Top 10 Best Bank in Kenya overall in 2022


Many people ask the best bank in Kenya for savings, loans, sme, microfinancing and many more.

Actually, Kenya has the best banks that support the economy of the country and all the banks operate under the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

This imposes standard regulations and policies for any financial institutions within the state.


Actually, there are several banks in Kenya, however, according to the ranking following criteria, the top ten banks are discussed here, not that other banks are not the best, and I hope the point is well taken. Now back to the point.

Following Moody’s Investors Service, they downgraded the long-term local currency deposit ratings of the three banks in Kenya that is  KCB Bank Kenya Limited, Equity Bank Kenya Limited, and Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited from B1 (Rating Under Review) to B2 (stable outlook).

This resulted after the continued weakness of the credit profile of the Kenyan government.

What is the importance of banking in the best bank in Kenya?

Actually, having your money in the bank is the best thing you can do for better investments.

Banks have several economic importance.

They help you in personal savings; it secures your fund from theft and other unauthorized access.

Reduce the risk and uncertainty as well as enable you to earn interest, gives loans among others.

Which are the best banks in Kenya?

Banking with the best bank with lowest charges and most convenient is very important for everyone who wants to invest.

Some of the top best banks in Kenya according to Moody’s Investors Service are:

  1. Equity Bank in Kenya

Equity Bank Kenya Limited is one of the best bank in Kenya with the lowest charging rates for individuals.

 It offers a wide range of financial products and services, including loans, mortgages, investments, debit and credit cards, retail banking, and microfinance.

Their services are of high quality, they also have highly skilled specialists that deliver prompt services to their clients with integrity.

Did you know that Equity Bank is one of the youngest banks in Kenya and one of the best bank in kenya fo loans.

Amazingly, It is Kenya’s second-biggest lender by assets, Equity Group, which emerged as the overall best bank at the 2019 Think Business Awards.

The bank won in sustainable corporate responsibility, mobile banking, small and medium enterprises (SME) banking, digital banking category and in agriculture and livestock financing.

best bank in kenya

Its services are of great value, they use modern technologies that enable them to be on top.

Due to it perfect charges and high-quality services, I recommend you to consider opening an account with Equity bank for a better banking services.

Review:  Equity Bank is a great bank to start at. The training is decent, but a lot of it is on the job learning. The company culture is one of the most unique in any company I have yet to work at. You feel a sense of entrepreneurial spirit from most people in the bank.

  1. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya

Another best bank in Kenya is the Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited, commonly known as Standard Chartered Kenya.

It is the oldest bank in Kenya and is a subsidiary of the Standard Chartered, the British multinational financial group.

This bank provides high-quality services to clients as it uses some of the best technologies.

According to the client reviews, Standard Chartered Bank services are affordable and of low charges as compared to most banks in Kenya.

It offers banking products and services such as transaction accounts, loans, savings, debit cards, and investments.

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya has over 30 branches throughout the country.

Therefore, you can visit any of their branches and open your account for better saving and investments

  1. Barclays Bank Kenya

Barclays Bank Kenya is one of the trusted and oldest banks.

They offer high-quality services and serves clients with high integrity and dignity.

It provides a wide array of products and services including loans, savings, credit cards, mortgages, and investments to individuals and small and large business customers.

Barclays Bank Kenya operates as a subsidiary of UK-based Barclays Bank.

It charges are of low cost as compared to other banks in Kenya.

According to clients’ reviews, Barclay bank Kenya delivers prompt and reliable services to customers.

For that matter, open account with Barclay bank for better services such as loans, savings among others.

  1. Kenya Commercial Bank

Kenya commercial banks comes the fourth-best bank in Kenya.

 It has several branches all over the country.

In fact, KCB has 168 branches and it owns the largest banking network as compared to other banks in Kenya.

They have highly skilled experts with better management.

Their charges are a beat moderate though, not has Equity banks.

Kenya Commercial Bank offers a wide array of products and services such as credit cards, loans, savings, mortgages, and investments among others.

Best banks in kenya

It is pretty good to open a bank account with Kenya Commercial Bank for your on benefits since it is one of the best bank in Kenya for loans and savings.

Always feel free to visits any of their branches for any assistance.

  1. Cooperative Bank of Kenya

Did you know that Cooperative Bank of Kenya is the second-largest customer base in the country with over 4.0 million accounts after KCB? Now you know.

In fact, the Cooperative Bank of Kenya has better managers and experts that provides faster and reliable services to their clients.

Their transaction charges are quite moderate.

 Its banking services range from loans, savings, debit cards, checking, and investments among others.

For the last decades due to its strong financial growth, the Cooperative Bank of Kenya was named Best Bank of Kenya by the London Financial Times in 2010. 

This was a great achievement for this bank making it the most trusted bank in Kenya.

For that reason, visit any of their branches and open account with them to enjoy the best interest rates.

  1. Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya

The Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd (DTB) is also one of the best banks in Kenya with modern technologies and highly skilled experts.

Diamond Trust Bank Group, a major financial institution in East Africa, established this bank in Kenya in 1945 to boost the banking services in Kenya. It also has several branches in East Africa.

In fact, Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya provides various banking products and services, including mortgages, investments, insurance, savings and deposit accounts, debit and credit cards, money transfer services, and asset finance among others.

Therefore, if you are in Kenya, then opening-banking accounts with Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya  as it is one of the best bank in kenya for loans and savings.

In fact, it is all you need for better savings, investments, and easy money transfer among others.

  1. National Bank of Kenya

The National Bank of Kenya is the core of Kenya’s banking services and is one of the largest banks in Kenya. It is the government-owned National Bank of Kenya, or simply National Bank.

The National Bank has the best experts and modern technologies that secure the all the transactions at high standard.

It provides a wide array of products and services such as savings, loans, checking, debit and credit cards, and investments, to individuals, SMEs, and large corporations.

As you have read the wide array of products and services the National Bank provides, this shows you how capable it is.

Therefore, visit any of their branches and create your new account with them for better interest and other banking services.

  1. Stanbic Bank

Another best bank in Kenya is the Stanbic Bank, which is a division of Standard Bank based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

 It has the best banking services in most towns in Kenya.

The Stanbic Bank use recent technologies to ensure that their clients get the best services at all time.

 This bank offers several banking products and services that include commercial, retail, and private banking, asset management, credit cards, and mortgages among others.

Facts about Stanbic Bank

Stanbic Bank was named to distinguish it from Standard Chartered Bank, the former mother-bank of Standard Bank. This was adopted when Standard Bank Group acquired ANZ Grindlays Bank in 1992.

  1. Commercial Bank of Africa

Commercial Bank of Africa comes the ninth-best bank in Kenya with good banking services.

In fact, Commercial Bank of Africa is the largest private-owned banks in Kenya. It offers a variety of banking services such as savings, loans, checking, debit and credit cards, and investments among others.

Its transaction charges are moderate. You can consider banking with the Commercial Bank of Africa(CBA).

bank for investments

  1. NIC Bank

National Industrial Credit Bank, or NIC Bank, is another top ten best bank in Kenya that offers best banking services and products to the clients.

 It provides various banking products and services like savings, loans, transaction accounts, debit and credit cards, and investments among others.

Fact about National Industrial Credit Bank

The commercial bank was founded in 1959, as a result of a joint venture by Standard Bank Limited in South Africa and Mercantile Credit Company Limited in the United Kingdom.

NIC Bank oversees subsidiary companies in the country, as well as in Uganda. It also owns a controlling interest in NIC Bank Tanzania.


A review on banks with the lowest charge in Kenya

The best banks with the lowest charge for individuals are as follows

  1. Equity Group best in digital banking and other banking services
  2. Standard Chartered
  3. ABC Bank Group

In addition, bank with the lowest charge overall are I&M Bank Ltd and ABC Bank Group. Creating an account with them can improve your financial growth to the next level.


Therefore, visit these banks and make your next step in banking.

A Word From Tannos Online

There are several banks in Kenya that offer several banking products and services.

Maybe your bank is not listed among the top ten best banks in Kenya, but that does not mean your bank is not good. 

However, everyone needs the best bank for financial growth.

Opening bank account with these banks is all you need to do for better satisfaction.

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