How to Use Neocell Collagen Powder


Neocell Collagen powder or the NeoCell super collagen powder is an amazing anti-aging supplement that is great for illuminating your inner beauty.

In fact, Neocell collagen product is good for supporting overall healthy collagen formation for youthful skin and healthy hair and nails.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a complex structural protein that maintains strength and flexibility throughout the body.

However, as we become older, our body collagen reduces and the depletion of the collagen can lead to loss of skin turgidity, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Therefore, it is very important to add and extra collagen into your nutrients to boost your collagen.

Good enough, super neocell collagen powder contains scientifically proven BioActive NeoCell Collagen which supports healthy collagen formation throughout the body.

neocell collagen powder

Why use NeoCell Collagen?

It helps boost your collagen, which is a primary structural component for all tissues in the body. It also supports healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints, therefore, reducing aging(1).

In fact, using NeoCell collagen powder boosts hydrolyzation process,  as large collagen molecules are enzymatically hydrolyzed into small peptides that are bioavailable in the body

Studies show that NeoCell Collagen powder increases skin hydration by an average of 21% and up to 50% with 92% of test subjects experiencing increased skin hydration and 60% experiencing firmer, softer skin(1,2).

Health benefits of NeoCell super collagen powder

  • It helps in skin protection

It has the ability to promote glowing, vibrant skin as it has essential protein that provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more youthful and healthy(3,4).

  • Improves joint health

As you all know that depletion of collagen may lead to muscle loss, this can affect your joint health.

Therefore, by taking super collagen powder it will help strengthen the ring of cartilage, making your joint stronger and healthier as you age. This can also help prevent diseases like osteoarthritis in elderly people.

  • Help burn fat

Actually,  collagen prevents muscle loss, it can turn your fats into fit.

Furthermore, collagen is a major component of muscle tissue, it can have a big impact when it comes to building muscle mass(6).

It also contains a concentrated amount of glycine, an amino acid involved in the synthesis of creatine.

This can provide muscles with the fuel needed to power through your workout, helping you to burn more fats and build lean muscles. 


Super Collagen powder has several health benefits such as supporting healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints, and reducing aging. Therefore, you can use it to optimize your body collagen.

What super collagen powder contains

It consists of two types that is Super Collagen + C combines type 1 and type 3 hydrolyzed collagen peptides with antioxidant Vitamin C to boost your cellular health.

Furthermore, the combination of Types 1 & 3 hydrolyzed collagen peptides, Super Collagen Powder provides some of the necessary building blocks to produce collagen in an easy to mix, unflavored powder.

It doe not contains the following

This product of collagen does not contain soy, wheat, lactose, starch, yeast, GMOs or artificial flavors. Gluten free.

How to use Neocell collagen powder

For better resulys, take one (1) scoop daily and dissolved into a glass of water or orange juice.

It is recommended to take on an empty stomach for proper absorption.
Or you can dissolve 1 scoop of Super Collagen Powder in your favorite beverage, smoothie or add to a recipe and consume daily on an empty stomach.
Furthermore, it contains 6,600mg NeoCell Collagen types 1 & 3 per servings

Warnings and precautions

It may contain sulfite residues.  Keep out of reach of children.  Furthermore, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not overdose, follow the prescriptions carefully. You also need doctors advice if possible.(5)