Natrol Carb Intercept Side Effects, Benefits, Reviews

Natrol Carb Intercept with Phase 2 Carb Controller Capsules contain a compound called phaseolamin, which is extracted from Phaseolus vulgaris.

Phaseolamin-containing carb blockers may aid in weight loss, glycemic control, and lipid profile improvement.

Natrol claims that the clinically tested component in Carb Intercept helps the body “metabolize lipids and proteins for energy while inhibiting the enzymatic breakdown of dietary carbohydrates.”

An appetite-suppressing effect, as reported by many users of the diet tablet Carb Intercept, may be helpful in achieving weight loss objectives.

These aids are meant to boost the effectiveness of a healthy diet and regular exercise in promoting fat loss.
Studies demonstrate that Phaseolus vulgaris (or White Kidney Bean Extract) can reduce the activity of amylase, an enzyme involved in digestion.

Phase 2 Carb Controller Complex, a patented type of White Kidney Bean Extract coupled with Chromium, is the active ingredient in Carb Intercept.

Natrol Carb Intercept is helpful for those who follow a low-carb diet since it helps regulate carb digestion and speeds up carb processing, preventing excess glucose from being deposited as fat.

You can better control your weight by delaying carbohydrate digestion, which makes it easier for your body to utilize fats while burning calories.

It helps you get to a healthy weight and stay there when accompanied by a healthy diet and frequent exercise.
Neither the manufacturer nor the seller claims that this device can do any of those things.

Do not take any dietary supplement without first consulting your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, using any drugs, or have any medical condition.

If bad reactions happen, stop using the product and immediately see a doctor.

Natrol Carb Intercept 3 Ingredients

Natrol carb interception contains effective natural ingredients. For instance, a particular type of phaseolamin known as Phase 2 was included in the formulation of the weight-loss supplement Natrol Carb Intercept.

This is the exclusive white kidney bean extract that has been utilized in the majority of clinical investigations on supplements that inhibit carbohydrates.

There have been conflicting findings, however, some studies do indicate a beneficial impact on weight loss and general health.

Phase 2 might slow down the enzymatic metabolism of foods with a lot of starch.  The Phase 2 white kidney bean extract is present in Natrol Carb Intercept 3 at 750 mg per recommended dose (2 capsules).

Other essential elements are 135 mg of the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), 75 mg of caffeine, 15 mg of salt, 270 mg of Camellia sinensis leaf (green tea extract), 30 mcg of food-bound chromium,

Maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, soy, gelatin, dicalcium phosphate, silica, gum arabic, yeast, and cellulose are other components of Natrol carb intercept supplements.

These products don’t have milk, eggs, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, or extra sugar. It is not advised to take more than 4 capsules each day.

Natrol Carb Intercepts How to Use

Consult with your doctor before you. The producer recommends that you take 2 capsules with each of your carbohydrate-containing meals. It is not advised to take more than 4 capsules each day.

How does Natrol Carb Intercepts Work?

The goal of carb-blocking medications like Carb Intercept is to prevent the body from absorbing the sugars that are naturally present in starchy foods. Some foods’ effective Glycemic Index may be lowered by preventing the absorption of some of their carbohydrates.

Phase 2 phaseolamin can be found in Natrol’s Carb Intercept supplement. Specifically, phaseolamin extract blocks the enzyme alpha-amylase isoform 1, which plays a role in the breakdown of triglycerides and other long-chain fatty acids.

By inhibiting alpha-amylase, certain carbohydrates can be avoided during digestion and instead allowed to pass through the intestinal tract.

Colon bacteria can ferment any remaining undigested carbohydrates, sending them out of the body in the form of waste.

No energy is gained from the carbs in either scenario. It’s thought this is similar to the effects of reducing calorie intake, which include weight reduction.

It’s important to keep in mind that dietary supplements like Natrol Carb Intercept 3 are not meant to be relied on as a standalone means of boosting fat metabolism, losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight over time calls for a balanced diet, regular exercise, and plenty of water.

Is Natrol Carb Intercept effective?

This combination works by preventing carbohydrates from being digested and is a natural carbohydrate blocker with no stimulating effects.

Carbohydrates, or carbs, are an essential element of anyone’s diet, yet many people mistakenly believe that eating too many carbs will make them gain weight.

Clinical studies have shown that Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract can delay the digestion of carbs, hence reducing the calorie impact of “starchy” diets.

Effects of Carb Intercept for Weight Loss

Carb Intercept’s other ingredients may aid weight loss by reducing insulin resistance and boosting the body’s fat-burning furnace.

For glucose from the blood to enter cells efficiently, these carbohydrate blockers use chromium that is bound to food.

Glucose is broken down and used to power the body’s many metabolic functions. Improved insulin sensitivity can be attributed in part to chromium’s ability to increase glucose utilization.

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes have been reduced in many individuals (impaired glucose tolerance) by carb blockers.

In addition, long-term chances of developing cardiovascular disease can also be reduced with proper insulin management.

Natrol’s carb blocker pills, which contain green tea extracts, may aid enhance metabolism and hence calorie burning, albeit only slightly.

Antioxidant effects shown by EGCG suggest it may mitigate damage to cells caused by free radicals and other oxidizing substances. The addition of caffeine increases awareness and gives you a jolt of energy, but it only lasts a short while.

Natrol carb intercept Benefits

  • Assists in Weight Control
  • Helps metabolize fats and proteins for energy
  •  Helps Control Carbs,
  • This supplement promotes healthy body weight.
  • It helps the body digest carbs, fat, and protein for energy use.
  • Natrol Carb Intercept might reduce the digestion of carbs by around 66%.
  • It does not contain artificial colors or flavors.
  • All ingredients are vegetarian.
  • May reduce diabetes and blood pressure

Natrol Carb Intercept Supplements Results

According to research obesity and overweight rates are at all-time high levels.

Nearly 70% of 20-year-olds and older Americans are overweight, and one third are obese.

Obesity causes most preventable diseases. Obesity raises the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, vascular disease, cancer, stroke, kidney disease, and other disorders.

Natrol Carb Intercept plus phaseolamin may fight obesity in several ways. They mimic calorie restriction by inhibiting the digestion of some carbs and lipids.

Carb intercepts often reduce appetite making people eat less and feel fuller. Natrol Carb Intercept is a better hunger control and results in less frequent eating, which can minimize long-term obesity.

Phase 2-containing carb intercepts have been shown to reduce waist circumference and weight.

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Carb Intercept Side Effects

There have been no advanced side effects of Natrol carb intercept reported by users. However, this supplement has been linked to irregular heartbeats, sleep disturbances, migraines, and mood problems. Actually, those who overdose on this product may experience jitteriness, fast heart rate, and sleeplessness.

If major side effects occur, stop using it and seek medical attention. Actually, Phaseolus vulgaris-extracted Carb Intercept tablets have no major adverse effects. Some people experience mild effects such as;

  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting,
  • Bloating,
  • Gas, and
  • Diarrhea.

These symptoms usually disappear within an hour. The phaseolamin 3 grams daily has been safely used for three months without showing any side effects.

Note that mixing carb intercepts with blood-sugar-lowering drugs can cause hypoglycemia, therefore, you should not mix it with such drugs, unless directed by your doctor.

In addition, discuss the pros and downsides of Natrol Carb Intercept with Phase 2 or other carb blocker pills with your doctor before using them.


Is Natrol Carb Intercept Safe?

Natrol Carb Intercept might be safe to use. However, if you have a medical condition, or taking prescription medication, or are pregnant or nursing, then see a doctor before using this supplement. In addition, those with milk, soy, and corn allergies should also visit a doctor before taking this supplement.

How Much Does Natrol Carb Intercept Cost?

The main website and leading retail websites sell Natrol Carb Intercept. It costs less than other weight loss supplements. At  Amazon, Natrol carb intercept cost $16.99. This price can vary from one region to another.

How Should You Take Natrol Carb Intercept?

For best results, use two capsules twice a day before meals. Limit daily pills to four or do not take more than 4 pills per day.

What Are The Side Effects Of Natrol Carb Intercept?

Consumers report no major side effects. However, due to some of its ingredients, this supplement has been linked to irregular heartbeats, sleep disturbances, migraines, and mood problems. If major side effects occur, then immediately stop using it and seek medical attention.

Is Natrol Carb Intercept Worth It?

Most Natrol Carb Intercept reviews show that users noticed changes within weeks and felt fuller if they took the capsules before meals.