List of Top 20 Best private Hospitals in Nairobi


Health is wealth; therefore, visiting the best private hospital in Nairobi that offers the best medication is all you need.

Everyone needs better health whether poor or rich.

In fact, healthcare is one of the basic, if not the most basic needs in the entire world and Kenya is striving towards creating universal healthcare coverage for better health provision in all way round.


The private sectors also partner with the government for the betterment of health services.

They offer some of the top best products and services to the citizens. You may ask, which is the best private hospital in Nairobi that offers high-quality services at an affordable price?

This article provides you with some of the top best private hospitals in Nairobi Kenya according to users reviews.

Note that the hospitals are not ranked in any order.

How to Avoid Paying Hefty Medical Bills if I Get Hospitalised?

No one likes to think about the worst-case scenarios, but when it does happen, you’d want to be well prepared for it.

In the case of medical costs, unless you’re happy to wait around for your turn at government healthcare facilities or have a lot of money lying around, get a medical card (health insurance policy) that can provide sufficient coverage for your future needs.

Otherwise, we hope your employee benefit includes sufficient hospitalization coverage.

Because no one likes to wait for medical treatments when they’re in excruciating pain. Visit NHIF to get your Card.

How to get immediate medical assistance in Nairobi

It is true that most people fail to take contacts or phone numbers of the most important expert or doctors within their locality. It is also true that ignorance is not an excuse.

You may be residing in Nairobi for years, however, don’t have any contact information of your nearest hospital or health clinic.

This is one of the mistakes most people make. I want to challenge you who is reading this article

Make sure that you keep a record or note the phone number or emergency number of your nearest health care center and even to the contact of your nearest police station for any emergency support.

With this list of the best private hospital, identify the one which is close to your residential area and keep the contact information for emergency medical support.

List of Top 20  Best Private Hospital in Nairobi

  1. Aga Khan Private Hospital

Currently, Aga Khan is the best Kenyan private hospital that offers perfect and affordable medication services.

It is located at Parklands Avenue in Nairobi.

Actually, this private hospital in Nairobi, Kenya provides gynecology, dentistry and internal medicine among others. It treats several chronic illnesses including cancer, hypertension, arthritis, diabetes and many more.

Best private hospital in nairobi

If you want the best hospital for cancer treatment in Kenya, Aga Khan should be your first choice.

 It has the best doctors from different countries including India, Which provides the best doctors for cancer treatments.

Contact information For Aga Khan Nairobi

Contact: 020 366 2025 or +254(0)203662000
Address: 3rd Parkland Avenue, Nairobi

  1. Avenue Hospital

Another best and well-known private hospital in Nairobi is Avenue Hospital.

It provides high-quality medical service including treatments and diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, HPV, and other chronic diseases.

It also provide services such as doctor consultation, radiology, in and outpatient, pharmacy and laboratory services, postnatal and minor surgical procedures among others.

 Its methodologies and specialized doctors are high services result-oriented. 

If you want the best private hospital in Nairobi with the most affordable services, then consider going to Avenue.

It is located at first Park Avenue, Nairobi.

Contact information Avenue Hospital Nairobi

You can have a direct call through their phone number 0732 175000.
Email :

  1. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Another best private hospital in Nairobi is the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

It provides some of the most effective medication services to patients according to users reviews. 

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital is located in Hurlingham, Nairobi-Kenya.  

It focuses in most sexual related issues and other chronic illnesses including diabetes and high blood pressure. They gives better sexual care treatments and diagnosis.

In fact, most women receives proper delivery and prevention of Human Papilloma Virus.

For more Information visit…

Contacts information

You can directly contact the through direct phone call  on +254 709 667 000 or You can send an email  via for quick assistance.

  1. The Mater Hospital

Mater Hospital was the first hospital in East and Central Africa region to be awarded ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification in July 2002 after 18 months of rigorous effect.

Get quality medical services from The Mater Private Hospital. It is one of the cheapest and affordable private hospital in Nairobi.

If you are not feeling well, then Mater  Private Hospital with deliver the best medical services of pre and postnatal, cardiology, dentistry, Opthalmology and laboratory services.

Due to its effective methodologies, it handle wider array of chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, heart failure, blood pressure, diabetes among others.

Furthermore, in July 2002, Mater  Private Hospital was awarded ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification in East and Central Africa region.

This was due to their high-quality services to patients and the community.

It is located along Mukenia Road, South B estate, Nairobi. The Mater Misericordiae Hospital is run by the ethos of the Sisters of Mercy Kenya.

Contact information for Mater Hospital

You can reach Mater Hospital on the physical address provided above or you can contact them through 0206903000 or +254 (20) 6903000
Address: Mukenia Road Nairobi
Email :

  1. The Nairobi Hospital

Looking for the best private hospitals in Nairobi, The Nairobi Hospital is here for you.

It provides high quality patient care.  This has made it to be ranked among the top ten private hospitals in Nairobi. 

This private hospital delivers services such as treatments and diagnosis of chronic diseases such as diabetes, HPV, blood pressure, arthritis and many more.

It has specialized doctors that will help you get better treatments.

Contact information  of The Nairobi Hospital

For more information, contact The Nairobi Hospital through phone number +254 703082000

you can send email message via

  1. The Karen Hospital

Karen Hospital is one of the cheapest hospital in Nairobi that offers best medical services with modern technology and highly qualified practitioners.

It offers service such as dentistry, Ophthalmology, and laboratory services among others. Consider visiting Karen hospital for better treatment and diagnosis.

Karen Hospital is situated along Lang’ata- Karen road.

Contact information of Karen Hospital

You can contact  through telephone line 0702222222 or +254206613000
Email :

  1. MP SHAH Private Hospital

As mentioned earlier, getting better medical treatment is all you need.

The Meghji Pethraj Shah Hospital known as MP SHAH, provides the best medical services. 

The top services they offer includes casualty, laboratory, pharmacy, pre and post natal, surgery and radiology among others.

MP SHAH  is located at Parklands area, Nairobi.

Cleanest private hospital in nairobi

Furthermore, it has highly skilled specialists and professionals who are ready to attend to patients all round the clock.

In addition, MP SHAH  is equipped with modern technologies for handling several chronic illnesses including diagnosis of cancer, HPV, diabetes and many others.

Contact information of MP SHAH

For better and more inquiries, contact them through +254204291100, +254 20 4291 000, 0733 606113
, 0733 606752, 0722 204427, 0722 783350. or send email at

Address: Maharaja House 1 Shivachi Road Nairobi.

  1. Mediheal Group Of Hospitals

Mediheal Group of Hospitals is one of the leading healthcare providers in East Africa.

It is best known for providing affordable healthcare services, which are of high quality, timely and compassionate pocket-friendly medical services.

best private hospital in nairobi

The top service it provide includes ophthalmology, pathology, dentistry, internal medicine and gynecology among others.

In fact, it offers high-quality Indian health services in most geographical regions in Kenya including Nakuru.

Contact Information for Mediheal

You can reach them through their contact details,Phone No +254 712935390 or +254 (0) 736638073
+254 (0) 722218416 send email or  you cn also visit their  Web:


One of the best  Christian- based organization  hospital is AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital.

It provides most affordable and high-quality services to his clients.

According to users reviews, AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital has highly skilled specialists and professionals with modern technologies that delivers good services to the patients.

Top services they offers include dentistry, radiology, physiotherapy, pharmacy and laboratory services.

Contact information for AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital

Get more information and assistance through their contact number +254709728200.


It is located along Muthaiga Road, Phase 2 Komarock ,Nairobi

This private hospital is well known as the best pediatric (referral) hospital in Eastern and Central Africa.

It provides good services as per user’s reviews.

Contact information

You can contact them via email at or telephone line (0) 20 3763474, 0207206000 for assistance.

  1. Bristol Park Hospital

It is one of the best hospitals within the city. Bristol Park Hospital provides services such as dentistry, Ophthalmology, and laboratory services among others. 

According to users reviews, Bristol Park hospital offers affordable and high-quality services with highly qualified specialists.

It is located oppositeTumaini Supermarket on the Eastern Bypass in Nairobi.

Contact information for Bristol Park Hospital

For immediate assistance, contact them through:

Telephone: +254206823700 or Email them at

  1. Ladnan Hospital

Another best private hospital you can visit in Nairobi for better treatment is Ladnan Private hospital located in Pangani Nairobi.

It has highly qualified specialist and practitioners that deliver high-quality medication services. Its services are pocket-friendly with prompt servings. 

Best hospitals in nairobi

Top services they provide include pre and postnatal, cardiology, dentistry, Opthalmology and laboratory services.

Contact information for ladnan hospital

Telephone: +254707000730

  1. Mary’s Hospital Langata

It is located at Police Dog Unit Road, Nairobi.

For better health services, visit St. Mary’s Hospital Langata.

It has best doctors and it cost is pocket- friendly according to users reviews.

Some of the services it offers include as treatments and diagnosis of chronic diseases such as diabetes, HPV, blood pressure, cholera, arthritis and many more.

Contact information St. Mary’s Hospital Langata

You can contact them for immediate assistance through: Telephone: +254722762392 or Email:

  1. Medanta Africare

Another best private hospital in Nairobi is Medanta Africare. It has modern technologies and highly skilled doctors.

Their service is pretty good at affordable prices. 

This private hospital is located  in most parts of Nairobi city including Waiyaki  Way, Upperhill and  Parklands.

Contact information Medanta Africare

  • Main Facility – Golden Plaza, Waiyaki Way: +254 732 109 000 or +254 732 109 100
  • Fortis Suites Clinic, Upperhill: +254 732 109 600
  • Mayfair Clinic, Upperhill: +254 732 109 500
  • NHIF Building Clinic, Upperhill: +254 732 109 640
  • 5thAvenue Clinic, Upperhill: +254 732 109 610
  • Krishna Park Clinic, Parklands: +254 732 109 530            
  1. Kasarani Maternity and Nursing Home

Kasarani Hospital is another private hospital with good services and uses some of the modern technologies to offer better health services.

If not feeling well, you can seek medical advice from the experts from this private hospital.

It is located Kairu road, Off Mwiki Kasarani Road.

Contact information Kasarani Hospital

For assistance call 0722782216 or 0739575936

  1. Scholastica Uzima Hospital

You can get better medications from St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital just Off-Thika Super Highway, Survey of Kenya.

It provides services such as pre and postnatal, cardiology, dentistry, and laboratory services and many more.

Contact information St. Scholastica Uzima Hospital


Cell: +254-718 061 200, +254-733 413583
Tel: +254-020 856 257 4

  1. Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital

Another private hospital in Nairobi is Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital. It provides better health services to clients as per users reviews. 

Some of the services it offers are in and outpatients, radiology, pharmacy and laboratory services.

Contact information for Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital

Phone +254 20 2535326, +254 721 451397

  1. Nairobi West Hospital

They have the recent modern technologies for diagnosis and treatments of a wide array of chronic illnesses.


Their services are perfect and prompts as per users reviews.

Hospitals in nairobi

It is located Gandhi Avenue Nairobi West. For that matter, you can visit the Nairobi West Hospital for better care.


Contact information Nairobi West Hospital

Telephone: 0722 200 944, 0734 200 944


  1. Savannah Healthcare Services

Get the best services from Savannah Healthcare Services in Nairobi.

They offer effective medical treatments including, cardiology, dentistry, Ophthalmology, and laboratory services.

It is located Gilfillian House Mezzanine Floor Kenyatta Avenue Nairobi.

Contact information for Savannah Healthcare Services

Telephone: +254723975300 or Email:

  1. Jamaa Mission Hospital

Another private hospital in Nairobi is Jamaa Mission Hospital.

It offers affordable and good services to his clients according to users reviews. Some of the services it offers include, in and outpatients, cardiology and laboratory services among others.

Contact information

Telephone number:+254 20 778 65 47, +254 20 778 70 33
Cell No :+254 733 53 53 54, +254 725 22 14 56, +254 722 68 15 34

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