How to Use Supersets to Build Back Muscles


Did you know how to use Supersets to build your back muscles?  We have got you off-guard. This article is specifically meant to help you know how you can effectively use Supersets to build muscles effectively.   

Factually, workout among men is mainly something that they want to show off.

Let’s face it, most people work on their biceps, abs, and chest muscles because they make them look broad near the shoulder and make them appear more macho.


However, when it comes to legs or back muscles most people do not focus on them because they are never too visible.

Men wear shorts and they hardly see their back, so only athletes or bodybuilders work on their back muscles. Eventually, bad sitting posture, passive lifestyle, and even the slightest discomfort can make your back hurt.

In old age when the body is just starting to age, this slight discomfort can turn into something more severe.

Back muscles not only help you hold your balance they enhance the beauty of your body as well.

Experts say that if there is one body part that plays an important role in your overall health that has to be your back. In short, if there is one part you need to work out, it has to be your back muscles.

It might be more attractive for people to work on the front muscles especially the chest and abs because they look good in mirror selfies.

However, there is much more that you need to focus on. With the help of your back muscles, you will be able to easily lift weight and it helps in reducing the chance of injury by increasing the strength.

Athletes who are more prone to support injuries are recommended to work on their back muscles so that they can easily improve their back strength and endurance.

In a world where most people have desk jobs, the back workout is a must.

More fitness gurus are now recommending people to work on their back muscles due to the significant benefits of back workouts.

With the help of this article, we will highlight the importance of back muscle strength.

We will also help you to know about some of the best back muscles workouts, especially supersets that can be used for improving the strength of your back.

How to Use Supersets to Build Back Muscles

How to Divide the Workout Session

For this workout, you need to divide your workout into three main sessions. The first session will consist of a warm-up session. Within this session, you will aim to help your body get ready for a power pack workout.

This will also help you to get prepared, get your blood rushing, and reduce the chance of injury. Without getting prepared for an actual hardcore workout you might end up with some injury.

the second part of the workout will consist of the main workout where you will use a different kind of superset to develop your back muscles.

This workout will require a lot of effort and you can easily decide it into sessions.

It is recommended to start this workout with just 15 minutes of total span. Eventually, when you see the progress you can increase the time later.

If you start with a 45 minutes session, you might end up straining your muscles and this will slow down the workout as well.

The last part of the workout session will be dedicated to the cool down. This is almost the same as the first session but with the help of a cool-down session, you will help your body relax. Most people rush straight to the shower.

No doubt a cold shower helps you soothe the muscles but it makes the cramps hard eventually causing more pain.

If you focus on yoga and meditation, you will easily help your body cool down and your breathing will be better for the next workout session as well.

Best Superset Back Workouts for Strength and Endurance

For this workout we have divided the whole session into six smaller sessions, each session consists of one move with three supersets.

Each superset will be for one minute only. In sort, you will have to perform three-six different moves and each move will have three supersets.

Pull-Up Superset

Pull-up is one way to use Supersets to build your back muscles. This is a simple pull-up that requires no extra explanation.

You just need to balance your body on the monkey bar and then you have to pull up. It is one of the easiest yet most effective workouts for your biceps, back, chest and abs.

Hammer-Grip Pull-Up

The second workout is a simple hammer grip pull-up that is just as same as the pull-up with a little difference in technique. For this, you need to reduce your speed a little so you can feel the burn in your back muscles.

Prone Dumbbell Row

With dumbbells working on your back muscles is almost impossible, which is the reason you need to add this to your list as well.

This is a simple workout where you will lay on the bench and then try to lift the dumbbells and pull them up towards your chest.

Bench Press Superset

Doing a bench press is also a way to use Supersets to build your back muscles. The bench press is a simple, easy and effective workout.

Most people already know the technique and there is no doubt that it is a very effective workout as well.

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Rowing Machine Superset

Perfect for the back muscles, abs, and arms. You just need a rowing machine and spend at least three minutes till you start feeling the burn.

Underhand Lat Pull-Down

To wrap this workout you need to end it with the pull-down. Just maintain your back posture and ease the weight. Make sure you are not lifting too much otherwise you might end up hurting your back.

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Are supersets good for building muscle?

Yes, supersets are a good way to increase your muscle mass and size. 

For instance, compound supersets can produce amazing muscle growth in a very short period of time since you are performing two compound exercises, one after another.

Since this type of superset allows your muscle to rest for a short period, it will allow you to build strength, as well as muscle size.

Benefits of superset training

  • Easily set up a workout.
  • Incorporate more variety into your workouts.
  • Increase intensity.
  • Make things interesting.
  • Overload your muscles.
  • Save time.

Generally, the benefits of supersets are that they save time by reducing the rest interval between two exercises.

Fortunately, shortening the rest period between sets will increase the intensity by performing more work in less time.


Supersets also allow you to increase the intensity of your workout by overloading a muscle.

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Last Remarks

To sum it all up, your back needs and an equal amount of care as your front muscles. With desk jobs and technology issues that we are facing everyone has bad posture.

More people are complaining about back pain when they are in their late twenties.

People who like to play sports are complaining about frequent sports injuries and so far physiotherapists and chiropractors are asking people to focus on the way they sit.

However, your back muscles provide good support to the backbone which eventually helps with protecting your whole body, improves stability, and also helps you balance yourself easily.

Even if you feel you just want to work out to enhance your beauty you still need to offer some support to your body via stronger back muscles.

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