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Tannos Health and Fitness is a comprehensive platform available online providing basic health and fitness skills recommended for healthy living.

Currently, we offer our readers with well-researched information on the broad spectrum of health and fitness life through articles, videos, orientation, and training.

This not only an indispensable platform for those exploring bodybuilding but for those involved in an unhealthy life.


You can be unhealthy yet you do not know until you visit a nearby health facility, when you will be recommended by the specialist to start doing exercises. So do not wait until it is late.


Start now with Tannos Health and Fitness tips.

We also blog on some of the interesting topics like:


Body conformation ­­- In which, we pinpoint some of the body weight and size advisable for gym training.

Workout plan- we schedule the recommended daily workout. This enables readers to follow daily and weekly body exercises, so that, they can achieve optimum satisfaction.

How to make money online- Though the platform, our readers are legible to some of the best and paying Freelance opportunities, they could join to work online.

Balance diet- we highlight some of the meals recommended for a specific body type. Therefore, keeps readers alert on the quality and quantity of food spice to consume.

Founder of Tannos Health and Fitness

It was founded by Victor Olumo, Geospatial Information Science specialist.