14 Tips On How To Make Money In Fitness Industry In 2024

Fitness lifestyle is the best of all time and is one of the ways how people make money in the fitness industry.

It is a passion and most individuals in the fitness industry make full fun out of it. I tell you, this is real.

According to Jules Woolf, several people make good money in the fitness industry. Amazingly, many athletes and bodybuilders fail to use publicity and marketing to advance their careers.

Importantly, before you can do anything, you need to create your profile.

Tell people who you are (or who you are trying to be) within the fitness industry.

So someone knows at a quick glance who you are, what your niche market is, and what you are trying to achieve within the industry.

This article elaborates a number of ways how you can make money by simply becoming fit.

Here are how to make money in the fitness industry and become a superstar

  1. Build a Fitness Website

The first step is by having a website where you can post your training ideas.

After starting a fitness workout, you can start a website for fitness to generate money since people like fitness activities. This is one way in which bodybuilders make money in the fitness industry.

With your fitness website, you can sell your products, sell ad space, do affiliate marketing, and many others.

How to make money in fitness


This cannot stop you from training. In fact, most bodybuilders and athletes have websites.

  1. Be a Fitness Trainer

The best way to make money in the fitness industry is by being a fitness trainer. You can undergo a fitness instructor course at a good institute(3).

The number of gyms and people jogging at parks has increased. They need people to guide them.

This is your chance, grab it. A private fitness trainer earns a lot of money. You can be a fitness trainer and get paid.

However, to become a personal trainer,  you will need to get certified. Have a personal trainer certificate to build your profile for a higher salary.

The certification helps you to build trust with health clubs, fitness studios, gyms, recreation centers, hospitals, and other relevant areas you may want to work in, and clients you want to work with.

How to get a personal trainer certificate

To get the certifications, you can attend online or offline studies in certified bodies, where you will sit for exams.

After successfully passing your exams, they will award you a personal trainer certificate. Here are some of the best bodies that you can register with:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

After getting certified, it’s often best to then look to specialize in an area.

Usually, this will be something that you yourself are interested in, however, it pays to take a look at what’s popular as well.

From that point, you can then start applying with local gyms and fitness centers to start working for them or hiring out facilities with them.

Another piece of advice is to look at teaching at multiple gyms in different areas.

In fact, this can help expand your network of clients and make sure that you have less risk of clients drying up.

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  1. Start your Gym

Do you think where you train the owner doesn’t get money? He makes a lot of cash from you.

Starting your personal gym is the best way. Here is how to start a profitable gym business

make money in fitness industry

You will enjoy training and get cash from clients. Get some capital, you can get loans and build a nice gym.

Stop watching as people make cash through your hobby.

Starting your gym has advanced benefits as it enables you to get to interact with more clients, helping you expand and refine your personal brand.

You can as well promote additional services in your gym such as one on one training sessions, dietary and nutrition plans, your own products, and so on.

In fact, your own gym is the best place to contact and make sales one on one with your clients as it builds client loyalty

Furthermore, it allows you to broaden your skills by offering a variety of services, to a variety of different people.

You can also do classes for kids or older people and people with chronic illnesses, CrossFit, and other short classes for busy professionals and get more income as a personal trainer in the fitness industry.

  1. Make YouTube videos

This is a powerful tool that enables you to make money in the fitness industry.

YouTube generates a lot of funds through views. Post your training workout videos on YouTube. The traffic generated by your video post turns into cash.

By simply posting a video or clip can earn you over $100 within a week.

Did you know that Kai Greene and other athletes make over millions on YouTube? Get started today create a youtube account and start making money straight away.

In fact, you can offer online coaching via email, and video chat that combines discussion of nutrition and workout plans, along with live video demonstrations.

With two-way video feeds you can even offer feedback as the customer works out

 Stop sitting back and watching people make money online.

  1. Develop your fitness skills and get hired

Bodybuilders or fitness media outlets may be interested in hiring your services. People get hired in fitness industries to advertise their products.

Become the ‘fitness expert’ for your local paper/TV station. They need people like you. With well-defined muscles that can suit their clothes.

You can as well be hired as a fitness coach giving guidelines online. The fitness industry needs many coaches.

  1. Create your own fitness products

Develop some gym products like supplements, dumbbells, rollers, etc. you can sell these to your clients. You can as well sell supplements as a broker and get some cash. Here are some gym services and products for your gym.

Many fitness and bodybuilders including those who want to get rid of belly fats need supplements.

There are several dietary supplements that you can sell and get money.

This cannot stop you from your workout program. Creating your own products can earn you good cash.

  1. Be a social media manager

It is also a cool way to connect with businesses you love A good number of social media that can enable you to get traffic to your website.

You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and many others to advertise your products. Publicity is the best thing you need.

For instance, Cristiano and Franco Columbu get over thousands of likes on their page earning millions of money for just posting clips. This is the best way how to make money in the fitness industry

I believe you can get good money too.

  1. Join fitness model

Did you know you can get money by joining fitness modeling? This is one way how to make money in the fitness industry.

 I don’t want to understate or overstate how people get money through fitness model groups.

You need to identify any fitness-modeling group in your county. This group holds seminars that are being funded or sponsored.

Actually, fitness is not just about getting fit, you can turn your fitness into money.

So another way to help spread your brand, improve your customer network, and even make money is to be a fitness model and host talks.

You could contact local businesses, schools, and communities to offer your services for free or at a cost.

For instance, you can talk about posture and making time for fitness for business people.

Furthermore, you can discuss ways in which elderly people or people with chronic illnesses can stay healthy and active.

You can as well talk to kids about how an unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary choices may affect them later in life.

In fact, you can get some cash or sponsorship and start holding local seminars to support fitness. 

In addition, you can contact supplement companies and see if they need a promotional model.

  1. Become a writer for a fitness magazine

Training alone cannot provide daily bread. You need to start some online writing on your niche. Magazines are published daily and you can write blog posts on fitness that can be published.

This can earn you a lot of money. They need someone like you to write amazing fitness content and you are paid based on the word count.

  1. Become a writer for fitness websites

In the same way as writing to fitness magazines, you can be hired to blog on fitness content. Many fitness websites out there want someone to like you.

make money in fitness industry

Take your time to write some nice articles, and get paid. How do you start writing for fitness websites? Very easy, to identify a fitness website, and send them your application.

  1. Be a personal trainer over the internet.

Many fitness coaches make money in the fitness industry by simple tutoring.

You can train people online and they pay you. We have a good number of online fitness trainers getting huge money. In fact, many people are thirsty for fitness.

They want someone who can guide them on how to develop bigger muscles like Kai Greene.

These people need someone like you. Start now and make the cash out of training over the internet.

  1. Publish fitness EBook and sell them on your website

EBooks on fitness and weight loss are in high demand. Hectic belly bulges and chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis are a big threat of late.

 People need eBooks to guide them on how to curb these issues.

You can write interesting eBooks, sell them on your website or Amazon kindle, and make money if people read your eBook.

  1. Produce Exercise DVD and sell

This is how few bodybuilders make money in the fitness industry. Let your workout program not be wasted.

 Record you’re your daily workout, compile them and produce a DVD. Fitness DVDs are in high demand, however, they are few in the market.

By producing your fitness DVD industry, you can generate good cash.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Join affiliate-marketing websites. Create accounts with them. Start selling their fitness products online. Thousands of websites on the internet provide affiliate programs.

You can join the affiliate programs of your choice & promote their products. You can make up to 50% by selling the products of the advertisers.

 Examples of affiliate programs are Amazon, Flipkart, Jumia, Clickbank, etc.

How to become a fitness superstar?

Publicity is very important. It can make you become a superstar within a short time. You need to expose yourself to various platforms. People get sponsorship and jobs through publicity.

You can get funded to support your profession through publicity. Here are some how-to gain public likes and popularity.

  •  Social media

This is the most powerful tool. Create accounts on social media and post your product pictures and all relevant activities you wish to share.

Actually, social media is an incredible tool for fitness instructors that want to get themselves out there.

By showing people how to get fit via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s easy to get a large following

 Judges are always surfing around to see who’s new on the scene. This can make you become a superstar and win.

However, be aware of the many criticisms in most social media. Be bold and stronger.

  • Contact Supplement companies

Contact companies to see if they may require a promotional model. Appearing in products cover can make you become a superstar within a few months.

  • Present on Television

Get yourself to a casting agent. This will draw many audiences, followers and a lot of traffic all over. This will make you become a superstar and get good payment.

  • Join Groups

Unity is the core of greatness. This will make you become a superstar and live a healthy lifestyle