5 Necessary Things I Did Before Starting My Exercise

If you are considering starting to exercise but still do not know where to begin, this article is for you. 

It presents the most important things to do on your first day before joining gym or exercise.

Having a positive perception or mindset to daily exercise and turning your training kits and tools as your best friend is all you need to do.

However, walking exercise into your schedule really takes a lot of determination and dedication, and sticking to it in the long-term requires perseverance and discipline.

Here are things to do before starting workout 

     1.  Go to the Health Centre for a medical checkup.

First, I went for medical checkups, which is the first thing to do before workouts as this is very important for any person.

Actually, if you want to start exercise, you need to visit the hospital to examine your health status to identify any complication that might hinder your workout, especially for people who are over 45 years old.

Even those who suffer from other chronic illnesses like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and many more should go for medical check up before joining gym.

It helps prevent any complication that may arise during workouts.

Furthermore, medical checkups help you improve your nutrition plan and the doctor provides you with the best diet plan tips.

For that matter, it is very crucial to do health checkups before the first day at the gym, or weekly after starting your workouts.

5 Necessary Things I Did Before Starting My Exercise

     2.  Come up with a realistic workout routine

One of my buddy told me that I cannot make it to the gym without having a workout plan. A pan is another key aspect of every successful person or business.

Therefore, before I could start going to the gym, I need to make a realistic workout routine

Typically, workout routine contains all the relevant things you want to do. It is your driver to all workouts and enables you to train within your limit.

It is one of the best things to do before starting a weight loss exercise. Furthermore, making unrealistic plans is the biggest mistake you can do in your life. 

That is why it is important to start with medical checkups before joining aerobic classes or gym to help you create workout plan that fits your health requirement.

Remember, making a workout routine can be challenging and many people make unrealistic plans.

I would advice you to see a doctor or nutritionist or dietitian to help you come up with the best nutrition plan and guide you on what to do and how to do it.

    3. Obey your workout routine

The third thing I did is obeying my workout routine since not following your routine is like doing nothing.

After having a a routine plan, you have to obeying it to make you achieve your dream goals.

Always be aware of the possible outcomes and learn to stick to your routine by making it a habit.

Therefore, you must think about how you want to make it a habit before starting weight loss exercise or weight gain workouts.

     4. Be Progressive

I also focused on being progressive and started think about starting from a low pace and improving as time goes.

Sadly, many weight gainers or weight lossers usually what to  get on top faster tying to carry heavy weight that often injure thier bones, joints and muscles.

Such begginers often want to try all sort of things in gym. For instance, a beginner wants to gain weight very faster, he goes to the gym and wants to lift all the weight in the gym.

Actually, it can’t work that way. You need to think of progressing day by day. I link this to point number one.

In addition, purpose to track your progress starting from medical check-ups, your body mass index(BMI), heart rate and blood pressure will help you keep on track.

Personally, I had to take pictures, but you should think of purchasing a device tracker before starting a gym workout to help you monitor your heartbeats.

      5. stay motivated

The last important thing I did is getting self-motivated to achieve my primary goals. So I had to join a team of two gym goers and we would always train together.

This always help me stay motivated as lack of motivation can lead to failure.

If you are alone, you can as well join any aerobic classes like pilate and yoga groups to help you stay motivated.

Wrapping It Up

Importantly, before you join a gym or start exercise get a health checkup and then make a realistic plan.

These are the best things to do before any workout for weight loss and fat burn.

Starting with the simplest and easiest exercise. Make training be your best friend and do it regularly, be determined and disciplined.

Living a healthy life is a goal for everyone and the only way is to do regular exercise.

I believe YOU CAN.

In addition, exercise as amazing health benefits such as it can boost your mental health, help you sleep better, can lift your moods and enhance your general health and wellness. 

More so, can help you reduce the risk of disease infection such as chronic diseases. It can help you gain or lose weight.