Top 10 Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are insanely profitable when they are won. However, their tragic nature of them, and the injuries that are sustained, make the claims a difficult time for everyone involved.

Many people are uneducated about the sheer variety of injuries that can qualify a person for a personal injury claim, leading many people to be left alone to struggle physically, mentally, and financially after an accident.

To ensure you know your rights, and when you may be entitled to restitution through a personal injury claim, here are eight of the most common types of personal injury claims:

    1. Construction Site Accident Claims

Construction sites are known to be chaotic, and this chaos, mixed with heavy machinery, puts workers in the industry at greater risk of workplace accidents and personal injury claims.

Despite the heavy regulation of the industry, the physical demands of the job alone can lead to injuries that require personal injury claims.

Thankfully, these incidents’ commonality does end up making it much easier for workers to get the personal injury claim wins they need when an accident does occur.

    2. Medical Malpractice Claims

While one of the rarer personal claim injuries, medical malpractice claims are also one of the most serious. If a medical professional caused you an injury due to incompetent care, you are entitled to restitution through a medical malpractice claim.

Surgical mistakes, birth injuries, improper treatment, pharmacy errors, and misdiagnoses are the most common instances of medical malpractice that end up leading to medical malpractice claims. If you need assistance, you should find the best Chicago personal injury lawyer to assist you.

     3. Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Vehicle accidents remain one of the most common types of serious accidents that occur throughout the US each year.

Not only are vehicle accidents the most common personal injury claim in the US, but they are also involved in extreme cases where a death has occurred.

That being said, you must have a professional, compassionate lawyer who can ensure you prove that the accident is in no way your fault.

    4. Defective Product Claims

There’s a reason that businesses spend endless capital on making sure a product is safe, effective, and as-advertised before putting it out into the marketplace.

If a product leads to an injury, or major financial loss, due to it being ineffective or fraudulently advertised, a major lawsuit is likely to arise.

If you’ve been a victim of deceptive or defective products in your past, you should never give up, and seek out lawyers who can help you keep the irresponsible business owners and manufacturers irresponsible.

    5. Slip and Fall Accident Claims

While slip and fall accidents might often be played for laughs in the media, and are sometimes seen as a “fraud heavy” area of personal injury claims, the truth about them is quite different.

Not only do they commonly lead to serious, if not deadly, injuries, but they are another extremely common type of personal injury claim that ends up winning.

If you’ve been victim to a harsh slip and fall accident, you need to immediately contact compassionate, competent legal help to assist you.

      6. Assault Claims

Especially if you live in a violent area, you’ve likely met someone who has filed a personal injury claim after being assaulted. Gun-related assaults are the most common subset of these claims, but there is a wide variety of assault types that end up leading to assault claims.

The more emotional, violent, and tragic nature of assault makes these claims both more devastating and often makes them leads to a much bigger payout. Knowing how to keep your body in a more relaxed, ready-to-heal territory is critical after being assaulted.

     7. Workplace Accident Claims

Workplace injuries are another incredibly common personal injury claim. Especially if you’re seeking worker’s compensation, or have been denied worker’s compensation, you might find yourself involved in a workplace accident claim.

Particularly dangerous job places include trailer drivers, laborers, construction workers (as we mentioned above), nursing assistants, and professional movers.

In many states, the law states that employers must provide specific benefits to any injured employees, and can even require them to offer a lump-sum benefit if they are partially or permanently disabled by the accident in question.

    8. Defamation Claims

Not all personal injury claims deal with physical injuries. Defamation can lead to serious psychological, social, and financial damages (and for some people, this will manifest as physical injury as well).

These are one of the most complex types of personal injury claims, but they can lead to massive payouts if successful. Those who are in the public spotlight are much more likely to find themselves involved in a defamation claim than a more private, average citizen.

    9. Dog Bites Claims 

You have right to sue the owner of the dog or pet that causes injury to you. It is true that many American families could not imagine life without their sweet, canine companions. However, many dogs often cause accidents and even bite people in street.

The fact is that if a dog bites you, it is often the owner of the dog who is held accountable for the damage or injuries that the dog has caused. Since dog bites are often as a result of negligence, and dog bite cases are treated similarly to personal injury cases.

   10. Premises Liability

Premises claims may not be the most widely recognized individual injury claims. However, they happen frequently enough. These cases follow mishaps that happen on others’ properties.

They might be brought about by imperfect or hazardous circumstances that an individual doesn’t know about. They can happen anyplace from shopping centers to supermarkets, cafés, service stations, pools, or a neighbor’s properties.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claimis a legitimate case you can open on the off chance that you’ve been harmed in a mishap and it was another person’s fault. It’s the proper course of recuperating pay from the other party, who was liable for your physical issue. This will for the most part come from their insurance agency.

Road traffic accidents are the most common accidental injuries in UK as it make up the vast majority of personal injury claims in the UK, USA, and across the world.
In the event that somebody is in a minor car crash, the harm is probably going to be less. For instance, a little imprint or a wrecked vehicle part that is a greater amount of a bother instead of a threat to life. In a major mishap, the harm caused is broad. The vast majority allude to as “being totaled.”

What is the average payout for a personal injury claim UK?

Minor back injuries: up to £10,450. Moderate back injuries: £10,450 – £32,420. Severe back injuries: £32,420 – £134,590. Dislocated shoulder (with possible permanent damage): £10,670 – £16,060.
At the point when a settlement amount is settled upon, you will then pay your legal counselor a part of your whole settlement assets for compensation. Extra Expenses are different charges and costs that frequently accrue while documenting an individual physical issue case. These may comprise of postages, court documenting expenses, and additionally ensured duplicate charges

Words of Wisdom

You Deserve a Payout: If you find yourself injured, you deserve the payout that can help you heal and lead a normal life post-accident. Even if you’re uncertain if an injury qualifies you for a personal injury claim, it’s worth reaching out to a lawyer who can help you navigate these difficult, emotional times. Soon, you’ll be through this rough time in your life.