Top 20 Tips How To Get Bigger Muscles Faster In One Month

This article provides you with the best tips on how to build bigger muscles within one month. The fact is, gaining weight can be challenging to most people and starting fitness can be another disaster.

Some individual may happen to gain weight faster and gets bigger muscles as compared to rest. This may be due to the difference in effort and determination that someone has put.

For those individuals like you, who want bigger muscles or to increase body weight, you need to follow the below tips.

Tips on how to gain weight and build bigger muscle

Tips for bigger muscles

  1. Eat More Calories to get bigger muscles

Adding an extra amount of calories in your diet is the most appropriate and relevant way to increase your weight and body mass.

Factually, calories lead to rapid muscle growth, and that is why those who are trying to lose belly fats or lose weight are advised not to eat food high in calories.

There is no magic for gaining weight. You have to eat well, especially food rich in calories.

Therefore, for faster weight gain and to build bigger muscles within one month, consider eating food high in calories such as flavored drinks but not alcohol, and added sugar foods.

Keep in mind that foods rich in calories help to gain weight faster as compared to other foods.

  1. Eat food rich in protein to get bigger muscles

Generally, proteins are bodybuilder foods; they are the building blocks of muscle. They help in the growth and division of tissues.

Proteins also help in to rebuild of worn-out tissue and in the recovery process.

foods to build bigger muscles

For faster weight gain and get bigger muscles, then consider eating lean protein such as fish, lean meat,  and other dairy products, whole grains like beans, and poultry products.

For your shake, you’ll need about 10 to 20 grams of protein usually, about one scoop of a whey-protein powder. See the recommended protein intake to gain weight.

For instance, having two to three glasses of whole milk a day can quench thirst help in high protein and calories intake.

  1. Don’t reduce carbohydrate intake

Some people think that when they cut carbs intake can make them gain weight faster.

Note that carbohydrates as a hormone-balancing component that boost muscle growth after exercise.

Therefore, you need to eat enough carbs and never underrate carbs

Actually, research shows that you’ll rebuild muscle faster on your rest days if you feed your body carbohydrates.

Post-workout meals with carbs is very important as it increases your insulin levels, which, in turn, slows the rate of protein breakdown.

Therefore, for faster weight gain and build bigger muscles, you need to maximize your carbs intake.

  1. Eat more often to get bigger muscles

Frequent consumption of food helps maintain strength and boosts the body’s muscle glycogen stores and stimulates the growth of new tissues.

For faster weight gain and get bigger muscles, purpose to eat more often. This will increase your calorie intake and carbs for faster muscle development and recovery.

In addition, if you don’t eat often enough, you can limit the rate at which your body builds new proteins.

Take the number of calories you need in a day and divide by five or six. That’s roughly the number you should eat at each meal.

Also,  make sure you consume enough protein, for instance, 20 grams every 3 hours can be of a greater deal.

You can eat a snack, potatoes chips, and any other additional meal whenever you can.

  1. Avoid drink excess water before meals.

The fact is, excess water before a meal can fill your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories and other bodybuilding nutrients.

However, let this not hinder you from staying hydrated through the day.

So for faster bigger muscle gain and weight gain, don’t drink a lot of water before the meal.

  1. Try weight gainer shakes to get bigger muscles

Weight gainer shakes contains high protein, carbs, and calories.

Therefore, for faster weight gain and build bigger muscles you may purchase the weight gainer shakes.

According to studies show that those who are struggling to get bigger muscles happen to gain weight and build bigger muscles while using weight gainer shakes.

  1. Add cream in your coffee

The truth is, that cream is one of the nutrients rich in calories, therefore, the best way to include it in your diet is by adding a spoonful to your coffee.

add cream to build bigger muscles

This will enable you to build lean and bigger muscles within a short duration.

The cream is best served with coffee and help nourishes bones and muscles.

Furthermore, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, adding cream in your snack triggers a surge of insulin better than most foods do.

For that very reason, consider the intake of cream for faster weight gain and build bigger muscles.

  1. Do regular exercise to get bigger muscles

Starting fitness is very crucial. Exercise is the core of building bigger lean muscles.

You may be wondering why you are not gaining bigger muscles yet you go to the gym.

The fact is, you don’t perform a consistent workout or instead of a perfect workout, you fill your workout with mistakes.

Therefore, do a full-body workout followed by a day of rest. Studies show that a challenging weight workout increases protein synthesis for up to 48 hours immediately after your exercise session.

Regular workout helps in faster weight gain and in building bigger muscle. 

  1. Make a realistic workout plan

Before you can start fitness, you need to focus on plan.

Make a realistic workout routine that will help you strict to your objectives.

Adhering to the workout routine is the beginning of your success to achieve your primary goals.

Some gym-goers fail to make a workout program or make a shoddy and unrealistic plan.

If you are a serious person and want to build bigger muscles and faster weight gain, then consider making a realistic workout plan.

  1. Use supplement to get bigger muscles

There are wide varieties of bodybuilding supplements that can help improve your energy level, performance and build bigger muscles faster within one month.

For instance, the use of whey protein, Animal Pak, creatine, BCAAs, and creatine help to gain weight faster and to build bigger muscles quickly.

However, excessive use may be harmful to your health and should be used with caution.

  1. Eat your protein first and vegetable last

Vegetables are more filling and make you lose your appetite when first eaten.

Therefore, consider eating it last in case there is a variety of food on the table.

A good example is when having a mix of food on your plate, eat the calorie-dense and protein-rich food first and clear it with vegetables.

This will enable you to utilize more calories and proteins for faster muscle growth.

  1. Get quality sleep to get bigger muscles

Good sleep help regulate neurotransmission and relaxation of the body muscles.

This helps prevent anxiety, stress, and depression, which can negatively affect weight gain and bigger muscle growth.

For better sleep, include exercise in your daily routine.

Research has proved that exercise can lift your moods, improve your mental health, and help you achieve quality sleep.

  1. Avoid smoking to get bigger muscles

Smoking cigarettes is very harmful to your health.

It can cause several health problems such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, blood pressure, underweight, and other chronic illness.

For that reason, avoid smoking and focus on weight gain and factors that can fasten bigger muscle growth.

  1. Avoid drug abuse to get bigger muscles

Use of illicit drugs can cause weight loss instead of weight gain.

For instance, use of miraa, marijuana, and other illegal drugs can affect your sleep.

Furthermore, drugs abuse is very harmful to your health and can cause chronic diseases like heart disease, blood pressure, arthritis, erectile dysfunctions, and many more.

For that matter, if you want to gain weight faster avoid drug abuse to achieve your primary goal.

  1. Do comprehensive workout

For bigger muscles, aesthetic and well define body proportion, you need to include a complex workout.

All body muscles need to be exercised; therefore, compound workout enables the development of bigger muscles for the overall body.

A good number of gym-goers don’t include comprehensive workouts developing an imbalance body. This is a big mistake.

Always consider complex workouts to allow great momentum movement of various muscles, which yield bigger muscles and a sexy outlook.

  1. Avoid undertraining or Overtraining

Being you want to build bigger muscles faster, you should not over-train muscles.

You need to rest 2-3 days a week.

That is the reason why you need a realistic workout program.

Many people with the aim of building bigger muscles usually train from Monday to Monday.

Actually, this is a big mistake. The muscles need time to recover and rebuild.

Also, avoid undertraining if you want to build bigger muscles and gain weight.

  1. Perform resistance training

The best way to gain weight faster and build bigger muscles quickly is by including resistance training.

By this, I mean, lifting heavier weights progressively.

For instance, you need to perform 2 sets with few reps using heavier weights. However, the weight should not exceed 25% of what you used to lift.

It is important to use fractional plates or spotters to help get that extra rep to increase the grip and reduce the risk of injuries.

Furthermore, resistant training helps in muscle enlargement and can make you build larger muscles.

  1. More Reps For Muscle endurance

Perform more reps and sets with lighter weights. This also helps in building a muscular body.

For instance, performing 25 reps and over and 10 sets can increase your muscles mass and can take many months before reducing.

More reps for muscles endurance is all that you need to do for faster weight gain.

  1. Avoid workout injuries

Always focus on form to avoid workout injuries.

Workout mistakes can turn you to zero.

The fact is, it sucks to sit out with an injury as it kills your progress.

For bigger muscles, keep your form strict, and reduce the risk of getting hurt.

May beginners and a few senior gym-goers tend to make common mistakes that deteriorate their progress.

You can as well use a spotter to help you keep an eye on your form and count reps when you’re focused on moving a massive weight.

This will lead to faster muscle gains for a bigger body.  

  1. Stay motivated

Motivation is the best thing that can keep you going.

Having a partner and avoiding tension and stress can help you stay motivated.

Remember, anxiety and stress can stimulate your body to release cortisol, a stress hormone that inhibits muscle-building and promotes muscle breakdown.

This can hinder your progress.

Therefore, for bigger muscles and faster weight gain, you need to meditate, have deep breaths, and practice other mental exercises to reduce anxiety and stress throughout the day.

A word from Tannos Online

The above-mentioned tips are the best for both bodybuilders and athletes who desire to gain weight faster. As a matter of, you have to put in a lot of effort and have a realistic workout routine to help you gain weight healthily. 

For that matter follow the above tips strictly for faster weight gain and bigger muscles within one month and you will become super fit.