Pomade Hair Darkening Cream Side Effects, Benefits, Results


The traditional remedy for gray and aging hairs is the renowned Morgan’s Pomade hair darkening cream. Without the use of harmful chemicals, its method gradually darkens gray hair over the course of three to four weeks.

It allows for a proper hair color shade to be achieved over a short period of time with frequent use, which may be maintained with less treatments.

With its petroleum-based formula, a minimal amount of product goes a long way in achieving the desired effect.


Seeking to find ways to prevent graying hair? Morgan’s Hair Darkening solutions might help you look younger if you have gray hair.

The desired hair color can be achieved with consistent use in a short amount of time and then maintained with fewer applications. 

All hair types can benefit from Morgan’s Pomade cream, which keeps a healthy scalp while revitalizing dry, brittle hair. Wheatgerm Oil is added for the enrichment and provides vitamin E.

How to Use Pomade Hair Darkening cream

With Morgan’s Hair Darkening Range, you have control over the amount of grey hair you wish to eliminate.

It works by gradually restoring a natural-looking color, so you can retain a little amount of gray hair by discontinuing use at any moment.

Alternatively, you can choose which regions you wish to darken, or you can continue to apply the dye to your entire head of hair until all of the gray is gone. The decision is yours to make.

Apply Pomade cream as follows:

  1.  Wash hair, then pat it dry (avoid washing too often).
  2. Apply or distribute evenly across the hair.
  3. Keep up the process each day.
  4. In hot countries, sunlight or a hairdryer can speed up the process.
  5. Once the desired color is obtained, reduce the frequency.

The longer the product is left in the hair, the better the results. Therefore, apply every day until the desired hair color is attained.

Results usually appear in 3 to 4 weeks. Simply cut back on the application to two or three times per week to maintain the color on the new growth once the ideal shade has been achieved.

Factors such as temperature, the amount of sunlight, and the porosity of the hair all affect how quickly the hair darkens as you apply Pomade hair darken cream. 

How does Pomade Hair Darkening Work

Morgan’s Hair Darkening cream work naturally with the hair helping it to maintain a natural-looking, darker color hair

In contrast to conventional dyes, this product works gradually, preventing a sharp change in color. The product line effectively styles hair as well as darkens hair.

The items don’t require any mixing or mess during use. Apply the product every day and observe how Morgan’s hair darkening easily pulls the grey away.

Benefits Pomade Hair Darkening

  • Gradually darkens grey hairs
  • Made with natural ingredients 
  • Does not use conventional dyes
  • Enriched with wheat germ and Vitamin E
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Works faster within 3 weeks
  • Easy to use

Pomade Hair Darkening cream Side effects

There are no advanced side effects of Pomade hair darkening cream. Typically, hair coloring is just basic chemistry.

The interactions between the pigments in the dye, the pigments in your hair,  peroxide, and ammonia may cause some potential side effects.

Despite this, one thing we have learned from our experiences with chemicals is that they are typically not good.

Permanent dyes can cause the following side effects;

  • Can cause hair damage
  • Hair dyes can cause allergic reactions
  • Itching,
  • Skin irritation,
  • Redness, or
  • Swelling on your scalp, face or neck.
  • Can lead to conjunctivitis or pink eye
  • Loss of hair strength.
  • Less ability for your hair to handle heat styling.
  • Reduced hair thickness.
  • Increased roughness of hair follicle.
  • Chemicals in hair dyes can lead to coughing, wheezing, lung inflammation, throat discomfort, and asthma attacks.
  • Some permanent hair dyes can even cause cancer.

In case you experience these signs, or if the signs persist, then seek medical attention from your doctor. Please, always seek advice from your doctor before using any hair dyes or any product for your safety.

Precautions To Take While Dyeing Your Hair

  1. Do your best to avoid applying permanent hair color. You might choose semi- and demi-permanent hair colors instead. Despite being temporary, these hair colors don’t have as many dangerous chemicals in them as permanent hair colors.
  2. Always perform a patch and strand test of hair before coloring it. The strand test will help you evaluate whether your hair is healthy enough to be processed, while the patch test will help you avoid a potential allergic response.
  3. Get a stylist or expert to do your hair. When you attempt to color your hair on your own, there are numerous things that could go wrong. To avoid a hair disaster, choose an expert you can trust.
  4.  Always dye your hair in a room that is well-ventilated and illuminated. Eye and nose discomfort can be brought on by poor ventilation.
  5.  Even if it costs a bit more, do your research and use products from reputable brands that don’t include a lot of dangerous chemicals.


Does pomade make your hair darker?

Does Morgan pomade darken hair? Yes, Pomade can make your hair appear darker and more attractive.


In actuality, even regular pomades make hair look a little darker because the oils soak into the hair and change its color.

Over the course of three to four weeks, the pomade gradually darkens gray hair without using dyes.

Does pomade cause hair damage?

Pomade hair darkening does not cause hair loss. Some people worry that using a lot of hair products will cause their hair to fall out, however, there is no study that explicitly ties the use of pomade to excessive hair loss.

What happens if you use too much pomade?

The producer claims that too much pomade can leave your hair looking oily and weighed down, so it’s better to layer the product in your hair until you have the desired result. 

Is it okay to use pomade everyday?

Yes, but to maintain your hair appearing healthy, there are a few precautions you must follow. Utilize pomade sparingly is one of them. Keep it away from your scalp and hair roots.

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