Best Ketone Urine Test Strips for Ketone


The best ketone urine test strips for ketones for testing ketosis are used by people who are doing keto diet or low carb diets.

Ketone urine test strips for ketone tests the level of ketones in your urine to know whether you are in optimal ketosis or not.

It works by you dipping the strip into your urine then checking the readings. See how to test ketones here.


When it is between 0.5-1.5mmol/l ,is light nutritional ketosis you will be getting a good effect on your weight but not optimal.


Around you weight but not optimal around 1.5-3mmol/l , is what’s called optimal ketosis and is recommended for maximum weight loss.

Why you need these urine test strips

1. Accuracy: Sensitive reagent strips for urinalysis, quickly get the precise results, convenient for you to know your Ketone level and make plans to control it.


Provide more accurate results, different colors for easier reading.
2. Easy: These strips allow you to monitor your Ketone level all by yourself in your home.  Save you from the multifarious procedures of the hospital.

Easy to operate, simply dip and read, get the results within seconds.
3. Multiple functions: Perfect for Atkins, Ketogenic, Low-Carb, and Paleo diets as well as managing your diabetes.

Lose weight quickly with these stripes, add them to your Ketogenic Diet Plan for best results.
4. Adequate: 100 Ketone Test Strips in this little bottle, enough for your diet plan. Use them according to your needs with confidence. With detailed specifications for safe and easy use.

How to Use Urine Test Strips for Ketone 

Follow the correct procedures to use the Urine Test strips. Deep the Urine Test Strips for Ketone in the urine as prescribed on the label. Also, take note of the following: 

          1.Please allow a 1-3.0Mm error due to manual measurement.  
          2.The colors may vary slightly
          3. Repeat the test in the evening or two times for accuracy