is easy to use and you can travel with it to any destination since it is small and portable.   Also, it is easy to use. For instance, to start out,  you only need to lean forward on your knees and slowly roll forward and backwards.

Your abdominal will be burning in no time, and eventually, you may even work up to standing full body reps.

  • Strong rubber double wheel for stability when exercising.

Padded handles for maximum grip and comfort. Adhesive rubber wheel to maintain floor grip and avoid skidding during exercise. Highly durable.

This Rubber Roller Double Wheel is specifically designed to burn your abs into six pack formation. 

Have a flat and lean body by ordering this Rubber Roller Double Wheel online in Kenya at a great price and have Jumia Kenya deliver it to your doorstep

ab Roller for belly fat loss

How to perform Ab roller exercise and Cautions

I know that it is very challenging to use ab roller.  So, there are some key points to note before hitting the nail to avoid injuries.

Actually, safety during workout is very important for everyone. According to PubMed, It helps to avoid abs workout mistakes leading to injuries and make you achieve your dream goals faster.

Therefore, here are some key safety points to keep in mind when doing the exercises using this ab roller.

  1. Avoid arching your lower back

You may feel a slight pinching in your lower back when you start rolling out with your ab wheel.

This is not good , therefore, you can avoid this by shortening your roll and/or doing the roll on your knees while pulling in your lower abs.

            2. Keep your head down in neutral position with your chin slightly tucked during the roll to protect your lower back and neck from injuries.

How to Use Ab Roller for Fast Weight Loss

With the above cautions in mind, you can now proceed with your workout after buying your ab wheel roller.

Here we go,

  • With your knee on the ground and your smart ab roller in front.
  • Hold the roller handles with both hands, one on each side of the wheel, palms facing down as shown below.

ab roller

  • That is the starting point, now
  • Push your torso up into a plank position with your body in a single straight line from head to heels.
  • Pause for 2 seconds and under control, return to the starting point
  • Repeat 3 sets with 6 to 10 reps per sets

Train at least 2 to 3 days a week for effective belly fat loss.