10 Best Things to Eat and Drink Before Hitting the Gym

Have you been stranded to decide about the best things to eat and drink before hitting the gym? or is there a specific time you should eat before working out? Well, what you eat and drink before you train has a significant influence on your performance levels in the gym – hence, It’s important you eat properly before your workout. 

Proper nutrition acts as fuel to help improve your performance in the gym – plus it also helps the body heal things such as torn muscles or muscular spasms after your workout.

With that said, here’s a look at the best things to eat and drink before going into the gym;

Drink Water

Drinking water is very important before, during, and after a workout. According to CDC, it helps keep the body hydrated and helps prevent muscle spasms and cramps while you exercise. 

You need to take at least two glasses of water(16 ounces) two hours before your workout to get your body ready. 

Also, during your workout, you need to drink water even if you do not feel like it because, by the time you feel thirsty, it means your body has already used up a good chunk of its water reserves – leaving you feeling dehydrated and hindering your recovery after training.

To avoid dehydration while working out, health experts advise that you drink at least half a glass of water every 15 to 20 minutes.

Take Bananas

Bananas are particularly high in quick-acting carbohydrates, and are the things to eat and drink before hitting the gym as it will provide you with ample energy to make use of while working out. In other words, they act as natural energy boosters – allowing you to go through your workouts with enough energy to max out your reps.

Bananas also have good healing properties, which aid muscle recovery after a workout.  They contain a small quantity of potassium, which assists in maintaining muscle and nerve activity like BCAA pre workout supplements.

Things to Eat and Drink Before Hitting the Gym

Take Oatmeal

Oats are a great pre-workout meal because of the unique way in which they flood the body with energy.

Unlike other high-carb meals, Oats release carbs in the body slowly due to their high fiber content – and by doing so, they’re able to help your energy levels increase at a steady pace during your workout instead of being hit with one big energy boost all at once, and feeling deflated after an hour.

Oats contain Vitamin B, which aids in converting glucose into energy – Irish oats are the best kind of oats because they are the least processed and have a lower calorie level when compared to other quick-cooking oats. 

So, when next you go shopping for groceries, keep a close eye out for Irish oats.

Greek Yogurt And Fruit

Greek yogurt and fruit are a fantastic combination for a pre-work meal, which are the things to eat and drink before hitting the gym. Fruits are high in carbs which grants you more energy to train with high intensity, while Greek yogurt is very high in protein which helps you build muscle. 

Greek yogurt offers approximately twice the protein, half the carbohydrates, and half the salt of traditional yogurt. 

What makes Greek Yogurt and Fruits a befitting match is the fact that carbohydrates in most fruits are immediately broken down and utilized as energy throughout your workout, while the protein from the Greek yogurt is retained for a bit longer and used to avoid muscle injury – It’s the best of both worlds!

Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich 

PB & J is an excellent pre-workout food because it is a great source of carbs. The bread and jelly floods your body with carbs which acts as fuel for your body during a workout. 

The protein in the peanut butter keeps you fuller for longer, which might help you avoid post-workout appetites and snacking if you’re trying to stay lean.

In fact, some studies indicate that consuming peanuts in small quantities can aid you in sustaining a better and healthier weight. In addition, whether your workout goal is to build muscle or lose weight, peanuts have you covered.

According to a study conducted by the International Tree Nut Council Nutrition Research and Education Foundation, nuts are high in monounsaturated fats, which is very important when trying to lose weight the healthy way. 

Egg White

Egg whites are a better pre-workout option than egg yolks because your body digests the fat in egg yolks slowly – which can leave you feeling lethargic during your workout. However, egg whites are easily digestible thus eliminating the prospect of lethargy or sluggishness when you take them.

It’s worth noting that the egg white in a single egg contains approximately 4 grams of protein, which can help you build muscle. Eggs are a cheap, but protein-rich source of food in every bodybuilder’s diet plan.

Dry Fruit

Another thing to eat and drink before hitting the gym is dry fruits are a great source of energy while working out.

They’re light and easily digestible – plus their fundamental carbs provide you with strength without overloading you with energy like most high carbs meals – making them an excellent workout meal.

Dried strawberries, cherries, plums, apricots, figs, berries, and pineapple are a few examples of dried fruits you can consume before your workout. 

Further, studies reveal that half-cup of dry fruits is enough to keep an individual alert and strong during their workout.

Any Kind Of Fruit Smoothie

Fruit smoothies are fantastic pre-workout drinks because they contain tons of protein along with the right balance of simple and complex carbohydrates. 

The simple carbohydrates are mainly active for the first 20 minutes, followed by the complex ones which take effect 30 minutes later.  When combined, these provide a steady stream of energy throughout the activity.

Brown Rice with Chicken Breast

If you’re exercising after lunchtime, you’ll want to eat food that’ll offer you plenty of sugar without making you feel bloated – and in that regard, you can’t go wrong with brown rice.

The complex carbohydrates in brown rice aids energy production, while the chicken provides protein for muscle building as well as recovery following the workout.

Take CBD supplements

CBD products can help you increase your performance and prevent soreness and muscle cramp.

According to PubMed, taking CBD products can indirectly help increase muscle mass over time. Although it does not play a vital role in building muscle, CBD helps lower the factors that inhibit muscle development.  CBD oil is effective both before and after workouts.

Before your workout, CBD can help to boost your energy and relax your muscles. After workout, it can help soothe post-exercise inflammation.

Taking the right amount of CBD is very important as it is wise to start with small doses to assess your sensitivity.

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People frequently ask

With regards to the pre-workout meals, here are some questions that people often ask.

Do Pre-Workout Meals Help You Exercise Better?

Certain pre-workout meals like the ones listed above can provide your body with the jolts of energy you need to execute a high-intensity exercise routine without succumbing to fatigue mid-way.

What Happens If You Workout On An Empty Stomach?

When you workout without a pre-workout meal, you’re likely to hit a proverbial “wall” pretty fast because you’ll have less energy to perform your workout with.

Is There A Specific Time You Should Eat Before Working Out?

Health experts advise that you give your body at least two hours to digest your pre-workout meal before working out.

Words of Wisdom 

It is very important to eat before going to the gym as it will boost your performance and muscle endurance. However, you must ensure that you eat the right food and not eating every food you come across. By following the above tips, you will be capable of achieving the best performance.

Also, ensure that you often check your medical conditions before you start an exercise if you are 45 years old and above or if you have any medical condition. This will help you prevent any injuries and make you know the best way to train.

Finally, always follow the right workout routine to enable you maximize your exercise performance.