Kratom Capsules Side Effects, Reviews, & Complaint

It is very substantial to know the dosage of Kratom and how to use Kratom capsules for effective health benefits.

Actually, if you have been using kratom powder, then you know the bitter taste it contains. Most consumers turn to kratom capsules as their preferred option to avoid the bad experience.

Capsules are also convenient and the best form to take for first-time users. This is because, as a newbie, you will be able to know the exact dosage to avoid overdosing.

Other advantages of using kratom capsules are:

  • They are convenient to carry.
  • They have no bitter taste.
  • There is no need to measure its weight to determine the dosage.
  • They are discrete, as you can take a capsule without attracting attention.
  • Best for new users who need small doses.

How to take Kratom Capsules (dosage)

Note that the number of kratom capsules you take depends on the size and potency of the specific product you are using. Capsules sizes range from 00-5, but most vendors prefer the standard size 00 which holds about 0.5 grams of powder since you will have to consume more before getting your desired effects.

The recommended dose of kratom ranges from 1-12 grams, which means you have to take 1 to 16 capsules of 00 size and 1-12 capsules of 000 size. However, the does can vary depending on your body tolerance, potency, weight, and the condition you are treating.

However, before taking Kratom capsules, you need to seek medical advice from your physician to help prevent any risks related to your medication history.

Different Effects Based on Dosage of Kratom 

A light dose of kratom capsules

Low doses are the most favorable, especially if you are a new user. It ranges from 1-4 grams when using kratom strains with less strength and 1-2 grams per kratom capsules when consuming higher strains. With Light capsules dose you will experience the following benefits:

  • Moderate energy boost
  • Additional motivation
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Mood improvement
  • Alertness

Considering most kratom capsules, vendors use size 00 containing 0.5g of powder. You will need four capsules for a 2g dose and weight for a 4g dose.

Moderate dose Kratom capsules

The average dose delivers the effects of a light dose but with increased efficiency. It offers the perfect benefits without any adverse results to your body compared to the high dosage. 3 to 5 grams is the recommended dose for moderate users. Some of the benefits you will enjoy after taking the average amount include:

  • More control of your mood swings
  • Stress relief
  • Relaxation feeling
  • More energy boost
  • Sedation effects
  • Moderate analgesia benefits
  • Mild opiate withdrawal advantages

With kratom capsule size 00 with 0.5 grams of powder, you will take six capsules to attain a 3g dose. 

High dose of Kratom capsules

It is the highest dose of kratom capsules that is safe to take; beyond this level, you might experience adverse effects such as decreased appetite, diarrhea, dry mouth, insomnia, among others.

The recommended dosage should range between 4-8 grams; you need about eight capsules for four grams of higher strain and 12 kratom capsules with the usual 0.5g potency for a 6-gram dosage. The benefits that accompany higher dosage are as follows:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Euphoria effects
  • Extreme sedation
  • Amazing analgesia effects
  • Anxiolytic benefits

Uses of Kratom Capsules

People use kratom due to its potential health benefits. The natives used it to treat bladder infections, fevers, diarrhea and lessen fatigue during hard labor days.

The kratom capsules are helpful for their pain-relieving benefits and nootropic effects. It is an alternative to opiate drugs that can be highly addictive when used frequently. 

Because of its benefits, many people are searching for the best places with kratom capsules for sale to enjoy the product. Fortunately, you can find a reputable vendor online for premium products.

There are several benefits of Kraton capsules and here are the top uses of kratom capsules:

1.   Kratom Capsules for Pain Relief

A few clinical reports back up the use of kratom to relieve pain. However, according to a 2020 study, users increased pain tolerance after using kratom.

After ingestion, the product stimulates the opioid receptors that act as the brain’s main way to pain signals. Then the body reacts by controlling the intensity of pain using the natural opioids called endorphins.

In addition, Kratom capsules also relax the skeletal muscles and inhibit the enzyme that causes inflammation, thus lessening the amount of pain felt by the user.

2.   Kratom Capsules for Addiction and Withdrawal

A case study done in 2018 showed that kratom ingredients helped reduce withdrawal symptoms from a patient trying to recover from opiate drugs. It further proved that the withdrawal time was less intense than other medical prescriptions such as morphine.

Kratom is also being tested for use instead of methadone as a regular treatment for addiction caused by opioid drugs.

3.   Kratom Capsules For Nootropic effects

Besides kratom’s therapeutic effects, it also gives additional energy and increases the focus necessary for personal growth. Long-term use may also enhance mental well-being and stamina by promoting positive thoughts.

Kratom capsules can provide psychoactive effects that enhance psychological, emotional, and interpersonal healing. It saves users from everyday stress and diverts their thoughts to focus more on the positives. By doing so, it lessens anxiety and depression symptoms.

Can kratom reduce inflammation?

Actually, the main active ingredients of kratom are mitragynine, alkaloids, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

It is proven that alkaloids can have analgesic (pain-relieving), including helping reduce the anti-inflammatory, or muscle relaxant effects. For that matter, kratom is often utilized to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Can you use kratom for depression?

Yes, you can use Kratom for depression and anxiety as it acts as a pain reliever. You can use ti as opioid replacement and pain management. Most kratom users use kratom to self-manage their depressive symptoms and other mental health concerns. 

Is kratom good for severe pain?

Of course, Kratom is good for severe pain, especially at low doses. This is because kratom acts as a stimulant, making users feel more energetic.

At higher doses, it reduces pain and may bring on euphoria. In most cases, when you take Kratom at a high dose, it acts as a sedative, making users quiet and perhaps sleepy.

Some people who practice Asian traditional medicine consider kratom to be a substitute for opium.

Side Effects of Kratom Capsules

Everything with good has its side effects and kratom also has some side effects, especially when taken at large doses as it can cause many severe side effects.

Some common side effects of kratom include;

  • Hallucinations,
  • Aggression, 
  • Itching.
  • irritability.
  • Dry mouth
  • Tongue numbness.
  • Trouble breathing,
  • Altered mental status.
  • Constipation.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Delusion and hallucination.
  • Drowsiness and sedation.
  • Frequent urination.

Other serious side effects of kratom  are; 

  • Insomnia. 
  • Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).
  • Cardiac issues, such as heart attack, high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythms. 
  • Rhabdomyolysis 
  • Seizure.
  • Encephalopathy (brain disease).
  • Liver damage and liver failure.
  • Respiratory depression or difficulty breathing.

Long-term users of kratom may experience issues such as:

  • Psychosis.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Increased cheek pigmentation.
  • Tremor.
  • Weight loss.

Who should not use Kratom

Not everyone can use Kratom, the following people should not use this product.  

Breast-feeding:  Although there is no enough evidence to stop breast feeding women from using this product, but it is advisable not to use this product.

Pregnancy:  Women who are preganant should not use it as it is  unsafe for them as babies exposed to kratom during pregnancy have encounters withdrawal symptoms after birth.

Mental disorders: people with mental disorders should not use kratom as it might worsen existing mental disorders. It may increase the risk of suicide among people with mental disorders.

Alcoholism: Individuals with alcohol dependence should not use kratom as it may increases the risk of suicide. 

Heart conditions: it is proven that Kratom may worsen existing heart conditions as it may increase the risk of a very fast heartbeat.

Last Remark

Kratom Capsules are the best form to take kratom if you dislike the bitter taste of taking it in powder form. It is convenient to use as you only need water or your favorite beverage to consume.

The only thing left is choosing the strain of kratom you want with your preferred capsules vendor to enjoy the benefits. In addition, you need to seek advice from your doctor before using this product if you are breast feeding, alcohol dependance, or have any medical issues because they are not approved by FDA.

This will help you prevent the risk of other chronic illnesses.