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Tannos Health and Fitness is a comprehensive platform available online providing basic health and fitness skills recommended for healthy living.

Currently, we offer our readers well-researched information on the broad spectrum of health and fitness life through articles, videos, orientation, and training.

This is not only an indispensable platform for those exploring bodybuilding but for those involved in an unhealthy life.

You can be unhealthy yet you do not know until you visit a nearby health facility, when you will be recommended by the specialist to start doing exercises. So do not wait until it is late.

Tannos Health and Fitness tips.

What we blog about

We pinpoint some of the body weight and size advisable for gym training.

We schedule the recommended daily workout. This enables readers to follow daily and weekly body exercises, so that, they can achieve optimum satisfaction.

We highlight some of the meals recommended for a specific body type. Therefore, keeps readers alert on the quality and quantity of food spices to consume.

Tannoshealth team ensures that the content, products, and services uphold the highest standards of medical integrity to ensure the safety, protection, and security of our customers.

Through the platform, our readers are legible to some of the best and paying Freelance opportunities, they could join to work online.

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Product Review Team

Our dedicated team has the diverse experience to ensure relevant and appropriate content is reviewed before being published.

They ensure that the current and accurate contents, services, and products are thoroughly reviewed as they help ensure that the information published on the website is accurate, person-centric, current, evidence-based,  and trustworthy.

Our product review team is dedicated to doing in-depth research to provide users with relevant, accurate, evidence-based reviews of products from different organizations.

We offer sincere product reviews based on clients’ reports, comments, claims, and experiences about the product they have once used.

We do not intend to sell any product or promote products and product reviews are purely based on clients’ reports and scientific research about the product.

Privacy Policy

We have strict sourcing guidelines and cite or link to primary sources in each article published on this website, including journals, books,  from medical databases.

Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.

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Our Approach to Content Integrity

At Tannoshealth Online, we prioritize the medical and editorial integrity of our content and do not intend to deceive or persuade readers to buy any product but to provide relevant and accurate content.
This means setting strict standards around how we create content, how we choose products to cover, how we evaluate brand partners, how we use language, and how we approach diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Interested in joining our team?

We welcome any expert to join our team. You can contact us by clicking this link “CONTACT US” to reach us.