What Is More Important In Boxing? Size or Speed?

Any person who desires to be a boxer needs to know what is important in boxing, is it Size or speed? 

Actually,  when it comes to boxing we mostly think about the punching speed and the way we hold our body to punch out the opponent. One also needs to have boxing gloves.  

If we look at the perfect recipe of a good boxer, we will list precision, speed, and technique as the most important.

However, people think boxing is more about size. If you are bulky, muscular and you know how to use your body, you will end up lasting in the ring much longer than your opponent.

There are experts who talk about body health and the fact most experts agree with the weight contribution says a lot about the physical preferences within the boxing ring.

If we look at a boxer, we will hardly see someone who is overweight. Boxing is entirely different from wrestling. Most boxers are the strongest people on the planet, yet they are lean without an ounce of fat.

This gives a mixed message to the newcomers in the boxing industry. Most beginners think that just a good technique and the ability to read your opponent will easily help you to win the game and to some extent, it works.

However, new generation boxing superheroes including Michael Grant, Jameel McCline prove that your weight and size actually matter, in fact, they opted for heavyweight just based on their body and their weight.

This brings us to a very confusing situation where you have to choose between learning new things and relying on your weight as a major advantage.

With the help of this article, you will know in detail about the importance of size and speed in boxing.

We will discover and compare from side to side the importance of both speed and size and why it is important to focus on your weight if you want to stay longer in the ring.

Which one is more important in boxing  Size Or Speed? 

Size and speed have been a debate for a very long time. In fact, people talk about their importance because they want to invest their time into the boxing domain that will bring them some profit in the long run.

However, most beginners start their boxing career from a lightweight championship.

Eventually, they do better because they have to stay trained and they are very lean yet strong. As a result, their speed is better and their main focus is on polishing their technique.

These players can beat anyone at any time however when they take a break, they usually end up with retirement. After retirement when boxing becomes a passive career source most people quit.

However in some cases, when you do not quit and want to come back they do not shed weight, instead, they enter the heavyweight where fighters with 200-pound weight are easily accepted.

These fighters stay in the ring on the basis of their weight but experts say that the optimum time period they can stay in the weight without working on their strength and technique is hardly one or two minutes.

As long as they are fighting against someone who is equally clueless, their weight works as a shield and they win.

However, if they have someone as an opponent who is well versed in technique and knows some good tricks, this might result in their defeat.

There is no doubt that boxing is all about technique. If you are not fast enough or you do not know when to attack and when to weigh, you will eventually end up getting defeated.

However, if you have a few tricks up your sleeves, you can put up a decent fight against anyone. Apart from this, your weight will work as a good equalizer in this case.

Eventually, you will be able to win the game as well. However, if you are thinking of using your body weight as the only shield and you are not physically toned, nothing can save you.

Even a mediocre opponent with some decent fighting skill will be able to beat you and you will not even be able to put up a decent fight.

In most cases, people who rely on technique and they know about precision, speed, and possible strategy like the back of their hand win the game.

There is no doubt that you need to read your opponent but relying on just bodyweight will never be fruitful. You also need to ensure that you are familiar with boxing basics.

Some of the most famous boxers who have moved up to heavyweight and have worked on their techniques as well include Barrera, Morales, De La Hoya, Roy Jones, and Diego Corrales.

Overall, if you want to turn your heavyweight fighting story into a success, your focus needs to be on staying fit and polishing your technique.

People who just rely on the size of their body end up losing and they eventually give up. To get into the fighting spirit it is very important to focus on training.

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To sum it all up, there is no perfect touchstone of boxing. You might have seen people copying different boxers but they only copy them but never become as successful as them.

The main reason is that you need to find a way you can use everything to your advantage. If you want to make speed your advantage you can focus on precision, your stance and then work on polishing your speed and you might be able to beat all.

However, if you want to make your size your plus point, you need to learn how you can make the most out of your weight. Your size can easily become your advantage if you learn how to take a beat. You also need to work on your stance so you can minimize body exposure.

People who are generally bigger and bulkier and tall as well. This increases their overall spread and attacking area in the ring. This makes it easier for them to attack people from all sides.

Boxers need to figure out their own plus points and then use that for their advantage.

There is no doubt that this strategy will work for most people but it is much better to look for ways to work on both speed and weight so you can take advantage of both features at the same time.