Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to live their healthiest lives, every day by providing them with relevant content, including reviews on products and services.

At Tannos Health, we bridge the gap between lifestyle, health, and medical sites, delivering trusted health information as well as fun-to-read tips and insights that make life a little easier and enjoyable.

We are committed to providing our audience with trusted, evidence-based health and medical information from the nation’s leading healthcare providers and patient advocates at the center of clinical care.

Our editorial team is comprised of passionate, award-winning health and medical journalists.

We have a team of board-certified medical reviewers who are practicing specialists in their fields. All medically reviewed content identifies the specialist who conducted the review.

Our articles are written by health and medical journalists, patient advocates, and healthcare professionals who are committed to Everyday Health’s editorial standards for accuracy, objectivity, and balance.

Statement of Purpose

Our main purpose is to provide relevant content to the audience, specifically relevant content that improves the livelihood of the audience.

Basically, the core idea of these editorial standards is to establish a set of mechanisms to ensure high-quality, objective, and transparent reporting and writing, which will improve the accuracy and usefulness of the information published on this site.

In cases where issues are not clear-cut, these editorial standards will act as guidelines rather than a set of absolute “dos and don’ts.”

For advice on legal matters related to Tannos Health, immediately reach us through our Contact Us form.

Diversity Policy

Tannos Health team is committed to publishing website content reflective of the diversity of our audience. Our goal is to provide medically accurate health and wellness information that is inclusive of all ages, genders, races, religions, and political affiliations where applicable.

We love and care for all audiences and feel free to contribute to our content. We welcome every person who is willing to contribute relevant content based on legal and ethical codes of conduct.

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Corrections Policy and Practice

As a rule of thumb, trust is easy to lose and difficult to regain. Therefore, in order to uphold the integrity of the publication and preserve readers’ trust, wrongs must be redressed promptly.

Immediately relay reports about potential corrections to an editor. Corrections to online articles should be submitted and approved by the editor. Never promise a correction or takedown of an article without approval.


  • A correction is published when there is a factual error in a story.
  • When a correction is made online, the reporter is responsible for alerting homepage, social teams, etc., to make necessary changes.
  • Corrections should be made directly in the article, and text added at the bottom of the page should clarify what has been corrected.
  • When a correction is made, the last updated date on the article should only be changed if the article has been substantially modified or undergone another medical review.
  • Corrections should be concise and make clear how and why the mistake has been corrected.