Get Bigger Thighs | Best Leg Workout Routine For Beginners

Best leg workout routine is very important to everyone in the bodybuilding and fitness industry in order to gain bigger thighs faster.

It helps you gain well body proportionality and avoid imbalance between the upper body and the lower body.

 Sadly, most of the junior and senior gym-goers have a toothpick body shape.

They don’t perform leg workouts, this results in the upper body being bigger while the lower body is smaller.

For that reason, this article provides you with the best leg workout program that will help you gain aesthetically pleasing body proportionality.

Just like most heroes in Mr. Olympia contest have a well-built body shape.

For instance, Kai Greene, Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others have the best body shape so far.

This article will help you achieve it more effectively through the best leg workout routine.

Leg day workout routine

On the leg day, this is how your leg workout program should look for bigger thighs.

  1. Squat For Bigger Thighs

As a beginner, you need to perform few reps and sets.

Being that squatting is the most challenging workout, start with it.

For that matter, on your first day you need to perform squatting 2 to 3 sets with 6 to 10 reps per set.

Note: Ensure you use enough weight and position yourself well to avoid spinal cord injuries and gain bigger thighs faster.

  1. Barbell Lunge For Bigger Thighs

After squatting, perform another barbell lunges 2 to 3 sets with 6 to 10 reps.

You need to rest for not more than 90 seconds between sets.

  1. Leg curl Bigger Thighs

Next is leg curls. Leg curls are very important for well build thigh muscles.

Therefore, perform 3 sets of leg curls with 6 to 12 reps per set.

Make it fun, this is one of the enjoyable workouts. Position yourself and get it done.

  1. Leg press For Inner Thighs

Your next step is to perform leg press.

Just as important as other workouts, perform 3 sets, 6 to 10 reps of leg press.

This will improve leg muscle endurances that help you gain bigger leg thighs.

  1. Leg Extension For Inner Thighs

Leg extension is another leg muscles workout that enable you build bigger and broad thighs.

Therefore, perform 3 sets, 6 to 12 reps.

Being under control as you perform this workout is very important. So ensure you are well-positioned.

Calves Finisher For Inner Thighs

Calves exercise is a finisher of leg workout, therefore, before you can leave gym on leg day you need to perform calve raises.

Calves raise help improves leg muscle enlargement for bigger thighs.

  • Standing calf raise

Stretch your leg muscles with standing calf raise.

Perform 5 sets with 8 to 12 reps calf raise.

This is very easy leg workout you can do many reps as you can to improve muscle endurance.

  • Seated calf raise For Inner Thighs

Another type of calf raise to include in your leg workout program is seated calf raise. Perform 3 sets with 6 to 10 reps per set.

  • One leg dumbbell calf raise

Finally, summarize the leg workout with one leg dumbbell calf raise.

Alternate your legs and perform 2 sets, 8 reps per leg.


best leg workout routine

Benefits of the leg workout

There are several health benefits of leg workouts that everyone should know so that they can likewise major in a comprehensive workout. 

Some of the top advantages of leg workouts are as follows. 

  1. Strength training your legs can help you consume off more calories.

The bigger the muscle is, the more blood is expected to get oxygen and fuel to the muscle during exercise.

          2. Strength training your body discharges testosterone and growth hormone.

Leg workout helps in muscle recuperation and building.

Through training bigger muscles, your body will deliver more testosterone and development hormone than when training other, more modest muscles.

This will benefit your whole body as you add more muscle, yet in addition, increment your digestion simultaneously.

Numerous individuals who stick to basically doing cardio on treadmills or ellipticals feel like they have a lot of solidarity in their legs.

Nonetheless, after a couple of leg practices, they notice they aren’t generally as solid as they suspected in certain territories, and they can start to perceive what they’re passing up.

This is on the grounds that strength training focus on your leg muscles at various points and scope of movement than cardio works out.

       3. Strengthening your legs can help improve your life and performance.

Strength training your legs will assist with numerous exercises that you do every day for the rest of your life, for example, plunking down and standing up from a seat, getting something off the ground, and strolling up steps.

It can likewise expand your general balance.

For the individuals who take an interest in games, fortifying your legs will assist with numerous aptitudes.

For example, bouncing, running, and other amazing developments that are of imperative significance to your presentation.

      4. Proper leg muscle workouts help in injury recuperation.

Adding leg activities to your routine permits you to zero in on muscle bunches that get underworked and dismissed during your everyday life, sports, or other exercises.

Fortifying these muscles can assist you with forestalling imbalances.

In the event that you as of now have an unevenness or a physical issue that you are aware of, adding explicit leg activities can assist with checking that irregularity or injury and help to reinforce and balance out the body part affected.

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     5. Leg work keeps your body looking adjusted and conditioned.

This is perhaps the most significant advantage to certain individuals.

Adding strength activities to focus on your bigger Type II muscles filaments will assist you with being more viable in getting conditioned looking legs.

It will likewise keep your body looking corresponding and stay away from chicken leg disorder (enormous chest area with little thin legs) that may result in the event that you just work chest area.

Summing It Up

Follow the leg workout routine above to get it done.

However, you need to be persistence and determined.

Have your thigh muscles worked out twice a week for faster thigh muscle gain.

By that does not mean you should overtrain.

In fact, the recommended hours for exercise are 150 minutes a week for cardio exercise and 75 minutes for a high-intensity training in a week. So be smart.

Leg workout has significant benefits such as improved performance, body balance, and stability. It keeps your body looking adjusted and conditioned.

Help in injury recuperation and help your body discharges testosterone and growth hormone.

In addition, do not use too heavyweight to avoid workout injuries.