Derek Lunsford Net Worth, Wife, Age, Family

A successful bodybuilder, Derek Lunsford has emerged as one of the most talked-about IFBB Pros worldwide. Lunsford made a name for himself in 2021 as a 212 Olympia with a big back and balanced symmetry.

Lunford received a special invitation to participate in the Men’s Open at Mr. Olympia following his magnificent guest-possing debut. Lunsford stunned everyone by taking second place and accepting the award. Hailed as the season’s favorite, Lunsford just made history at 2023 Mr. Olympia by winning two divisions and taking the title of first-ever Mr. Olympia. He also received the People’s Champ Award.

Derek Lunsford, who is 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall, was born in Petersburg, Indiana, on May 14, 1993. Despite his very small stature, his amazing physique usually gives the impression that he is considerably taller.

Early Life of Derek Lunsford

Derek Lunsford was an active youngster in Petersburg, Indiana, from the time of his birth. He took involved in sports and developed a love of exercise at a young age. Notably, he decided to play soccer and had a respectable run at high school wrestling.

But when Lunsford enrolled in college, everything had to alter. Unfortunately, there was no wrestling program at the school he attended. He was compelled to explore at alternative sports because he did not want to give up on his athletic pursuits. Rather, he developed a passion for weightlifting, which paved the way for a bodybuilding career.

Derek Lunsford initially struggled to get the desired outcomes. Consequently, he came across James Brown, who was a personal trainer. After these two were matched, Derek was able to receive the direction required to start making significant progress.

Lunsford set out to build an incredible body by working himself to the bone. It was during this time that he watched a bodybuilding documentary. He started to connect deeply with the sport after being inspired by players like Jay Cutler and Phil Heath. This stoked his desire to become a world-class body.

Derek Lunsford Bodybuilding Career

At the age of 22 years old, Derek Lunsford would make his first debut in amateur bodybuilding. In the Men’s Open Welterweight division, he would compete at the 2015 NPC Indianapolis Championships. He was able to triumph in this contest, giving his bodybuilding career a great start.

Lunsford proceeded to win the 2015 NPC Junior Nationals after this triumph. He accomplished this feat once more the following year as he won the 2016 NPC Junior Nationals. He did, however, finish the year in second place in the NPC USA Nationals.

After taking a break from competition for around a year, Lunsford would put his willpower to the test one last time as an amateur. At the 2017 NPC USA Championships, he competed and finished in second place once more. Even yet, he was able to obtain his Pro Card and start his career as a professional despite not winning.

Derek Lunsford made his professional bodybuilding debut without any delay. He participated in the 2017 IFBB Tampa Pro only one month after receiving his Pro Card. He was able to win in the 212 division by thoroughly dominating the opposition.

Lunsford received an invitation to the 2017 Mr. Olympia after winning the Tampa Pro. Not too long after making his professional debut, he made his stage debut. In addition, he secured the fifth-place spot. As so, he had made a name for himself in the division as a huge prospect.

As a potential 212 contestant, he finished second at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, behind the legendary Flex Lewis. He suffered the same fate in 2019 and continued to compete exclusively in the Mr. Olympia competition. He was fourth at Mr. Olympia in 2020 and went on to defeat Shaun Clarida in 2021 to eventually win 212 gold.

Lunsford was given a unique invitation to compete in the open division at the 2022 Olympia. He stunned both bodybuilding novices and experts by finishing in second place and upsetting well-known competitors like Nick Walker and Brandon Curry.

Most recently, Derek Lunsford achieved a historic double triumph by winning both the People’s Choice Award and the 2023 Mr. Olympia title. Derek Lunsford is the winner of the 2023 Mr Olympia.

Derek Lunsford Net Worth

Derek Lunsford net worth is $2 million. Hany Rambod, Derek Lunsford’s coach, proved to be a pivotal role in his achievement. Known as “The Persian Wolf,” Lunsford’s incredible journey is highlighted by his impressive net worth of $2 million, which he has amassed via commitment and hard work.

Although it wasn’t his first taste of success, Derek Lunsford’s victory at the 2023 Mr. Olympia was another significant moment in his career. He faced up against Hadi Choopan in a close contest in 2022, coming in second.

However, he achieved a historic victory in 2021 when he won the Olympia 212, making history as the first athlete to win Olympia titles in multiple classes. Not content with his outstanding accomplishments, he also declared himself the 2023 People’s Olympia Champ.

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Derek Lunsford Diet and Nutrition

Derek Lunsford spent some time to discover the nutrition regimen that was most effective for him. He did, however, ultimately decide to eat every two to three hours. Additionally, he makes an effort to include 50–60 grams of protein at each meal. He also closely monitors his macronutrient intake to guarantee a speedy recovery from exercise. Additionally, this promotes muscle growth, which facilitates greater increases.

Lunsford is a firm believer in getting your money’s worth when it comes to supplements. He has a history of creating movies for people in which he explains how to obtain the necessary supplements at a cheap cost. In particular, he emphasizes the need for whey protein, amino acids, and several vitamins.

Derek Lunsford’s Wife Jhelsin Mabaga 

Even though Derek Lunsford has accomplished a great deal, this piece will now focus on his wife, Jhelsin Mabaga. Derek Lunsford and Jhelsin Mabaga have been friends for more than ten years; they first interacted on social media in 2011.

Their romantic journey developed gradually, leading to an engagement in 2019 and a moving Vincennes wedding ceremony in 2022.

Jhelsin Mabaga’s Career

Jhelsin Mabaga is more than just Derek Lunsford’s wife; she is a person with her own identity and goals in life. She works as a fitness instructor, and her area of expertise is helping people gain muscle and lose fat.

Jhelsin helps her customers adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles by actively participating in online programs and incorporating physical therapy into her practice.

She regularly posts images and videos of her and her spouse on her official social media accounts, along with client before-and-after transformation narratives. She also shares insightful knowledge about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and provides guidance on food and nutrition.

Regarding academia, Jhelsin Mabaga graduated from Indiana State University in 2021 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. It seems that information regarding her parents and siblings has not been revealed or made public, despite the fact that her academic background is well known.

Derek Lunsford Family

Derek Lunsford and Jhelsin Mabaga have been friends for more than ten years. Despite not being parents yet, Jhelsin and Derek’s Instagram posts seem to indicate that they plan to have a baby girl. The couple is excitedly anticipating this novel and exciting phase of their life.

Derek Lunsford’s journey to become the Mr. Olympia champion in 2023 is a potent example of his everlasting commitment and ceaseless diligence.

Jhelsin Mabaga, his devoted wife, who actively pursues her own profession in the fitness sector in addition to supporting her husband in his fitness endeavors, is at his side. When combined, they offer motivation to fitness fanatics everywhere.


Q: Who was 2023 Mr Olympia Winner?

 Derek Lunsford won the 2023 Mr. Olympia title, secured the Olympia 212, and claimed the People’s Olympia Champ title in 2023.