Sarah Koenig Podcast Analysis Case Study

Sarah Koenig is an American journalist, former Producer of the television, public radio personality, and radio program who produces a serial podcast of a criminal investigation.

The podcast serial first season brought up issues about 1994 preliminary of Adnan Syed, a Baltimore teen sentenced for murdering his sweetheart.

The digital recording has been downloaded more than 400 million times and as of late completed a third season that zeroed in on the criminal justice framework.

There are several criminal activities going around each and every day. There is no single reason for wrongdoing. Like viciousness and some other conduct related marvel, wrongdoing is multi-decided and complex.

Crime cases are something that affects everyone, regardless of whether directly as a casualty or indirectly through cultural and monetary expenses.

Most of these cases are characterized by several factors, as the individual is the essential unit of examination, in that, a person is viewed as answerable for acts he/she directed. While character drives conduct within people since it is the major persuasive element.

Wrongdoings can result from abnormal, or unseemly mental cycles within the person’s character. A person may have the direction of criminal conduct in the event that it tends to a given felt demand.

However, ordinariness is commonly characterized by social agreement, in that, what is perceived as acceptable, typical, or normal by several people in a specific social gathering.

For these situations, the wrongdoing control strategy dependent on mental standards targets people and attempts to eradicate cases of crimes. Any strategy pointed toward forestalling wrongdoing is psychological in nature.

Therefore, Sarah Koenig presents a serial podcast sharing a true story of criminal cases of murder to examine the personality of a person in relation to crime.

It covers the significant occasions in the 18 months from when Hae, the ex-girlfriend of Adnan, disappeared to the time when Adnan was condemned to life in jail.

Sarah Koenig Serial Podcast Summary

Serial is a webcast from the makers of This American Life, facilitated by Sarah Koenig. Sequential discloses to a single story, a genuine narrative of Hae, who went missing, and Adnan, her ex-boyfriend who was jailed for killing her, through the span of a season.

Sarah Koenig states that in 1999, in the County of Baltimore, Maryland, a secondary school senior by the name, Hae Min Lee vanished one of the days after school.

However, within a span of one month, her soul was discovered in a city park choked. Adnan Syed, a 17 ex-boyfriend was detained for the wrongdoing, and after investigation, he was condemned to life in jail.

The argument against him was generally founded on the tale of one observer, Jay who was a friend to Adnan, who affirmed that he assisted Adnan to cover Hae’s soul. Yet, the victim has consistently denied that he didn’t have an idea about Hae’s demise.

From the podcast, Adnan says he’s innocent, but he claims that he could not exactly recall everything he was doing on that January afternoon.

A few people accept that Adnan was innocent, however, several people believe that he was responsible for the killing of her ex, Hae.

Sarah Koenig figured out many archives, tuned in to preliminary declaration and police officers’ cross-examinations, and conversed with everybody she could discover who recalls what exactly occurred between Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed. This helps her to discover if a person’s character may be indicated that he/she is capable of committing a crime.

Sarah Koenig Adnan Syed

Sarah Koenig narrow the investigation on the relationship of Adnan and his ex. The relationship started as a simple sentiment with some love messages and a prom date that was secretly so that nobody could notice.

However, when the parent discovers their relationship, they were not happy with it. Therefore, they objected to the ongoing relationship. This really affected Adnan and could not control it.

The pressure of that gushed out over into their love-relationship. In the long run, Hae parted ways with Adnan.

Afterwards, contingent upon who you ask, Adnan was either naturally miserable and sulking around, or brimming with anger, which suggests a strong concern to the murder of his Ex, Hae.

Sarah Koenig  Episode 3

Based on episode three, Sarah Koenig follows the police and the findings of the soul of dismissed Hae in the forest. She states that during lunch hour, a man who was peeing along the roadsides discover the shocked body of a girl.

While reporting this murder, MacGillivary and Detectives Ritz become suspicious about him. They become upset as to why the man had to walk for over 127 feet in the woody forest to pee.

Therefore, a thorough investigation started by examining the history of the man, which revealed some bizarre conduct. Various archives show maps to Leakin Park and specific locations where the police discover the body.

Far away from the scene, some wrapper condoms, shell casings, and two Blockbuster cases were discovered, which were not relevant to the case.

However, the detectives could not find the important evidence which was beneath the chopped body such as two fibres and a piece of human hair.

The police could not present enough evidence to the public, as the response from the detective was bias and could not give accurate details.

Personal Reflection of Sarah Koenig podcast Serial

From serial podcast one, episode one to three, the victim is responsible for the killing of her ex-girlfriend.

First, Adnan was under pressure from the parents and felt overwhelmed. Just most wrongdoings can result from abnormal, or unseemly mental cycles within the person’s character.

Adnan in this case is mentally confused and depressed, he thought killing her ex-girlfriend was the best solution. However, the investigation is not précised.

Everyone who was interrogated responded that Adnan was acting abnormally, as he was full of rage after departing ways with Hae.

While criminal cases are something that affects everyone, Sarah Koenig carries out her investigation to visualize the reality about a person’s character that may indicate that he/she is capable of committing a crime.

Based on the findings, it is true that personality may reveal that a person is responsible or not responsible for a given act.

The response of Adnan, Jay, friends, and detectives reveals their personality and someone can easily tell that they are telling the truth or not.

Wrapping It Up

The podcast clearly illustrates that human personality or character depicts the outcome of the judgment.

Most of the victims are physically, mentally, and emotionally affected by what they go through in life that forces them to commit a certain crime.

Adnan kills his ex-girlfriend due to the pressure from both parents, which made them separated from Hae. Sarah Koenig investigates this incidence from the cause of the murder and the time Adnan was life imprison.

She finds out in episode one to three that no one was willing to give a clear answer to the actual situation.

The response predicts that what they were telling was bias at one point. Actually, a person’s character as indicated by the interrogated parties shows if they are capable of an act.