12 Major Foods To Avoid If You Have Anxiety


There are some important foods to avoid if you have anxiety.

Being that anxiety disorder is a common crisis globally.

Several people suffer from various causes of anxiety.


The so-called anxiety is like any other diseases you may think about in life.

It may have a severe effect on your health and lifestyle.

What is anxiety?

It is an emotion that you feel when you’re stressed up.

Your body trembles and your mind becomes obsessive on the thing you’re doubting.

It can lead to disruption and poor concentration on whatever you are doing.

Furthermore, anxiety can also affect your social life, health, and psychology.

The anxiety needs home remedies, treatments and exercise just like other chronic diseases may require.

For instance, a person suffering from diabetes, he/she might spend much of time, money, treatment expenses, during his life to manage it.

This is just like anxiety; you need your attention, resources to manage it.

For your surprises, are you aware that there are certain foods that we eat that might trigger the so-called anxiety.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder that you should know

  • Feeling restless 
  • Feeling irritable
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Muscle pain, tightness, or soreness in joints
  • Sleeping problems
  • Tiredness even after a full night’s sleep

What you should avoid: Foods that Increases Anxiety

They include the following foods

  1. Avoid foods high in sodium to reduce anxiety

The truth is, too much sodium in food may have a side effect on the body’s neurological system.

This may cause fatigue and damaging the immune system.

However, quality sleep is very vital to general body health, enough sleep helps in stabilizing brain function.

Due to the side effect of too much sodium, you cannot achieve quality sleep.

Furthermore, it can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and water retention.

All this contributes to anxiety.

In addition, excess sodium may trigger panic and depression.

Therefore, high sodium meals are some of the foods to avoid if you have anxiety.

Importantly,  consider food or use a small amount of sodium when cooking or give instruction for any food you order so that they can watch over salt applied on the meal.

  1. Sugary beverages are foods to avoid if you have anxiety

To be frank, many people like sugary food including me. However, a sugary drink triggers anxiety 100 percent.

Too much sugar in drinks or added sugar increases your blood sugar this further triggers your energy level.

In that, your energy level fluctuates.

For instance, when blood sugar increases, your mood sours, therefore, directly affect the anxiety levels.

Generally, the body contains a hormone called insulin.

The insulin regulates blood sugar and absorbs glucose in the body.

However, sugary foods or add sugar makes the insulin hormone to find it difficult to stabilize blood sugar.

This causes an increase in anxiety level.

Most processed and refined foods contain too much sugar and eating them may all together trigger anxiety and irritability.

Always take your time and read the labels written on the food product you intend to purchase.

Do not rush and buy the food without reading the labels.

White bread, pizza,  and pasta are some of the foods to avoid when you are anxious.

You can replace added sugar food with whole fruits like oranges, peas, mangos. 

Furthermore, whole fruits and vegetables contain minerals and vitamins that help in body defense against diseases attack.

  1. Caffeine are foods to avoid if you have anxiety

I love coffee, you may love it too.

However, it is one of the foods that contribute to anxiety.

This is very sad indeed.

What do you think triggered this anxiety?

The truth is, consumption of caffeine increases anxiety level and nervousness.

More so, caffeine decreases the production of one of the important hormone called serotonin in the body.

The serotonin is a hormone that helps regulates the moods of feeling good.

Therefore, decreases in this hormone may cause a depressed mood.

Note: Drinking coffee is not bad however; examine the amount of coffee consumption.

The truth is, caffeine is best in low doses.

Furthermore, several supplements and medications use caffeine. All this can increase anxious feelings.

For example, ginseng, and certain headache medications that are commonly used.

Instead take Green tea

If you must use coffee then consider low dose.

However, avoiding caffeine when you are anxious is the best way.

You can use  green tea for a clean buzz minus the jitters

  1. Processed foods are foods to avoid if you have anxiety

Processed food and Refined flours contain a lot of sugar, this may cause harmful bacteria and microbes in the gut.

This may cause chronic anxiety.

Generally, processed food can cause several chronic illnesses such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and obesity.

Therefore, there are types of foods to avoid if you have anxiety.

  1. Smoking and drug abuse

I hope you all know that smoking can be addictive.

Over time smoking and use of tobacco, marijuana, and illicit drugs such as opiates can increase the level of anxiety.

Drug abuse also affects blood flow this can hinder the production of serotonin.

Despite increasing the level of anxiety, drug abuse can cause chronic disease such as high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, stroke, and diabetes.

  1. Artificial Food products

Artificial food products usually contain sugar although it is very difficult to eliminate.

In that, sugar is added to several of the artificial products and you might not know.

 However, a sugar crash is the same as a caffeine crash.

This can as well cause restless, irritable, low concentration, muscle pain, tightness, or soreness and all are linked to anxiety.

Therefore, avoid artificial foods when you are anxious.

  1. Alcoholic drinks are foods to avoid if you have anxiety

 You may think that alcohol diminishes anxiety; however, the truth is it worsens anxiety.

Alcohol may tend to calm your nerves, but it affects your sleep and can cause sleep disorder.

Too much alcohol reduces serotonin production and blood flow all this triggers anxiety.

Furthermore, alcohol reduces the neurotransmitters in the brain and this makes you more anxious.

In addition, it can also cause the body’s system to slow down being that it is a depressant.

You just have to stop drinking alcohol. However, if you must drink then drink nonalcoholic beer but with moderation.

Being that they are the type of foods to avoid when you are anxious to stay on the safer side.

  1. Histamine intolerance

Histamine is a neurotransmitter that aggravates digestion, hormones, and the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

For instance, some special meals such as a steak and cheese plate with a glass of wine are very nice and relaxing.

However, these foods are very harmful.

foods to avoid when you are anxious

During the processing, they are being converted into biogenic amines, one of which is histamine.

Histamine can trigger anxiety and may as well cause insomnia.

Wine, steak and cheese plate are some of the foods to avoid when you are anxious

The food might be delicious and special indeed but it increases the level of anxiety.

You should limit the histamine foods. Consider whole food and natural fresh fruits.

  1. Limit dairy products

For your information, dairy products are very inflammatory.

Therefore, excessive consumption of dairy product may cause digestion disorders such as bloating, diarrhea and constipation, among other things.

 All these are linked to anxiety. therefore, dairy products are the type of foods to avoid when you are anxious.

  1. Soda  are foods to avoid if you have anxiety

I cannot forget to talk about soda. I know many people like soda.

However, I want to challenge you.

Soda is one of the foods to avoid when you are anxious. 

If you didn’t know, now know.

Soda is being prepared using artificial food coloring, additives, and aspartame ingredients.

These ingredients are very harmful to your health.

They restrict the production of serotonin in our brains causing headaches, insomnia, anxiety and mood swings.

Furthermore, artificial food coloring, additives, and aspartame ingredients may result in cancer.

Therefore avoiding soda is some of the best ways to manage anxiety.

  1. Hydrogenated oil and Fried foods

Hydrogenated food contains saturated fats and trans fat.

This foods are very harmful to health and can cause chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart failure, and mental illness.

Therefore, avoid this kind of partially hydrogenated foods when you are anxious.

Furthermore, most fried foods like Potatoes chip, French fries, chicken and onion rings are cooked in hydrogenated oil.

All this contributes to anxiety

Hydrogenated foods are those that hydrogen has been added so that they can last longer.

The food becomes semi-solid for example peanut oil, coconut oil, convectional nondairy creamers.

In addition, hydrogenated oils are packed with LDL cholesterol and can lower HDL cholesterol.

This causes depression, anxiety, and other mental problems.

Hydrogenated foods are harmful, therefore,  avoid this foods to reduce anxiety.

  1. Use of supplements and pills

Dietary supplements are some of the foods to avoid if you have anxiety.

Being that most of the supplements and pills in the market like caffeine, creatine, and green coffee beans extract may trigger anxiety level.


They cause headache, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, muscle cramping, fatigue, and agitation.

All these are linked to anxiety, depression, and stress.


Choosing dietary supplements may also cause other chronic illness such as erectile dysfunction.


Natural whole food, vegetables, and fruits are the best food for both anxiety management and general body health.

Avoiding poor dietary choice and sedentary lifestyle is the best you can do.

Processed and refined foods contain too much sugar and saturated fats or transfat.

 All which can cause other chronic diseases despite anxiety.