15 Tips How To Increase Gym Membership Retention

Using the best tips to increase gym membership retention as a gym owner, is the best thing you can do to boost your gym income up quickly within a few months.

Actually, having more gym membership retention has been a problem for many gym owners.

However, you can improve your gym membership retention by following some of the simple but important tips that this article addresses.

Here are the best tips to increase gym membership retention or client retention

First thing first, you need to be a creative gym owner and do thorough research. You should also stay up to date with current affairs.

I hope these tips will help you increase gym membership retention.

  1. Offer members referral program

Referrals generate huge traffic into your gym.

Ask your client to come with a friend and he/she gets a referral bonus in every client he/she brings this will enable you to retain more clients.

 In fact, within few months, you will witness a huge number of membership registration. This will boost your monthly income.

Many entrepreneurs and companies offer referral programs to boost their income.

 Start now and create a referral program for your gym.


A referral program is the core for any successful business, therefore, start a referral program to enable you get more gym clients both online and offline.

  1. Create an online workout subscription

With the advancement of technologies, people are always on their phones and tablets or laptops. Therefore, having an online workout guideline on youtube or Facebook is a great idea.

In fact, many clients may not want to go to the gym weekly.

They tend to exercise at their comfort zone. Having created an online workout subscription will be a great chance to enable them to register and subscribe to your services.

For instance, they may require a diet plan, an online workout program.

Provide them with these tips and if they may need diet plan, then let your fee be affordable.

This will enable you to retain your clients.


Online channels can help you get more gym membership and retain them, however, you need to provide the most accessible subscription channel.

  1. Provide attendance sheet in your gym

Allow your clients to sign up every time they come to the gym.

This will help you monitor your client membership retention. It is crucial to monitor the attendance list to help you track the progress of your gym membership performance.

For instance, if one of the members starts to drop off, you can create time to share with him/her why failing to come.

You can lower to him/her membership subscription fee.

I am very sure, you will retain that client.


Attendance sheet is very essential for assessment of your gym membership and should be availed for every attendance to sign in and sign out every time they visit your gym

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  1. Offer affordable membership subscription fee

To get more membership retention, you need to offer a pocket-friendly membership fee that allows everyone to subscribe monthly without the struggle.

Don’t be too expensive.

You need to consult with your clients about whether to increase or decrease the subscription fee.

This will enable you to retain more and more gym members.


The subscription fee is very essential, as you will be having your workout plans and dit plan that you can sell to your members, However, let it be pocket-friendly.

  1. Give notice before making changes

Do not shock your client with new activities in the gym.

For instance, if you need to renovate your gym or what bring in new products, give them notice.

Remember every client has a diverse opinion; therefore, you need to collect his or her interest before acting.

That is why it is recommended to announce to them earlier enough.

This will increase gym membership retention.


Provide prior notice to your gym members to avoid tension or losing clients. It important to seek reviews from them before making the any change that may directly affect them

  1. Organize gym sessions and classes

A well-organized workout session is very important. Gym-goers usually like to go to the gym and practice as a team, for instance, yoga classes, and aerobic classes(4,5).

For instance, a yoga class, which is a combination of physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles and relieve stress, will improve your gym members’ participation.

boot camp training

These people need to have a well-organized time. The classes play a major role in their life and make them feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

The fact is, the members will feel motivated by one another. It will increase gym membership retention and hence more money.


Have the best classes for your gym members and provide effective and new strategies that will enable them to achieve their dream.

  1. Membership assessment

It is important to know what assessment really means, assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development.

It can also be used to evaluate and monitor business progress including success and failures.

Good enough, assessment is important, it helps you evaluate the result of your gym members.

This will allow you to provide essential tips to your clients.

 Members are also capable of tracking their progress through this assessment this will motivate a member to return to the gym.

Sadly, some members may not want to get assessed. Well, and good, do not force them.


Gym membership assessment is very important as it helps you monitor and evaluates your attendance views. It can help you improve your gym for better retention of your gym members.

  1. Offer refreshment service

Provide a changing room in your gym where members can put on their training items safe and secure.

You can as well have a workshop for your members. Have clean water for drinking.

These services will enable your members to like your gym and feel free to come again and again.

For instance, café services design and manage onsite coffee, nutritional, and beverage service programs.

You can even have a bathroom and swimming pool where your gym members can refresh themself before leaving the gym.

This will retain more gym members and also earn you some extra income.


Refreshment services are very important for gym membership retention and can earn you an extra income.

  1. Come up with new training tactics

You need to pinpoint what a member doesn’t usually perform.

 For instance, encourage a member to try a new workout that will help him/her to get the best results ever before.

Make the new tactic simple but effective, a good example are crunches, lifting lighter weight or heavier weight.

This will build a sense of caring. Therefore, enabling a client to come back.

However, do not force the client to perform that specific workout, let them be free to follow the steps.


New training tactics can help you retain most of your gym clients, however, never force them to follow everything you want them to cope with.

  1. Optimize gym operation time

Having an effective gym operation is the best thing to let your gym members feel free to come to your gym at any time they may want.

For instance, letting your gym operate from 5 am to late at 9.30 pm can enable your members to like your gym.

According to a study by Richelle V. Adams and Erik Blair, don’t be too rigid when it comes to the time of operation.

In fact, some members might be busy during a given time and may want to exercise in the late evening or may want to train early in the morning before a job.

Therefore, try to optimize the time of operation to meet membership’s primary goals. This will increase gym membership retention.


Let your operational hours be friendly to your gym members. The best time to operate is from 5 am to 9.30 pm. This will increase gym membership retention.

  1. Give discount to your gym members

At a time, you need to offer a discount to your clients.

Discounts will enable them to feel cared for. This will build loyalty. For instance, a member who wants to subscribe for two months or more can be given a discount.

In fact, discount plays a major role in client retention as cited in several studies. Customers to visit shops or places where they get better discounts and the most affordable items or products and services.

Increase gym membership

Therefore, you need to provide discounts on the products and services you offer to your gym members to increase gym membership retention.

Some gym owners fail to give a discount to their members. This makes members drop off.


Giving a discount to members, either to those who buy your products or attend your gym regularly may encourage them to come back again and again.

  1. Offer promotional gifts to your gym members

This is a form of motivation and care. You can as well offer free membership training sessions.

 Notice to them so that they can come with their friends. This will encourage members to come back often and build loyalty.

It is good to target both active and inactive members. The fact is, you will increase gym membership retention.

Also, offer birthday gifts to your members, this will automatically motivate them. Therefore, don’t take it for granted, a small present or gift will play a major impact on their coming to your gym.


learn to offer birthday  gifts  and promotional items  to your members to increase gym loyalty.

  1. Integrate exercise and chronic condition in your gym

There are some gym members with chronic illnesses who need to exercise.

Therefore, having these training sessions integrated will enable you to have more gym memberships and increase retention.

Some gyms do not integrate the two aspects and lose some members. Don’t be one of them.

And also encourage your members to try new activities, this is a great idea to enable them to feel free and willing to explore other important workout tips.

For that matter, promote new classes, workouts, or services via your blog and social channel.


Be capable of training gym clients with chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes and many more. Better integration will improve gym client retention

  1. Provide nutrition plan

As a gym owner, you need to ensure there are nutritional tips for your members.

This is a key area you need to focus on especially, to gym clients who want to lose weight on their keto diet and those who have chronic illnesses.

Furthermore, it is important to have a website where you can avail of these nutrition tips to your members.

The nutritional consultation aspect enables you to increase gym membership retention.

  1. Secure member information

Make sure all clients’ details are well kept and do not share with any third party unless the client allows you.

Exposure of members’ details can be risky and make you lose your clients.

 As a gym owner, you need to ensure all the contacts are kept safe and secure.

This will build loyalty and can increase gym membership retention.

In fact, gym retention or gym member retention is very important for income generation.

Words of Wisdom

Following the above steps will help you to increase your gym membership retention and will enable you to earn more income.

The gym business is all about caring for your clients which will build loyalty for your success.