12 Places To GET JOBS as a Personal Trainer in 2024

It is true that there are several fitness trainers jobs, however, getting jobs as a personal trainer can be a big challenge.  You may have all the qualifications, but which places can you get jobs as a personal trainer or fitness trainer jobs to grab?

Well, I have good news for you today. As a certified fitness trainer, you can get a job in the following places:

  1. Commercial Gyms

 You have just completed your course as a fitness trainer, having the best certificate, the amazing news is that you can apply a job as a personal trainer in any commercial gyms you may think about.

For instance, you can apply a job as a personal trainer at commercial gyms like 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness, among others.

These gyms Commercial  Gyms pay a good salary that can sustain you with your family. Therefore, don’t sit back with your certificate.

       2. Apply job at local Gym Studios

Another best place you can apply for a job as a fitness trainer is a local gym near you. There are several local gyms globally, am sure there is a local gym where you stay.

In fact, there are several local gyms being started daily, theses gym owners need someone certified like you.

Therefore, you can apply for a job in these local gym studios and get paid.

       3. Local Community Centers like local clubs.

Apply a job in local Community Centres. There are a good number of local community clubs that offer fitness training sessions to those who want to become fit.

With advance in technologies, these local community Centers have some of the best gym tools or equipment.

Being that you have enough skills you can get employed in these local clubs to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Interestingly,  most fitness clubs hires fitness trainers.

      4. Hospitals or Wellness Centers

Currently, most hospitals have gyms where they help patients stay fit or help them train after physiotherapy process.

These hospitals hire a larger number of fitness trainers, am very sure you will get to be hired on your application to become a  hospital fitness trainer for those who have arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes or any other chronic illnesses and need to recover faster.

I hope you know that exercise help in improving the immune system necessary for recovery from sickness. So, feel proud to visit hospitals or wellness Centres with your certificates.

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          5. Cruise Ships like Cruise Ship Job Finders 

You can also get hired in the Cruise ships as a fitness trainer. Therefore, get your application letter to the human resource or director and get hired.

         6. SPAs/Resorts (restaurants)

Did you know that all-inclusive resorts sometimes hire personal trainers or fitness instructors to teach exercise classes? Now you know. These places offer jobs for personal trainers

Now you know, right. You can get hired in these places, therefore, you need to apply a job as a fitness trainer in these restaurants.

Good websites that you can get resort jobs are  Cool Works.com and ResortJobs.com. These websites provide job listings for parks, resorts, and spas. Therefore, you can apply for jobs.

       7. Corporate Fitness

You can work for a company that offers corporate wellness packages for businesses wishing to improve their employees’ health. 

There are several companies that offer corporate wellness, you need to apply for job in these companies as a fitness trainer.

        8. In-Home Training

Did you know that you can be hired by a client to offer home base training to a client? Well, you can apply for jobs as a personal trainer to potential clients online and get hired.

You can train clients in their homes and get paid a huge salary per month. A good number of clients hire a personal trainer to offer the best workout to them.

So, this is a good opportunity for you to build a good portfolio in order to get clients.

Places to get jobs as a personal trainer 

  1. Offer online workout workouts

You can create a youtube channel and provide training tips, procedures or guides to people who are interested in becoming fit.

In youtube, you can make huge incomes by just sharing and posting your best video online. You can also offer to give clients training tips on a monthly subscription fee.

Actually, there are several ways you can make money in youtube or online platforms.

  1. Produce workout DVD/CD

Another way you can make money as a fitness trainer is by producing videos in DVD and CD and sell to fitness clients. 

For instance, Kai Greene has produced several workout DVD/CDs that he sells to his fitness clientele at affordable price.

You can also do that and get your cash.

  1. Create a fitness website

You can as well create a personal trainer or fitness website where you can blog on health and wellness tips. You can also sell your e-Books in your website.

All this will generate a good income. You can try this and I assure you, you will get huge income provided you are giving the best of the best to your clients and sharing your blogs to clients.

  1. Become a fitness writer

You can also be hired as a fitness writer on fitness websites, local gyms, commercial gyms, and corporate gym websites among other health and wellness sites. 

Furthermore, you can also write fitness articles in magazines and get paid.

 Therefore, you need to venture into the websites and know how to write perfect fitness blogs.

What is the salary of a personal trainer?

As a certified personal trainer, the salary will depend on where you are working.

However, a personal trainer can earn an average of $40,000 to $100,000 or more per year. That means you can make $3,300 to $8,300 per month.

Some fitness trainers may have part-time clients that can boost their monthly income.

So you need to work smart to boost your income, and you have to avoid certain mistakes as a personal trainer.

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Words of Wisdom 

There are several places you can get jobs as a personal trainer.

The above list provides you with a wide array of places you can work as fitness trainer and get paid.

Therefore, apply job in those places or you can create your online channel in YouTube or website and get income from that.