14 How to Gain Bigger Body Muscles Using Supplements


To gain bigger body muscles has been a challenge to many people globally.

In essence, many people try various methods but still they cannot achieve aesthetically-pleasing bigger body muscles.

The secret is that gaining a bigger body needs time and dedication.


The fact is, you need to start at a lower pace and improve progressively.

Therefore, starting a workout routine and nutrition plan is a key booster for gaining bigger muscles for bigger body.

This article provides you with the best tips on how to gain bigger muscles for a big body by providing some of the safest supplements you can use to gain weight.

Here are the tips on how to gain bigger muscles faster

  1. Set realistic goals

Working towards your primary goals is the best thing.

Therefore, draft your fitness program on paper. Adhere to it and never give excuses.

While setting your goals you need a mentor to guide you through your goal.

  1. Have workout routine

Exercise will help you develop lean body muscles.

Therefore, create a workout program and follow it strictly is very crucial.

It takes time to gain weight and bigger body muscles, having a well-organized fitness program will enable you to achieve your goals.

  1. Avoid making common mistakes

Safety is very crucial to everyone.

You need to avoid mistakes to stay safe and meet your primary objectives.

To gain bigger muscles for a bigger body, you need to do various workouts such as complex workouts that target specific muscle groups.

Therefore, you need to stay safe by avoiding simple but common mistakes that can cause severe injuries.

  1. Do research on the supplement before use

To gain bigger body using dietary supplements, you need to do thorough research on the cons and pros of the supplements before usage.

For instance,  seek medical advice from a doctor on the best dietary supplement to use.

Some supplements may enable you to gain bigger body muscles, however, they can cause severe side effects if used for the long term.

That is why the doctor’s advice is important.

  1. Use natural supplements to gain bigger muscles

Avoid using artificial ingredients and GMO ingredients that can cause a crash, nausea, stomach problems, and other chronic diseases.

Use the natural pre-workout supplements with no jitter, no GMO, no artificial flavors, no chemical compounds.

Natural supplements contain pure natural ingredients, therefore, they are the safest bodybuilding supplement for your workout.

  1. Use dietary supplement like whey protein

Whey powder increases muscle strength and muscle mass.

It also helps improve muscle endurance and resistance training.

Therefore, taking whey protein will enable you to gain bigger body muscles for bigger body within a few months.

Whey protein also has minimal common side effects as compared to other dietary supplements.

It stands as one of the safe bodybuilding supplements to use for bigger body muscles.

Know: top 15 health benefits of whey protein

  1. Try BCAA supplements

One of the best bodybuilding supplements is Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). It is rich in amino acids that form the building block of protein.

BCAAs help boosting energy levels, performances, and importantly, it helps increase muscle growth, strength, and muscle mass for a bigger muscle.

It has no side effects when used correctly. BCAA supplement is the safest bodybuilding supplement to use for bigger muscles.

Therefore, you are recommended to use BCAAs in order to gain bigger body muscles within a month.

  1. Take Alpha-Lactalbumin Protein

Alpha-Lactalbumin Protein is generally a milk protein. It boosts your immune system and helps you stay stronger and healthy.

Supplement with this compound are very essential. It will help you fight off the fatigue that may arise after exercise.

In fact, including alpha-lactalbumin protein will improve performance geared to weight gain and reduce stress hormone cortisol.

For a serious bodybuilder, you should purpose to use supplements rich in milk protein.

  1. Use casein protein

To gain bigger body muscles you need to take dietary supplements rich in protein.

Adding casein protein to your workout program will improve your muscle mass and strength.

Furthermore, the casein protein promotes metabolism after exercise. This will enhances muscle growth for bigger body.

  1. Include Citrulline supplements

Natural plant compound that helps improve arteries functions, blood health and force production is Citrulline supplements.

Citrulline also improves strength and performance.

Furthermore, most of the pre-workout supplements are made using citrulline, a natural ingredient to boost muscle health, mental focus and to reduce fatigue.

  1. Add Curcumin Extract

Gaining bigger muscles is all about using natural ingredients like curcumin extract. Curcumin is rich in antioxidants properties that help boost the body’s immune system.

This helps prevent free radicals that may cause muscle damage.

For bigger lean muscles, use supplements rich in curcumin compound.

  1. Take dietary nitrate (Beetroot Juice)

Most athletes use dietary nitrate to improve the growth of lean muscles and to boost their performance.

The fact is, nitrate boosts exercise tolerance by increasing oxygen efficiency.

Beetroot juice and apple-black currant juice increase red blood cell count and oxygen in your body.

Therefore, including these natural ingredients in your nutrition plan is very crucial.

  1. Eat food or supplement rich in Calcium

Stronger bones are very important. You need to take a dietary supplements or food rich in calcium to strengthen your bones.

Know very well that exercise reduces calcium content in the body.

Furthermore, high-intensity exercise increases the production of parathyroid hormone, which breaks down your bones.

Therefore, you need to take more calcium-rich food for better health.

  1. Take Food Rich in probiotic microorganisms

Securing your digestive tract is very important. Probiotics help improves your digestive system and further improves your performance.

Food rich in probiotic microorganisms is, therefore, very important to everyone.


It is true that digestive disorders can lower your performance and may lead to other chronic diseases.

So don’t think that probiotics are only for people with digestion problems.


Words of Wisdom 

Before using supplements to gain bigger body muscles, you need to do in-depth research.

The tips above are effective when you follow a dietary plan recommended to you by dietitian or nutritionist.

Furthermore, the tips are more beneficial to underweight individuals and athletes.

These supplements are the safest supplements you can use to gain bigger muscles.

As I mentioned earlier, do research on the safest supplements to use.

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