Top 10 Best Private Hospitals in Homabay


The need for better treatment is of concern for everyone, both living in rural and in urban setups, the good news is that now there are some of the best private hospitals in Homabay.

Therefore, you can get better medical checkups and treatments if you are residing in Homabay town at an affordable price.

Furthermore, with universal health care, there should be no excuse for not getting the best medical treatments and services in Homabay County.


In fact, the ministry of health has put more effort on ensuring that everyone gets access to health facilities to improve the living standards of Kenyans.

For that matter, this article provides you with the best private hospital in Homabay.

List of the best private hospitals in Homabay

  1. Matata Nursing Hospital

One of the best private hospital in Homabay is the Matata Nursing Hospital located in Oyugis- Homabay County.

According to reviews, Matata Hospital offers high-quality and affordable medical services to his users.

Some of the services it offers include paediatrics, maternity, X-ray, laboratory diagnostics, dental services, E.N.T, orthopaedics, radiology and imaging services, general surgery and emergency medical services among others.

They also have ambulances that helps improves it medical services to society.

matata private hospital in homabay

In essence, Matata Nursing Hospital is equipped with skilled specialists, general practitioners and modern technologies for prompt medical services.

Contact information for Matata Hospital

For help call +254 718 760 972

  1. Kendu Adventist Hospital

Another oldest private hospital in Homabay is the Kendu Adventist Hospital.

It is located in Kendu Bay Town.

This private hospital provides high standard medical services as per users’ reviews.

It offers a wide array of health services such as family planning services, laboratory diagnostics, pharmacy, general consultations, radiology, and imaging services among others.

Furthermore, the cost of treatment is pocket-friendly. Therefore, visit this private hospital if you are residing in Homabay County.

 best private hospitals in homabay county

Contact information for Kendu Hospital

Feel free to contacts: 0734 000 009

  1. St Lawrence Homa Bay Hospital

It is located in Homabay Town. This private hospital offers, family planning, laboratory services, inpatients and outpatient services among others.

The use of modern technologies and certified doctors enables it to offer the best medical care to the community.

In fact, St. Lawrence hospital is one of the best hospitals in Homabay town that is very affordable.

Contact Information For St. Lawrence Hospital

For any medical assistance, call 0710 492 764.

  1. Janeiro Nursing Home

Another best private hospital in Homabay County is the Janeiro Nursing Home located in Kamenya, Rangwe-Homabay County.

It has skilled specialists and general practitioners that provide prompt medical treatments.

For instance, it offers family planning, doctor’s consultation services, in-patient and outpatient services and laboratory examination among others.

With your NHIF card, you can easily get treatment in this private hospital without any doubt.

Contact information for Janeiro Hospital

Need help call +254 722 141 565

  1. St Paul’s Mission Hospital

Another best private hospital in Homa Bay Town is here for you.

St Paul’s Mission Hospital is one of the top mission hospitals that offer both inpatient and outpatient medical services in Homabay town.

The hospital is located in Homa Bay Town.

It offers affordable medical services as compared to other medical Centres in Homabay County.

Contact Information for St Paul’s Mission Hospital

For help, call +254 059 22576

  1. Asumbi Mission Hospital

Asumbi Mission hospital is another best mission hospital in Homabay County.

It is located along Homa Bay- Rongo Road.

This mission hospital offers preventive, curative, promotive, and rehabilitative health services to the community.

best private hospitals in homabay county

It has skilled specialist and practitioners that provide prompt health assistance.

If you are in Homabay, feel free to visit Asumbi mission hospital for medical checkups.

  1. Okitta Nursing & Maternity Home

Okitta Nursing and Maternity home is located in Kasipul Kabondo-Homabay County.

It offers a wide array of medical services such as maternity services, family planning, pharmacy, laboratory examinations, and general medical consultations among others.

While living in Kasipul Kabondo, don’t be left behind, visit this private hospital for your medical checkup.

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  1. Simbiri Nan Bell Health Centre

Another best private hospital in Homabay is the Simbiri Nan Bell Health Centre, which is located in Kosele-Homabay County.

This hospital is equipped with modern technologies and skilled specialist that provides a quick medical response.

It is very important to visit the hospital if you feel sick. The earlier the better, therefore, Simbiri Nan Bell Health Centre is here for you.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact 0726 767 168

  1. Evans Health Care Clinic

Evans Healthcare clinic is located in Oyugis Town.

This private hospital offers laboratory services, inpatients, and outpatient services among others.

The use of modern technologies and certified doctors enables it to offer the best medical care to the community.

The cost of treatment and medical checkup is very affordable.

For more information contact 0763 203 151

  1. Bliss Homa Bay Medical Centre

Bliss is one of the private hospitals that have many branches in Kenya, for instance, there is bliss in Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi, and many other regions.

It offers a wide array of services such as X-ray services, ultrasound, pharmacy, doctor consultation, laboratory examinations, and optical care.


Generally, Bliss offers high-quality medical services as cited by patients. For that matter, feel free to have your medical treatment in this private hospital.

bliss medical centre homabay

Contact Information


For help dial +254 720 458 301

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Summing It Up

The earlier the better, visit the best private hospital in Homabay County for effective treatment.

These private hospitals in Homabay have skilled specialists, general practitioners, and use modern technologies for prompt medical services.

Therefore, feel free to visit any of the private hospitals listed above.

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