30 Best Home Gym Equipment At Cheapest Price

Turn your fats to fit by purchasing home gym equipment. Train in your comfort zone without stress to lose belly fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Note that exercise has very many amazing health benefits including reducing the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Exercise also improves your sleep, moods and sex life.

Home gym equipment list for belly fat loss and bigger muscles

The following are some of the equipment you need to include in your home gym for a perfect workout

1 Abs Wheel roller for home gym

Best home gym equipment is abs roller for belly fat loss and six-pack.

Turning fats into fit, you need a strong and durable home gym roller. Know how to use Ab Roller during Abs Workout at Home

home gym equipment
  Buy abs wheel roller 
  1. Ankle Weights for home gym

Work your legs that little bit harder. Ankle weights help you prevent injuries

Generic Ankle Wrist Weight for home gym
  Ankle Wrist Weight  
  1. Hand Grip

Another important for your home workout is the handgrip.

home gym equipment

It help in both developing strong-arm muscles, helps reduce blood pressure and improve heart health.

  1. Soft Kettlebell for home gym

Kettlebell for the home workout is very crucial. It can help you perform various workouts that can result from fats to fit body muscles.

home gym equipment
 Fitness Kettlebel Dumbbell 

The soft kittlebell is very comfortable to hold. Buy one for your home gym equipment

  1. Treadmill for home gym

There are portable, stronger and durable treadmill that you can add to your home gym equipment list.

home gym equipment
 Treadmill DS806 at Kshs 60,000

Treadmills will help you perform aerobic exercise and help you maintain a healthy body weight.

It will also improve your overall health.

Treadmill enable you to perform your workouts comfortably. Buy one now

  1. Power bands

Very nice fat loss home gym equipment is the powerband.

It improves your strength, tone and burns fat very effectively. Buy one for your own benefit.

gym equipment
 strong elastic power band at  
  1. . Weighted Skipping Rope

Skipping rope for a home workout can help raise your heart rate and improve your heart health.

 best home gym equipment
 Jump Rope Digital Counting Calorie Counter Jump Ropes  

skipping rope improves your energy level and help you stay stronger and healthy. Purpose to buy one.

  1. Punch Bag

For those interested in boxing and karate you may need a punch bag to improve your blows, power, speed and accuracy.

best home gym equipment
 Universal Thai Karate Boxing Punching Punch Kick Padded Bag + Chain Accessory Set – Multi

You can buy one for your home gym equipment.

  1. Yoga Block for home gym

This block is very vital. It will help you get in the right position and perform various workout such as leg raise workout.

home gym equipment
  2pcs EVA Yoga Blocks 1pcs Cotton Yoga Strap Stability at affordable price

It can also help you in positioning for press-ups.

  1. Aerobic Stepper

For full body, workout considers buying aerobic stepper for fat loss and lean muscles.

best home gym equipment
 Body Sculpture BSB-580N – Aerobic Stepper Plus – Black & Grey

Having one at home is an important thing you can do.

Furthermore,  aerobic stepper has so many functions.

  1. Exercise Band

For yoga workouts in your park, you need this functional band.

exercise ruber band
 Fitness Resistance Power Rubber Bands Set Workout Sports Elastic Rope Expander at $5

Get effective weight loss and prevent blood pressure and heart failure by using this band to do your cardio exercise.

  1. Yoga Mat for home gym

Get the mat for yoga workouts, traditional crunches, press-ups and other abs workouts for belly fat loss to fit.

mat for workout
  Yoga Mat Pad Straps Sling Carrier Shoulder Carry Solid 2.6 cm/ 1 inches 150 cm/ 59.1 inches Durable(YELLOW)

These thick mats offer great grip for a perfect workout.

Purpose to include yoga mat in your home gym equipment list.

  1. TRX Kit for home gym

The best TRX kit is all that you need for your home workout gym. It provides a variety of workout functions and it is easy to use.

home gym equipment
 TRX set yoga fitness resistance band

It helps improve your heart rate and blood pressure stabilization.

Consider purchasing one for your own benefits.

         14.   Vibrating board

Important equipment for your home gym workout is the vibrating board. It provides a great intensity workout. Try it

Vibrating board

         15. Squat Machine for home gym

For a perfect squat without injuries to the spinal cord, you need the squat machine. It helps grow your glutes with a little help.

Squat Machine

Buy now for your home gym equipment.

          16. Foam Roller for home gym

For better abs workout, you need to buy foam roller. It helps you reduce aches and pains. It is aesthetically pleasing for belly fat loss.

home gym equipmenet
 Yoga Foam Roller High-density EVA Muscle Roller Self

        17. Swing Stepper for home gym

Do you what to maintain a healthy weight and prevent heart disease. Then purpose to buy this swing stepper.

best home gym equipment
 Swinger Stepper Steps Measurer Safe Walking Number

It help to improve heart rate and blood flow. Buy one now.

          18. Sports Bottle

You need to carry clean water as you go for workouts in the backyard or park. This sport battle is key for your success.

Protable Water Bottle With Integrated Filter Straw For Hiking Backpacking Traveling Bike Water Bottle Holder
 Protable Water Bottle With Integrated Filter Straw For Hiking Backpacking Traveling Bike Water Bottle Holder

You need not to frequently go back to the house once you start a workout. Buy one now.

      19. Air Bike

Consider purchasing Air bike for your home gym equipment. Take your indoor cycling to the next level.

gym equipment
Body Sculpture BC1530HB/A – Magnetic Exercise Bike – Black at kshs 24,000

This bike is very strong durable and easy to use. Consider buying one to maintain good health.

        20. Push Up Bars for home gym

For a proper push-up workout, you need push-up bar to help you improve your stability and hit target areas.

home gym equipments
 Fitness Push Up Stand Fitness Equipment Gym Home Muscle Training Push Up Bars

It can enable you to build both perfect V-shape back, shoulder and well-defined arm muscles.

        21. Burn Machine

The burn machine is a very powerful home gym equipment that can help you increase muscle endurance and boost your core strength.

Best burn fat machine
Electric Muscle Training Machine Abdominal Arm Muscle Trainer Body Slimming Fat Burning Exerciser Body Building Fitness Muscle Stimulator

Consider having it in your home gym.

        22. Workout Cushion for home gym

The workout cushion can help improve crunches workouts,  planks, push-ups and squats. You can as well use it to improve your posture.

best home gym equipment
  33cm PVC Balance Yoga Balls Massage Pad Wheel Stability Balance Disc Massage Cushion Mat Ball Fitness Exercise Training ball

           23.  Dumbbells for home gym

You need a dumbbell in your home gym equipment list.

gym equipment
 Generic 2Pcs 25mm Barbell Gym Weight Bar Dumbbell Lock Clamp Spring Collar Clips – Black

During weight lifting session, dumbbells will help you perform various workouts and increase your muscles’ endurances and gain bigger muscles.

  1. Fitness Ball

Another important equipment to include in your home gym equipment list is the fitness ball.

gym equipment
 the best fitness ball is the Generic Gym Ball Anti-Burst

It helps in stretching and body coordination.  Purpose to but one.

  1. Workout Discs

The workout discs help improve your core as it enables you to work on both the lower and upper body.

fitness discs
 2PCS Fitness Equipment Exercise Sliding Gliding Disc Fitness Core Slider Sport Full Body Core Slider Workout Fitness Accessories
  1. Weighted Gloves

Gloves are very important. They prevent injuries as during punching and lifting of the barbell. Buy one for a better grip.

Gym Equipment items to carry
 Sports Gym Workout Weight Lifting Training Fingerless Gloves Black at Kshs 694
  1. Strength Training Ball

For lean muscles and proper body balance, coordination and flexibility buy strength-training ball.

gym equipment
The best fitness ball   
  1. Barbell Set for home gym

You can as well buy your barbell for home gym.

You can perform curls, shoulder, squats, chest workout and many other workouts.

Barbell Set for home gym

  1. Resistance Band

For general fitness, you need resistance band. The fact is, it is portable and strong. Therefore, include it in your home gym equipment list.

home gym equipment
The best Universal Yoga Resistance Band Tube Stretch Body Fitness Muscle Workout Exercise 8 Type-


      30. Pull Up Bar for home gym

The pull up bar enables you to build V-shape back muscles. It also strengthen your chest and arms muscles.

home gym equipments
Pull Up Bar at affordable price

Consider including it in your home gym equipment list.

Summing it up

The above list of home gym equipment are the best equipment for your own gym.

The cost of gym equipment ranges from $5 to $ 50000 based on quality and type. Some gym equipment can be cheaper while others can be expensive.

However, you need to purchase some home gym equipment for your home workout program.