Ronnie Coleman Now | All About Ronnie Coleman Wife

Many people ask where Ronnie Coleman is now, or Coleman today, what Ronnie Coleman is doing now? Is Ronnie Going to compete for Mr. Olympia 2021? and many more questions.

The fact is Ronnie Coleman has been giving his updates on various social media after 12-spine surgeries recovery and is back on his usual workout gearing to get to his normal state.

Ronnie has won Mr. Olympia eight times, with consecutive winnings.

In fact, Ronnie Coleman is one of the famous bodybuilder in the Mr. Olympia contest, with various awards and achievements in Mr. Olympia contest challenging most bodybuilders.

However, of late, he could not be able to compete for Mr. Olympia due to health complications.

Did you know what happened to Ronnie Coleman?

Big Ron developed chronic injuries with several spinal fusions, disc decompressions, and hip replacements that brought a dark mere in his life(1,2,3).

In fact, He stopped competing a few years later and soon began suffering from chronic injuries on his hips and lower back, of which have been replaced.

It is very sad that Coleman has been facing different surgeries, which are approximately 12 surgeries, to enable him to recover from injuries.

Ronnie Coleman surgery

He has undergone surgery after surgery, which has made his to spend a lot of money, over 3 million dollars.

He reports that every surgery has cost him over $300,000 and the last three surgeries cost almost $2 million. So, you can imagine how much he has spent on medication.

Of late, there was more debate on whether Ronnie Coleman could ever train again because of the potential risks

Happily, after his last surgery in January 2019 and over five months of rehabilitation, Ronnie Coleman is able to walk effectively and he is able to perform the cardio exercises as cited on his video on his Instagram page after physical therapy.

So good, Ronnie is doing well after all these 12 surgeries, the big question is that, will Ronnie Coleman comeback for Mr. Olympia in 2021?

But before discussing that, let us know what Ronnie Coleman is doing right now.

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What Ronnie Coleman is doing now?

It is good to know what our famous bodybuilder of all time is doing now.

Actually, Big Ron is doing good and is currently lives in Arlington, Texas, USA despite the surgeries that brought a big shock to his family, fans, and all bodybuilding fraternity.

Coleman was given the green light to start working out again in June after several months of missing the gym.

It is true that gym is very addictive and can come with some symptoms. This has affected Ronnie Coleman at a certain point. You can see the disadvantages of gym.

Big Ron is also doing really well regarding the business side of things and his involvement in the fitness industry as he trains to become the next champ.

In fact, Ronnie Coleman released his autobiography “Yeah Buddy! My Incredible Story” at the 2019 Olympia expo in Early September and apparently, sales have been great.

The great bodybuilder of all time started a supplement company that he gets amazing income.

He gets over 15 million dollars every year, which helps sustain his family and able to make travels to attend various events.

This has also maintained a good income despite a lot of money he spent on treatments.

Amazingly, Coleman currently has a positive outlook on the future in and out of the gym as he also launched a new podcast.

Generally, Big Ron is doing great and give thanks for the support he received from family, friends and from the bodybuilding fraternity.

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Is Ronnie Coleman able to walk now?

Yes, Ronnie Coleman is able to walk (cripple) and can go to gym and perform the cardio exercise to stop his muscles from atrophying.  Don’t worry, he will be super perfect.

It is true many people thought that Big Ron may never walk again.

Ronnie coleman now

Ronnie Coleman awards and achievements

Actually, Big Ron is a winner of the Mr. Olympia title for eight years in a row, breaking the record in the bodybuilding industry.

Ronnie is widely regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time in the fitness industry.

In 1998, directly after the authoritative Mr. Olympia champion – Dorian Yates – declares his retirement, Ronnie Coleman turned into the new holder of the renowned title.

For the following two years, Ronnie started things out with no issues. It was not until 2001 when Jay Cutler represented a genuine danger to his title endeavors.

The next year, Jay Cutler chose not to contend so as to acquire muscle in this way defeated Coleman. Not long after Mr. Olympia 2002, Ronnie was crushed by Gunter Shlierkamp at the GNC Show of Strenght.

The next year, Jay Cutler reported his arrival to Mr. Olympia and Ronnie was regularly forgotten about in web conversations and weight training magazines.

Everything changed when Ronnie climbed the phase in 2003 with an extraordinary load of 130 kilograms.

For a person, accomplishing a load of 130 kilograms at 5 kilograms of muscle to fat ratio is simply staggering!

Ronnie kept winning the title in 2004 with a load of 134 kilograms, yet was not as destroyed as in earlier years.

In 2005, he won his last, eighth title.

In fact, Ronnie Coleman had consecutive winning from 1998 to 2005 a record that was once set by bodybuilder Lee Haney.

Ronnie Coleman winnings

Ronnie is of a great person in bodybuilding just like the likes of Kai Greene, Phil Health and Arnold among others.

Apart from the legendary winnings in Mr. Olympia Champ, he held the record for most wins as an IFBB professional with 26 titles.

Will Ronnie Compete for Mr. Olympia in 2022?                                 

The fact is that Ronnie retired from the stage and he stopped competing a few years ago.

Although, many people still ask if he may come back on stage this year being that he has recovered from surgeries and is back in the gym training.

The worry is that will he achieve his best or will he win if he may come back on stage in 2021 Mr. Olympia.

But the best bodybuilder of all time is more focused, as you all know he as aesthetically pleasing body symmetry and proportionality with big biceps, triceps and well build body muscles, however, he may not win the contest.

By now, there are many bodybuilders, young and energetic that may be difficult to defeat.

If he could come, then it may be a happy moment for the bodybuilding fraternity.

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 The Amazing Story of Ronnie Coleman

Dean Coleman was born on May 13, 1964, in Monroe, Louisiana.

Now Ronnie is over 54 year and after his surgeries, he still goes to the gym at 4.30 am every day.

This is what most bodybuilders cannot do after health complications and even now, they cannot maintain going to the gym as early as 4.30 am.

Ronnie coleman now

Ronnie still makes it to the gym, what a blessing. Recovery from such horrible sickness is by the grace of the almighty.

In fact, in the film, titled Ronnie Coleman, The King documents Coleman’s journey from a simple family background, who spent fishing and playing various sports to his domination of the bodybuilding industry passed through the hard way the only way.

Ronnie went through an advanced stage of degeneration due to the surgeries, and he should not back to training.

However, being that workout has been his lifestyle, he cannot live without training (gym addiction) and that is a major side effect of the gym.

Finally, Ronnie Coleman is among the best bodybuilder of all time as he has won eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles before being dethroned by Jay Cutler.

The retired Ronald Dean Coleman is interested in bodybuilding and he has established his own bodybuilding supplement company to help bodybuilders to achieve their dream goals in the fitness industry.

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Ronnie Coleman Inspiration

Ronnie Coleman’s profession exhibits a fundamental law in nature: for all that you gain, you have to lose something.

It’s basically about whether the lost merited the rewards.

As per Ronnie, his hard exercises were justified, despite all the trouble.

He may carry on with an incredible remainder in torment, yet his name will always show up in subjects about the game he adored.

Would he accomplish a record of 8 Mr. Olympia titles in the event that he weren’t so spurred, exceptional, and extraordinary? Presumably not.

All that we do can possibly cause long-haul results, particularly lifting weights.

Working out can possibly add to a superior way of life, however, it likewise conveys the possibility to cause hurt if the training is simply excessively.

Squats with 360 kilograms are an exhibition that a couple of individuals can do.

Such a presentation requires some outrageous which will show in wounds or sicknesses at some point later.

Regardless of whether the past was fortunate or unfortunate, sooner or later, it will most likely make up for the lost time.

This additionally applies to greats like Ronnie Coleman, Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, Henley, Phil Health, and so on.

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Ronnie Coleman’s Wife 

Ronnie Coleman’s wife is called Susan Williamson, who he married in 2016 and they are living happily in their marriage with his wife and four children and currently lives in Arlington, Texas, USA.

Ronnie coleman wife and children

But before that, he was once married to   Christine Achkar Coleman’s wife in 2007, however, things didn’t turn well and so they divorce shortly after marriage.

What happened to Ronnie Coleman’s first wife?

According to records, in 2007, Ronnie Coleman married his first wife Rouaida Christine Achkar who gave birth to her husband two children, daughters Jamilleah and Valencia Daniel.

However, this marriage was not successful as there were innumerable relationship conflicts, and the couple soon divorced.

Summing It Up

Ronnie is now doing well and is back in the gym training. He also runs a supplements company that he gets over 15 million dollars annually.

Ronnie likes a good life with his wife and four children after undergoing 12 surgeries on his hips and lower back.

Coleman can still manage to go to the gym at 4.30 am and he remains among the top three best bodybuilders of all time in the documentary.