Best Fitness Gyms in Rongo Town to Join

You may be struggling to find the best fitness gyms in Rongo town for your physical fitness. Well, there are a few fitness halls in Rongo that can help you meet your fitness goals.

The gyms are affordable and have enough equipment and gym instructors that can help you achieve your goals.

Even though there are not many fitness halls in the town, but the few available fitness gyms are well-equipped with gym tools and even weight gain supplements and weight loss diet pills.

There are also instructors who will guide you on the type of food or diet you may eat to achieve your fitness goals.

It is important to make a realistic workout routine and know some of the gym safety measures before starting training.

In addition, before joining a gym, you also need to know the things to do on your first day at the gym to avoid gym injuries.

List of Fitness Gyms in Rongo Town

  1. Powerhouse Fitness Gym

This is one of the best and most affordable gyms in Rongo. It has several gym equipments with a friendly gym instructor who can help walk you through your fitness objectives.

They offer a weight lifting section and aerobic program for both men and women.

Powerhouse Gym is highly rated due to its affordability and gym equipment.  If you are looking for a gym to train in, then consider visiting this gym and you will like it.


Powerhouse gym is located within the town next to Hotspot Club. Just ask anyone within the town to give you the direction once you reach Club Hotspot.

Contact: 0793534461 for more information.

  1. True Fitness Gym

True Fitness Gym is a good gym with several new gym equipments. This is another highly-rated gym that was just started a few years ago.

The gym is outstanding with good gym instructors that will help you train safely in their gym.

They also have some of the best weight gain supplements for those beginners who want to gain aesthetic lean muscles.

The instructor will help you create a workout routine and diet plan for your fitness objectives.

It is also important to note that the gym offers an aerobic program for both ladies and men.

They also have a weight lifting section where you can perform innumerable comprehensive exercises for lean muscle and weight maintenance.  


True Fitness Gym is located behind Weighbridge just opposite Maganda Supermarket Rongo. Just ask anyone around there to help you locate the hall.

Or call: 0722142224 for more information

  1. Vintage Fitness Gym

Vintage Gym is a reputable gym not only in Rongo Town but also in Migori. The gym offers affordable training services such as aerobic classes, weight training, Boxing, and Martial Arts or Tae Kwondo training programs, personal training, Fat loss program and diet nutrition program.

They also offer H.I.I.T, CrossFit training, lifestyle seminars and can also help you develop your personalized fitness program. 

This is one of the best gyms both in Migori and Rongo. Vintage Gym is well-known for its friendly gym instructors and vast training programs.

Vintage Fitness brings several men and ladies together through training that is fun in their local community. They provide specialist group fitness classes both in Kitere-Rongo and Migori.

At Vintage Fitness Gym, there is a well-developed comprehensive, and unique training program that focuses on the most important areas of fitness for both young and older people.

These instructors concentrate on flexibility, core strength, power and cardio fitness, Tae Kwondo, and even neurological movement systems. This makes it the best gym for every person who wants to train.

Feel free to visit the gym for your fitness purposes.


Vintage Fitness gym is located at Kitere Technical College a few distance from Rongo Town.

Address: 5JG5+45X, Rongo   

Call: 0728990838 or 0742 238773 for more information.

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Last Remark

Going to the gym is for your health benefits as gym helps you prevent innumerable chronic illnesses. It helps boost your immune system to curb diseases.

If you are residing in Rongo, feel free to visit any of these gyms for your fitness purposes.

It is always recommended to seek medical checkups if you have any medical conditions or you are over 45 years old (elderly individual) before joining any gym for your safety.