Top 6 Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Bangkok


Visiting the best cancer hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand is all you need to do for better diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

In fact, cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that requires progressive treatment in the best hospital that is specialized in handling various steps of cancer stages.

Did you know that there are over 100 types of cancer, you can see them here.


While in Bangkok Thailand, there are some of the best cancer hospitals that are very affordable as compared to other cancer hospitals around the globe.

Therefore, you may be travelling all the way from Africa to get better medications for cancer; however, you are not sure where you can get these best treatments for cancer while in Bangkok.

Take it easy, this article will provide you with all that you need to know.

What to consider when searching for the right facility and doctor for cancer treatments

  • You should ask for a tour of the facility before signing on to have your treatments there.

Remember, online photos might not be the most accurate representation of a hospital, and seeing it in person will let you see firsthand where you will be staying to prepare for your treatments, as well as where you will be recovering afterwards.

This is a great way to put your mind at ease when it comes to knowing whether or not you are choosing the right location and the right team for your cancer care.

  • To be sure that you will receive the highest quality care, check that the doctors are fully qualified to practice.

Just keep in mind that every country will have its own requirements for medical certifications.

Therefore, they should be able to show you certifications from the American Medical Association (AMA), the General Medical Council (GMC), and European accreditation bodies plus other relevant questions.

How Long to Stay in Thailand during Cancer Treatments

Actually, this depends upon the type of cancer and stages of cancer.

However, comprehensive cancer treatments require a long stay in the hospital.

Some may at a day, for instance, breast tumor removal through a lumpectomy, only the tumor along with some surrounding tissue is removed and the patient is discharged the same day(1).

The goodness is that most cancer hospitals in Bangkok Thailand provide support on visa extension, accommodation, and  travel arrangements specialized flight care

Furthermore, they provide support for insurance, flight escort, air ambulance for patients and their families.

Therefore, you need not to worry.

Here are Cancer hospitals in Bangkok that specialize in cancer treatment 

  1. Samitivej Hospital

One of the best and well-known private hospitals in Thailand for cancer treatments is the Samitivej Hospital.

Due to better medical services provided with this private hospital, it has received various awards such as Prime Minister Award.

In fact, Samijtivej was also the first hospital in Thailand to be given Mother and Baby-Friendly Hospital status by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

It known all over the world for its effective and high-quality healthcare provisions.

This private hospital in Bangkok provides a wide array of medical services including cosmetic services to complex procedures such as liver transplants.

Cancer hospital in bangkok

The clinic provides a comprehensive cancer care program that meets high international standards as compared to other private hospitals.

The team is result-oriented and ensures that they perform early cancer detection and other chronic illnesses by doing regular screenings and offering a diverse range of treatments.

Some of the popular treatments that they offer include iodine therapy, surgery, treatment of cardiovascular diseases, bone marrow transplants, radiation, and chemotherapy and many more(2).

The reasons as to why this private hospital is the leading in cancer treatments and diagnosis is that they offer a wider array of medical services, which are results-oriented.

They also have specialist and general practitioners that are highly skilled to deliver reconstructive surgery, as well as breast prosthesis after surgery for breast cancer patients.

Their nutritionist team also offers the best nutritional plan for their patients and other health-related supports.

Therefore, if you are in Thailand and need the best cancer treatments, diagnosis, and proper medical care, then consider visiting Samijtivej private hospital.

Contact information Samitivej Hospital.  

For more contact +66 (0) 2022-2222 or +66 23 789 000 or+66 23 789 195

Or visit their website here

  1. Bangkok International Hospital

Another best Cancer Hospital in Bangkok is  Bangkok International Hospital.

A well-known hospital for cancer treatment and diagnosis.

It has also received accreditation from the US, European, Australian, and Japanese medical board.

It has highly skilled doctors that provide high-quality treatment and other medical services.

Bangkok International hospital offers surgery, hormone therapy, radiation, and chemotherapy and palliative care for cancer treatments(5).

They use new technologies for early detection of cancer, cancer screening and diagnosis.

Apart from cancer treatments and diagnosis, it has a Neurology Center, a Cardiology unit and much more that handle various chronic illnesses.

In fact, if you are in Thailand, you can consider visiting the Bangkok International Hospital for cancer diagnosis and treatments.

Bangkok cancer hospital

Furthermore, if you arrive at Bangkok International Hospital you will meet a dedicated international team of translators who speak more than 30 different languages collectively.

They will able to communicate with you and direct you to the best doctor within the hospital and you will get better medical care. So don’t feel shy to express your discomfort.

Contact information for Bangkok International Hospital

For help contact  +66 7625 4425, +66 7636 1000.

  1. Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital

Did you know that  Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital is the first private hospital in Thailand that is dedicated to the screening, prevention, and treatment of cancer?

This private hospital in Bangkok is one of the best medical providers in Thailand. It uses wide array of technologies to provide high-quality medical services.

In fact, due to high-quality healthcare provision, it has been awarded some of the best awards such as Clinical Care Pathway Certification, awarded by Joint Commission International.

Wattanosoth cancer hospital is ranked among the top best cancer provision and is being compared with other top best world cancer treatment hospitals in Japan, Western Europe, and the USA.

There are higher survival rates for those who visit this private hospital with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Furthermore, Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital is the referral center for cancer care for all of the most hospitals in the Bangkok Dusit Medical System.

BEst cancer hospital in bangkok Thailand

It uses modern technologies for early detection and diagnosis of cancer, this makes it easier to treat cancer at an early stage resulting to a high rate of survival for cancer patients.

They are best in tackling human papillomavirus at an early stage preventing it from causing cancerous cells.

In fact, for effective treatments and diagnosis of cancer, they perform a wide array of therapies to help reduce the tumor size in various stages of cancer.

Being that cancer treatment is more complex, they combine various therapies.

They also provide the nutritional plan, recommend the best exercise, gives massages, and aromatherapy for the first recovery.

Finally, Wattanosoth cancer hospital offers limousine transfer to the hospital from any location in Bangkok, visa extension services, and accommodation arrangements.

You have patients who have cancer, you can visit this private hospital in Bangkok for better treatments.

Contact information.

Please contact Wattanosoth Hospital through Tel. +66 2310 3000 

  1. Akesis Oncology Cancer Hospital In Bangkok

Another best cancer hospital in Bangkok is the Akesis Oncology. It has highly skilled specialist and general practitioners that offers high-quality medical care to cancer patients.

In fact, they integrate medicine approaches for treating cancer in unique perspectives.

Furthermore, the doctors give the best tips on how to live with cancer, giving the best nutritional plan and recommend the appropriate exercise to perform if you are living with cancer.

They also provide any kinds of cancer treatments and are specialize in intravenous therapy, IV therapy, insulin potentiation therapy and many more, for faster healing(7).

Not forgetting, they also provide Immunotherapy to stimulates the immune system to eliminates tumour cells.

In addition, they use modern technologies for early cancer detection and treatments.

Therefore, feel free to visit this private hospital for better cancer treatments.

Contact information for Akesis Oncology

Call  for help at +66 (0) 655 896 964

Or visit their website at www.

  1. Vejthani Hospital

Vejthani Hospital is a leading cancer hospital in Bangkok.

They provide the best medical care to their cancer patients through the use of new technologies with highly skilled specialists and general practitioners.

Vejthani Cancer hospital in Bangkok uses various methods such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and offers psychosocial support, patient education and social support.

It also provides pain management, I-131 Ablation treatment, colostomy Care, prosthesis Consult, palliative Care and many more(9,10,11).

Furthermore, Vejthani cancer care Centre perfectly handles international patients and provides better support management.

They have a good language translator team that helps patients from all regions to get better understanding of the patient’s needs.

Best cancer clinic in Thailand

In addition, they give support on visa extension, accommodation, travel arrangements, specialized flight care, insurance, flight escort, air ambulance for patients and their families.

Therefore, feel comfortable to visit this cancer hospital in Thailand.

Contact information for vejthanj hospital

For help call +66 27 340 000, +66 27 340 008

Or visit their website for help at

  1. Bumrungrad Cancer Hospital In Thailand

Another best cancer hospital is  Bumrungrad.   It is one of the largest multispeciality hospitals in Thailand and JCI accredited.

They use modern technologies to detect, diagnose and treat different types of cancer.

It has highly skilled doctors that serve patients with dignity and integrity.

Some of the modern methods they use to cure cancer include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, peripheral blood cell transplantation(PBSCT), and bone marrow transplantation(BMT)(12,13).

They also perform cancer screening such as mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopy, endoscopy, CT scan.

Furthermore, their treatment planning process includes both primary and secondary treatments, and patient education and support.

The cost of cancer treatments and other fees are pocket-friendly.


Therefore, there is no reason as to why you cannot visit this healthcare Centre for cancer treatments.

Contact information for Bumrungrad


For help call +66 26 671 000 or +66 26 672 525

Or visit them at

Bottom line

Getting better treatments for cancer in Thailand is very important.

The list above provides you with some of the top cancer treatment hospitals in Bangkok Thailand that you can visit for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

Furthermore, the cost of cancer treatments in Bangkok Thailand is pocket-friendly as they provide support on visa extension, accommodation, travel arrangements, specialized flight care, insurance, flight escort, air ambulance for patients and their families.

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