EXERCISE: How Many Days a Week Should You Train?

Many people ask themselves what is the total number of exercise in a week for bigger body muscles.

What is the total number of workout to gain weight or loses weight? The fact is, do a total of 3 to 5 days workouts per week and rest for 2 or 3 days every week.

Precisely, have 150 minutes for cardio exercise and 75 minutes for strength training.

Steps on How to Gain Bigger Muscles Faster

1. Making a plan and setting realistic goals matters a lot.

How you structure your objectives, determines the effort you need to put into them. This does not mean you overwork to achieve them but to work within your scope.

For instance, you want to be like big guy in the gym with a nice and admirable body shape, very muscular with big arms, pretty biceps and triceps, sexy six-packs, and a lovely chest.

Simply start with easy step-by-step exercises and be strict with your routine.

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2. Do not over or under exercise

Overtraining is not the right way to go. It will lead to injuries and not achieving your goals.

Be patient and progressive, because where you are is where they started, but due to their determination, they are where they are).

For example, you can do 45 to 55-minute workout every day.

You will realize after short while you can do even up to 2 hours 30 minutes, but you should not exceed 2 hours 45 minutes for those at the gym within a session.

The exercise should be at least three times a week.

Generally, it is crucial to start slowly and increase gradually the intensity of the workout as you build your fitness level. A healthy diet is also essential and hydrates regularly.

3. The number of exercises in a week.

Here are the total number of exercises that you need to perform a week.

Perform a minimum of 3 workouts in a week and a maximum of 5 workouts in a week.

Doing exercise daily is ineffective. Therefore, you must rest, and after training for two or three consecutive days. 

You need to allow your body to rest for another one or two days. This is very important as it helps your body recover from the stress of exercise.

Failure to rest can result in the risk of injuries, such as muscle strains and stress fractures that can result in overtraining syndrome (OTS).

how many days a week should i weight train

Furthermore, over-exercising may weaken your immune system thus increasing the risk of infection, hormonal imbalance, depressed moods, and chronic fatigue.

In conclusion, the minimum recommendation for exercise is at least 150 minutes per week.

Nevertheless, it is important to start with the simplest and easiest exercise and let your body rest from time to time.

Do not overtrain as it can lead to severe injuries as highlighted above.

3.How to stay motivated

The Number of exercises in a week will enable you to stay motivated.  Making exercise a habit is to have fun while doing it will improve your performance.

Let your workout program be your best friend. You know how you treat your best friend, that mindset is the key in this case.

Furthermore, can join a gym or group fitness class, you can hire a personal trainer or do team sports are some good tips to stay motivated.

Swimming is a motivational and enjoyable method, you can join the swimming pool occasionally.

In addition, exercising as a group or with a friend can also help in maintaining accountability and can make you feel motivated.

For example, when I one day joined my fellow friends swimming on the lakeshore, they admired my sexy six-packs.

They feel motivated to join the gym. This kind of event has motivated many people that results to improve their fitness level by joining the gym.

For example, taking photos before you begin any training and another one after two weeks of training and recording your running times can motivate you.

Summary On The Number of exercises in a week

The total number of exercise in a week will enable you to develop your exercise routine, set achievable goals, and adhere to it by being disciplined.

The baseline is to start slowly building up your fitness level and let your body rest from time to time to avoid injuries.

It is important to maintain your motivation, it is good to mix up your workouts, and you can join a gym or group fitness class and always track your progress.

Finally, eating a balanced diet is very important. So keep on training and if you have not started, then what are you waiting for?

Wrapping It Up

It is very important to know how many times you need to go to gym every week. Actually, a person needs to train at least two to three times a week.

This will help you maintain healthy body weight and prevent you from getting any chronic diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle or physical inactivity. Although you need to seek medical advice from your doctor before starting going to the gym or training.