Jennie Laxson Heath: 10 Facts About Laxson

Jennie Laxson Heath is popularly known as the first wife of Phil Health, an American IFBB professional bodybuilder, and former Mr. Olympia. Many people ask what happened to Jennie Lexson Heath a wife to Phil Health.

Well, in life anything can happen. Life is full of challenges, however, these challenges make us stronger.

It had been scientifically proven that behind a successful man, there must be a woman behind it.

To Phil Health, Jennie Laxson Heath has been the key driver of his bodybuilding career.

Actually, Jennie Laxson Heath is a cosmetologist and has worked for various cosmetic producers in USA.

She put a lot of effort to ensure that she emerges in the marketplace.

Her Ex-Husband-Phil Heath

Jennie Laxson Heath got married to Phil Health on June 23, 2007, after dating each other for a long period of time. 

However, they faced several marriage challenges that could not allow them to stay up to date.

Therefore, they ended their marriage in 2015 after eight years.

The couples loved each other, however, no one could tell exactly what happened that lead to divorce.

It is remarkable that Jennie Laxson Heath helped Phil Health in achieving his bodybuilding objectives.

Actually, Phil health won several Mr. Olympia contests.

Laxson, Breast Cancer Survivor

Jennie  Laxson is one of the breast cancer survivors.  She was diagnosed with stage 1 Breast Cancer in 2013, while Jennie was still married to Heath.

They faced the dark part of life when she realized that he had breast cancer.

After she was diagnosed, and knowing that she was only in the first stage, Laxson was able to beat cancer and has fully recovered now.

This is an assurance that anyone can survive from breast cancer provided that the patient follow the best recovery measures.

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Jennie Laxson Heath Net Worth?

As a cosmetologist in the USA, Jennie Laxson has earned an estimated net worth of $400 thousand from her career.

She was very persistent, determined, and focused in her career.

Laxson earns her worth as a specialist, hairstyles, manicures/pedicures, and skin care.

She gave important guides to ladies who wanted to beautify their appearance.

On average, a cosmetologist may earn an average of $117,220 in salary, if they are well experienced and famous like Jannie Laxson.

Actually, this was a major source of income for the ex-wife of Phil Health 

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Phil Health Support After Divorce

Most ex-husband or ex-wife fails to support their partners after divorce. While with Phil Health, everything was different. Phil Health continuously supports Jannie even after divorcing.

I think this was due to the support that his wife gave him before becoming rich.

In fact, Laxson has recalled that Phil Heath was very a supportive husband.

She says that while she was going through all the treatments, her ex-husband, Phil Health prayed for her good health and was always there when she needed him.

It is true that Phil Health still loved her. In the recent post that Phil made on his official Facebook page about Jennie Laxson.

Phil Health stated and quotes that he was making the post about his ex-wife because his wife Jennie Laxson was battling with breast cancer.

This post was made in 2013. Phil said that for the past one week, they had been filled with tears and tons of questions. This shows how Phil health was much concerned about his wife during this time.

Mark that this Facebook post was made by Phil in 2013 and do not misinterpret it.

Phil Health Current Wife

After the divorce in 2015, Laxson’s ex-husband Phil Heath got married to Shurie Cremona, an advocate, and co-founder of philheathlabs, a body supplement.

Two years after the divorce, Phil Heath dated Cremona and in 2017, they got married.

As for now, they are living a happy married life.

However, Jannie Laxson Health has remained single. She is currently not married.

Laxson still sell her cosmetic products and lives happily after divorce. 


Jannie Laxson Weight

Jennie Laxson is about  5 feet 7 inches tall (173 cm). Her body weight is about 59 kg (132 lbs).

She has lovely black eyes and brown hair. Someone may ask if Jannie also competed in any bodybuilding contest.  The answer is a big No.

Laxson’s Social Media Presence

The digital platform is our current dwelling place. We wake up in the morning and our eyes are on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, TikTok, Instagram, and so on.

Well, this is contrary to Jannie Laxson, in that, Jannie is not active on any social media pages.

For many years, she has been the topic of public interest as Heath’s wife but after the divorce, she has hidden her personal life from social media.

It is very painful to divorce, especially from someone you always love and I think, with her being famous as the wife of Phil Health she has a reason to do that.