Lee Labrada Net Worth | All About Lee Labrada In 2024

Currently, there are many questions about former bodybuilder Lee Labrada such as how much Lee Labrada net worth? What is Labrada doing now? How old is Lee Labrada? And many more.

This article will provide you with all the relevant answers to your questions about former IFBB professional bodybuilder Lee Labrada.

So, Who Is Lee Labrada?

Lee Labrada is a former IFBB professional bodybuilder who was born on 8 March 1960 in Havana Cuba. He is now 60 years old.

Actually, Labrada spends most of his childhood in Chicago, Illinois, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Labrada attended Northwestern University, and got a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston.

He had a great passion in the fitness industry. So, when he grew up, he ventured into bodybuilding.

Labrada was nicknamed as (Mass with Class) this was due to his aesthetically pleasing body.

He has big muscle size that was very attractive and due to his nutritional company that produces supplements aided to boost muscle mass(1)

Lee Labrada Net worth

Lee Labrada’s net worth was 55,000,000 dollars as of 2019. However, his estimated net worth is to be approximately $671032453 as per the latest reviews in 2020. Currently, Lee Labrada’s net worth is $5 Million.

Labrada’s income increases gradually due to the steady income from his hard work and achievements.

Lee labrada net worth

Labrada Source Of Income

Lee is the founder and CEO of Labrada Nutrition. Most of his income was from his nutritional company that he provides some of the best bodybuilding supplements and gives advice to the bodybuilder.

In fact, Labrada led Labrada Nutrition to become one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S.A. He could earn Inc. 500 status within 6 years

Lee Labrada In Bodybuilding Industry

Lee Labrada has competed for several titles in the IFBB competition. He was placed second in 1989 and 1990 during competition.

Actually, Lee Labrada holds a total of 22 professional bodybuilding titles, including the IFBB Mr. Universe.

In 2004, Labrada was inducted into the IFBB Pro-Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

The former IFBB bodybuilder is one of the few pro bodybuilders that are highly recognized to have consistently placed in the top four at Mr. Olympia.

lee labrada net worth

He competed amongst the core Mr. Olympia heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger who won Mr. Olympia’s title seven times, Lee Haney a winner of Mr. Olympia eight times.

Lee Labrada also competed with Dorian Yates, Kevin Levrone, Kai Greene, and Ronnie Coleman eight-time winner, Jay Cutler, and Phil Heath.

However, Labrada never got Mr. Olympia title despite his big body and founder of the best nutrition company in USA in the early 1995.

Lee Labrada Nutrition And Supplement

In 1990s, it was very difficult to find bodybuilding supplements. Therefore, most bodybuilders find it difficult to get the best supplements to build bigger muscles.

Good enough, Labrada who was much focused, started his nutrition and supplement company in 1995.

He had a strong feeling to support other bodybuilders to achieve their health and nutrition dreams.

Lee labrada named the company “Labrada Nutrition.” The company grew very fast and the business was very successful. He could receive many clients across the globe.

Lee Labrada supplements

This created his line of award-winning sports nutrition and supplement products.

In fact, Labrada appeared on the covers of more than a hundred bodybuilding and fitness magazines.

He also featured on various channels such as CNBC, FOX, CNN, ESPN, and other TV channels as a fitness and nutrition expert.

Lee Labrada Achievements

Due to his hard work and success, Labrada was appointed as the first Fitness Czar for the City of Houston in 2002 by Mayor Lee Brown.

While in this position, he strongly contributed to the launch of “Get Lean Houston!” a health and fitness initiative designed to get the city’s residents to change their poor sedentary lifestyle to become physically fit.

In fact, Labrada embarked on a massive public relations campaign that led to national TV appearances, especially, on top TV channels like CNBC, ESPN, CNN’s Crossfire, ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS among others.

Coming in 2003, Labrada received an award for helping Houstonians shed the title of the “Fattest City in America.”

In 2004 and 2008, Labrada was the best Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

Labrada Become Author In 2005

Being a nutrition expert, many clients were interested to know more about fitness and supplements.

Therefore, Harper Collins published Labrada’s nutrition and exercise book, The Lean Body Promise, in 1995 to meet customers’ needs.

This book becomes a hot cake and was one of the best sellers.

In essence, Lee Labrada brought the real-life experience to the nutrition and exercise techniques presented in his book, which speaks to anyone interested in becoming fit and building lean muscles.

Lee Labrada Now In The Entertainment Industry

Two years down the line, Labrada released a CD called “Eternity,” which was showing off his talent and passion for music, especially the guitar.

Now, Labrada owns a large collection of guitars that he has collected over the years and music has continued to be an inspiration for him.

Where Does Labrada Live With His Wife And Children?

Lee Labrada now lives very happily with his beloved wife Robin in Houston, Texas, USA. They were blessed with three sons, namely, Hunter, Blade, and Pierce.

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Summing It Up

Lee Labrada is a former IFBB bodybuilder who competed in various contests.

He started his supplement company” Labrada Nutrition” in 1995. Become an expert in nutrition featuring in most popular TV channels. Labrada’s net worth is $671032453.

He became an author and was once appointed as the first Fitness Czar for the City of Houston.

Labrada produces CD and later become music fun. He now lives happily with his wife and children In Houston, Texas.