Is Reverse Pyramid Training Better than Straight Sets?


Most weight lifters often ask whether reverse Pyramid Training is better than Straight Sets.  This is a very important question that serious gym-goer need to know.

However, before answering this question, we need to know some few things regarding these types of exercises. 

First, muscle gain is all about weight-based exercise and you may need men’s workout tank tops for easy training.


Besides,  you need to focus on a high protein diet, better workout, and weight lifting, and some basic lifestyle changes and you will be able to gain muscle easily.

However, strength-based training where weight is involved has a very strong concept of progressive weight increase.

If you are not familiar with the idea you will start lifting more weight and eventually, you will hit the weight ceiling but this will not translate into valuable results.

The best way is to keep a good set structure in mind that consists of reps, sets, and weight. You need to maintain a good ratio of reps, sets, and weight so that you can balance the impact.

If you take help from a consultant, he will explain to you that adjusting the weight and reps is very important because increasing weight and reps have a completely different impact on your body and muscles.

If you increase weight, this will eventually help you bulk up but if you increase the reps this will eventually help you increase strength.

Most people want rapid growth so they focus on weight training only.

It is very important to maintain a good ratio of both so you are not overdoing anything or underdoing anything.

Maintaining a good posture and a good progressive weight will help you track your overall progress as well.

With the help of this article, we will talk about two of the most important weight-based set structures i.e. pyramid training and reverse pyramid training.

Although both have their significance and so far people like both we will help you to explore which will be a better option for you to try and what are the differences.

What is Pyramid Training

It is a collection of sets, of the same exercise, that start with lightweight and higher reps, building up to a heavier weight and fewer reps.

A full pyramid training set is an extension of this, reducing the weight after you have reached the peak until you complete the pyramid.

Is Reverse Pyramid Training Better than Straight Sets

Different between Straight Sets and  Reverse Pyramid Training?

It is a common misconception that both Reverse Pyramid Training and straight Pyramid Training are different (1).

The fact is that both are a type of pyramid training and mainly they use the same technique.

There is just one fundamental difference that adjustment of weight, resistance, and reps are opposite in both. One goes straight and the other has its reverse.

Reverse Pyramid Training

Within reverse pyramid training, you start with more weight and fewer reps in one set, and as you move forward the number of reps increase and the weight decreases.

You need to adjust both things at the same time, otherwise, you might see that without adjusting the weight and reps, you will see the impact in overall training as well.

A simple example is that if you have five reps in the first set with 5lbs of weight, you need to shift to 4 lbs. and 4 reps in the next set and this goes on.

Straight Pyramid Training

For the straight pyramid training, you will have progressive weight lifting training. You will start with less weight and more reps for the initial set.

However, as you go further, you will adjust the weight and reps by increasing the weight and decreasing the number of reps with each set.

A simple example of straight pyramid training is to start with a small weight like 1 lb. and increase the number of reps let’s say make it 8. Then as you move to the next set, you will have 2 lbs. and 6 reps.

This process will go on till you reach more weight with the least number of reps.

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Which One Is Better, Reverse Pyramid Training or Straight Set?

Research doesn’t show that one type is better than the other. It shows that you need to stay consistent and only this will be good for you.

If we look at both types of training logically, it will become evident that reverse pyramid training makes much more sense.

This is because you need to start with the toughest so that your body adapts to it and as you move down the lane, it gets a little easier for you to exercise.

This also helps you to manage because you are more relaxed and less fatigued at the start but as you keep on working, this changes.

When your muscles are not tired, you can lift more and perform better. On the contrary, if you are lifting heavyweight, you are also activating the fast-twitch.

This will help you bulk up faster and your muscles will get hit hard and the performance will be much better as well.

On the contrary, if you look at a straight pyramid, your muscles will start with less weight but they will get tired easily. This will also mean that by the end of the workout you will not be able to perform better.

You will be hitting the same fast twitching muscles but by the time you reach full weight, your muscles will be maxed out. Eventually, fatigue will not offer valuable results.


Is reverse pyramid training effective?

Overall, Reverse Pyramid Training is an effective and efficient way to gain muscle size and strength.

It is not better than traditional hypertrophy training, but it’s not any worse, either, at least on a set-by-set basis.

Pyramid Training can be used to build muscle, lose fat, or do both. It’s a great way to add some variety to your training and keep your body guessing.

Benefits of Pyramid Training

  • Improved posture.
  • Getting a good night’s rest.
  • Building and restoring bone density.
  • Decreasing inflammation.
  • Boosting metabolism.
  • It improves recovery
  • improve strength and increase blood flow
  • Increasing human growth hormone(2).
  • Lower risk of chronic disease.
  • Burning more calories and fat at rest.

A word from Tannos Online

To sum it all up, your goals will help you select a good enough training method that will suit your progress as well. Most people look for easy ways out and shortcuts.

Eventually, they end up getting injured in the process. While selecting a good training, always go for something that will help you progress and translate your progress into numbers.


Your muscles also need to go through different milestones so they can develop and eventually their strength increases.

Most people opt for straight sets which is a good option but progressive sets always bring better progress. If you want to see the progress that is measurable as well, there is no better way than choosing a progressing weight-based training.

You just need to gradually increase the weight and then adjust your reps accordingly. As you become stronger you will start to notice that your body is becoming better and your growth is more as well.

Overall, muscle development might take more than a few months but if you require progress that consists of just a few weeks, you need to strategize your workout and this is impossible without the help of a professional.

A good professional will help you not only learn about the progress but also help you customize a simple workout.

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