10 Important Things to Consider for a Wedding Date or Day

Weddings are the most auspicious once-in-a-lifetime occasion for a couple and you need to know the important things to consider before deciding on a wedding date or day.

Sometimes you need to a knot, especially in the Indian tradition, which has a plethora of functions. There are numerous factors that influence the wedding day that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives.

Furthermore, finalizing the date entails finalizing everything before and after the wedding, not just planning for the big day.

We’ve created a quick 4-point guide or checklist that you should go over before deciding on a wedding date.

Four critical things to consider before deciding on a date for a wedding

1. Astrological influences and appropriate dates

Given your horoscopes, every Indian family like yours would prefer to hold the special occasion on a happy day. According to an astrologer’s wisdom, finishing a good day is a priority that you should follow.

Request a wide range of dates from your astrologer. This will assist you in selecting a date from a larger set of factors.

Aside from that, some religions follow astrological influences while others do not; therefore, you must choose a date or month that corresponds to your positive vibes zone.

2. Calendar of Events

It is critical for wedding planning to mark and set a list of events. Everything, from roka to sagun to the day itself, publish invitations with photos of bride & groom too, must be planned ahead of time.

Because you don’t want any of these events to conflict with festivals, insane workload months, or special occasions, you should decline a gathering for your most memorable days. While brides should consider their menstrual cycles in order to enjoy any of the days peacefully.

3. The budget that you keep

A variety of factors must be considered before deciding on a wedding date, including your budget. Keeping the list of events in mind, as a prospective couple, you must consult with your family members about the expenditures and requirements based on your financial situation.

Every event has a different magnitude, and it must be planned ahead of time. To book your day, check the rent associated, the space available, the accommodating factors, and services provided for any of the events and places well in advance.

However, due to the pandemic, it is clear that large gatherings and events cannot be planned. As a result, it is necessary to consider constrained situations and planning, as well as the resulting expenditures.

There may be some events that can be held with only loved ones at your home, and others that must be held with a small number of people. Both will necessitate a distinct set of budgeting.

In addition, you also need  to consider the best promise ring for couple on a wedding day in a part of your budget

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4. Choosing a location for events

The events of a wedding should be as lovely as your unseen tethered bond. And, in order to make events beautiful, you must choose from among the best venues in your city. The beauty and aura of these places will remain photo engraved in your hearts for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, the venues should be confirmed while keeping the nature of the event in mind. A roka ceremony, for example, will only necessitate a small amount of space to accommodate your loved ones. A ladies sangeet, reception, or wedding day, on the other hand, will necessitate larger spaces.

It’s also possible that the venue you’ve set your heart on is already booked. So, on a serious note, it is critical to communicate with management as soon as possible to book your desired slot for the desired time.

Basically, you need to consider these Critical factors before deciding on a wedding date.

  1. Venue availability (consider and double-check the venue availability)
  2. Timeline (enough time for planning)
  3. The season (rainy or sunny seasons)
  4. Work schedule (Consider your work schedule and your friends, family, and relatives)
  5. Budget ( consider your budget and what you can afford
  6. Weekdays and Weekend (considered the date very well and double-check you calendar)
  7. Holidays (  consider public holidays) 
  8. Friends and family ( avoid conflicts or them missing your wedding)
  9. Major events (big national events  and local events like festivals, and parades)
  10. Other weddings ( for easy planning)

People may sometimes fail to consider things like the best food to prepare on the wedding day for your guests. For instance, there are people who do not eat certain foods due to their chronic illnesses. Therefore, you need to consider foods for people with ulcers, blood pressure, and diabetes among others.

Summing it Up!

Furthermore, before booking your slot, you should check the safety precautions taken by the organizers and management of the location in this pandemic. 

You and your fiance may have a personal preference for the type of wedding you want and the arrangements you want for certain special occasions.

A personal wish for the bride would be to marry on the day you first met, or the day he got down on one knee. Taking into account these lovely moments and days will be the icing on the cake.

Similarly, the groom would want to recreate a special moment from your relationship or courtship that made his soulmate cry.

Finally, we believe that thinking about these minor details will help you make your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime event that you will tell your future generations about. After all, a wedding is the only event that cannot be relieved.