Top 10 Best Private Hospitals In Migori

Getting the best treatment or medical checkups in the best private hospitals in Migori is very important.

In fact, the government of Kenya’s main agenda is to provide better health services to all citizens.

It has come up with new strategies that has improved the provision of medical services to Kenyans.

With Migori county, there are several health facilities both public and private hospitals.

So, what to keep in mind while going to the hospital

Many people get confused after arriving in the hospital.

While in the hospital, there are personal details that are required for effective treatment.

For instance, carrying your NHIF card, and your health files makes it easy for you and the medical practitioners to handle your situation.

So, you need to have the following while visiting private hospitals in Migori or any public hospital in Kenya.

  • Carry your NHIF card
  • Any of your health records file
  • National ID
  • Have some money for emergency

Best Private Hospitals in Migori

  1. St Joseph’s Mission Hospital

It is one of the best private hospitals in Migori. St Joseph’s Mission Hospital is located in Suna-Migori.

It provides high-quality and prompt medical services according to patient reviews.

St. Joseph’s Mission hospital offers a wide array of services such as laboratory services, maternal care, X-ray, physiotherapy, pharmacy, eye clinic, and dental clinic.

Best Private Hospitals In Migori

It also offers ambulance services that help in emergency response.

Furthermore, they have modern devices, skilled specialists, and general practitioners.

St Joseph’s Mission Hospital Contact Info

For any emergency, contacts: +254 722 454 556

  1. St Camillus Mission Hospital

Need best private hospital for your medical checkups and treatments, St Camillus Mission Hospital is here for you.

St Camillus Mission Hospital is one of the well-known private hospitals in Karungu-Migori county that provides the most affordable treatment cost.

It has best doctors and general practitioners that provide prompt medical checkups.

With good patient-relationship, St. Camilus provides laboratory services, pharmacy, antenatal care, physiotherapy, X-ray services, vaccinations and general medical consultations among others.

St Camillus Mission Hospital contact Info

Feel free to Contacts: 0736 808 080

  1. Oruba Nursing &Maternity Home

Another best private hospital in Migori County is the Oruba nursing and maternity home. It is located in Migori Town, Next to Oruba Primary School.

This hospital uses modern devices and technologies to provides prompt medical services. It also has some of the best doctors who have a good-patient relationship as per reviews.

The costs of medical services are also affordable. Therefore, feel free to visit this hospital for your medical care.

For more information contacts: 0721 413 393

  1. Bliss Migori Medical Centre

Bliss is one of the private hospitals that have many branches in Kenya, for instance, there is bliss in Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi, Homabay and many other regions.

In Migori County, Bliss is located at Barclays Bank Building, Migori Town.

It offers a wide array of services such as X-ray services, ultrasound, pharmacy, doctors consultation, laboratory examinations and optical care.

Generally, Bliss offers high-quality medical services as cited by patients. For that matter, feel free to have your medical treatment in this private hospital.

For more Information

Contacts: +254 780 100 043

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  1. Ojele Memorial Hospital

It is located in Suna-Migori county.

Ojele hospital is among the best hospitals in Migori you can visit for medical help.

It offers both inpatient and outpatient medical services.

Ojele Memorial hospital enables you to have your laboratory examinations, physiotherapy, X-ray, antenatal care and pharmacy at affordable price.

For that very reason, you can visit the hospital or call them for any assistance.

Contact information for Ojele Hospital

Call: +254 059 20458

  1. Royal Private Hospital

It is located in Rongo Town-Migori County.

Royal private hospital is one of the best medical facilities that offer some of the best maternity services, laboratory diagnostics, and surgeries.

It also offers ambulance services that help in emergency responses.

This has improved its medical services as compared to other private hospitals in Migori.

In addition, Royal Hospital has skilled specialists and general practitioners that offers prompt treatments and consultancy services.

Contact information for Royal Hospital

For assistance, you can contacts: 0709 751 281

  1. St Akidiva Memorial Hospital

Another best private hospital in Migori county is the St. Akidiva Memorial Hospital.

It is located Along Migori- Muhuru Road, Suna.

St. Akidiva Memorial Hospital offers general inpatient and outpatient medical services, laboratory examination, physiotherapy among others.

It also has certified doctors and uses modern technologies for its effective medical services.

Contact information for St. Akidiva Memorial Hospital

For help call 0722 255 732

St Akidiva Memorial Hospital

  1. Suna Nursing &Maternity Home

Get your medical checkups in Suna Nursing &Maternity Home

It is located along Miuru Road, Suna. This private hospital offers laboratory services, inpatients and outpatient services among others.

The use of modern technologies and certified doctors enables it to offer the best medical care to the community.

For more information

Contacts: 0720 260 096

  1. Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital

Another private hospital in Migori is the Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital located in Migori Town.

It provides high-quality medical services at an affordable price.

With good patient-relationship, Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital has the best reviews.

Feel free to visit Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital for medical care.

Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital contacts info

Call: 0715 033 727

  1. Rosewood Nursing Home

Another best private hospital in Migori county is the Rosewood Nursing Home, which is located in Rongo.

It offers outpatient and inpatient service, and consultancy services among others.

You can visit this private hospital for any health assistance.

Contact Information for Rosewood Nursing Home

Call; +254 722 273 917/ +254 726 614 397

     11. Sori Lakeside Nursing and Maternity Home

Another best private hospital in Migori County is the sori lakeside nursing and maternity home( Kokeyo hospital).

It is located in Sori-Karungu, Migori county.

The hospital has some of the best doctors and uses modern technologies for prompt medical treatments.

The cost of medical treatment is very affordable as compared to other clinics and private hospitals in Migori.

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Keep In Mind 

If you feel sick, feel free to visit any private hospital in Migori County. Ensure you carry your NHIF card and other medical documents for easy and faster medical assistance.