Top 10 Best Hospitals For Medical Checkup In Kisumu

Do you need the best hospital for medical checkup in Kisumu? Well, having a full medical checkup is very important.

There are some medical complications that may need a thorough medical examination and the most appropriate treatments.

However, you need to have a full body diagnosed for easy treatments.

The problem comes when you don’t get the best medical checkup in the best hospitals with highly skilled doctors.

Therefore, this article provides you with the best hospitals for medical checkups in Kisumu.

How to identify the best hospital for medical checkups?

There are some factors to consider when identifying the best hospital for your medical checkups.

It is true that people have different health problems, which require different skilled personnel. This health pandemic needs perfect medical examination.

However, don’t worry, there are several clinics, private hospitals, and public hospitals that are very specialized. However, you need to consider certain factors.

During your search for the right facility and the right doctor, keep the following in mind:

  • Have the opportunity to really get to know the staff and ask every question you could possibly think of about the care that you will be receiving. This is a great way to put your mind at ease when it comes to knowing whether you are choosing the right location and the right team for your surgery.
  • To be sure that you will receive the highest quality care, check that the doctor is fully qualified to practice.
  • Consider the cost of your medical checkup. It is important to have your health insurance coverage (NHIF)
  • Knowing how long the medical checkup will take, you can also consider your accommodation. Contact your friend or relative who may be living in the city if you can get accommodation.

What is the medical checkup cost?

The medical checkup cost varies depending on the type of hospital you visit. In that, the cost of medical checkups in private hospitals is much higher than in public hospitals.

The cost of medical checkups ranges from Kshs. 1000 to Kshs.20,000.

List of the best hospital for medical checkup in Kisumu

  1. Kisumu specialist hospital

It has some of the best doctors that are highly skilled in medical checkups and treatments in Kisumu.

You can visit the hospital’s website or send an email. According to patients’ reviews, Kisumu Specialist Hospital provides the most affordable medical services.

They have enough and skilled medical practitioners and doctors that will help you.

For more information Contacts: +254 780 154 131.

  1. Aga khan hospital Kisumu

One of the best hospitals for medical checkups in Kisumu is the great Aga Khan Hospital. It has the best technologies that aid in perfect diagnosis and a wide array of medical checkups.

According to customers’ reviews, Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu offers the best medical treatment. It has the best doctors and good customer care services.

You can visit their website, call them at +254 722 203 622 or +254 733 637 566, or email them for more queries.

hospital for medical checkup in kisumu

  1. Star Hospital

Another best hospital for medical checkups in Kisumu is the Star hospital.

The Hospital is well-equipped with modern technologies, skilled doctors, and good customer care. They offer high-quality medical checkups and the best treatments.

They also provide consultancy services. You can reach them through their hotlines 057-40886, 020-8028230, email, or their websites.

  1. Avenue Healthcare Kisumu

Avenue is well known for its best treatments, affordable consultations, and medical checkups.

It has the best modern technologies that are used for blood screening, blood testing, and other diagnostic procedures. It offers a wide array of medical treatments.

Feel free to visit Avenue Hospital Kisumu for quick and accurate medical checkups. You can call +254 725 589 246 or email them.

  1. Kisumu County Hospital

Anyone does not desire to be sick; however, in case, you fall sick, you can visit Kisumu county hospital for a full medical checkup.

The hospital is one of the best public hospitals in Kisumu County that provides high-quality medical services to society.

With your medical card, you can get a wide array of medical examinations and further medical consultations. Feel free to visit Kisumu County hospital for your medical checkups.

  1. Nightingale Medical Centre

Kisumu County is well-equipped with certified hospitals both private and public.

Nightingale Medical Centre is one of the best private hospitals in Kisumu that provides several medical services at an affordable price.

It uses modern technologies and has the best medical practitioners and highly skilled doctors in almost all fields in the health sector.

If you need medical checkups, you can visit Nightingale hospital in Kisumu. They offer the best medical consultations to patients with various sicknesses.

Contact them at 0724 526 101

medical checkup in Kisumu

  1. Russia hospital

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Referral Hospital known as Russia hospital is one of the best public hospitals in Kisumu.

It provides several medical services since it has some of the best doctors and modern technologies that are used for accurate medical checkup results.

Visiting Russia Hospital for medical checkups and consultation is the best thing you can do. Remember health is wealth; do not sit back if you are sick. Russia Hospital is here for you.

  1. Doctors Plaza

Staying healthy is the best thing for health. However, being sick can bring a lot of stress, depression, anxiety, and physical issues.

It is the right time to examine your health condition, know the root cause of your health issues, and visit Doctors Plaza Kisumu for full medical checkups.

They offer the best medical consultation, medical examinations, and other treatments at affordable prices.

Actually, Doctors plaza has the best doctors in Kisumu and will provide prompt checkups.

Contact  0774 317480  for help

  1. Jalaram Nursing Home

I know you have been looking for the best hospital for your medical checkups. Jalaram nursing home provides you with the best medical checkups.

Its services are prompt and effective.

According to patient reviews, Jalaram Nursing Home offers prompt medical checkups and its customer services are good as compared to other hospitals.

Therefore, you can visit this hospital for your medical checkups and consultations.

For help, contact: 0722 731 513

Jalaram hospital Kisumu

  1. St. Lukes Medical Centre

Another best hospital for treatments and medical checkup in Kisumu County is the St.Luke Medical Centre.

This hospital is well known for its high-quality services.

It offers a wide array of medical services including blood screening, diagnosis, and treatments. 

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Words of wisdom 

You need to visit the best hospital in Kisumu for medical checkups. Do not sit back if you are sick during this corona pandemic.

Note that you need to improve your health hygiene, wash your hands often with the best handwashing sanitizer.