How to Emulate the USMNT and Fitness to Train Like a Soccer Player

More than ever, people are starting to become attuned to the benefits of fitness, no matter their walk of life as they desire to train like a Soccer Player.  Some people train to manage their weight. Some hit the gym to work out the stresses of the office.

For others, sport is an important part of their lifestyle, and training allows them to compete harder, avoid injury and improve technique.

While there are basic foundations that apply to almost any sport, and are good practice for everyone, as we covered in  things to do on your first day at the Gym, getting fit for different sports often requires different workouts.

A fitness plan for sprinting, say, will involve more leg work, weightlifting and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) versus a distance running regimen that focuses on endurance.

All About World Cup 2022

This November and December, soccer will be all over our screens, newspapers, and billboards as the FIFA World Cup 2022 kicks off in Qatar. There are 32 teams that will battle it out in their quest for the biggest prize in international soccer.

Current holders France will be among the most skillful sides on display, alongside Argentina and Brazil. Group H is almost impossible to predict, with four closely matched teams in Uruguay, Portugal, Ghana, and South Korea.

Skill may not be enough to take the trophy. The FIFA World Cup is traditionally held between June and July. However, with temperatures regularly going over 40 degrees Celsius (104F) in the Qatar summer, the 2022 tournament will take place in winter, for the first time.

November in the Arabian Gulf can still see the mercury rise over 30C (86F), so players will have to be at the peak of condition to make it through to the final on December 18.

After missing out on Russia 2018, the United States Mens National Team (USMNT for short) have qualified for Qatar 2022, making their seventh appearance since the World Cup was held in America, in 1994.

The USMNT is not among the favorites to win the World Cup in the latest Coral odds, but they are expected to get out of a group containing England, Iran, and Wales. Despite their status as outsiders, just to get to soccer’s showcase event is an achievement and one that requires immense physical strength and fitness.

The USMNT may have some fitness advantages. Star men DeAndre Yedlin and Sergiño Dest play their club football at Inter Miami and Barcelona, respectively, and should be more acclimated to the heat than the England and Wales players who mostly play in the English Premier League.

The USMNT is also a very young side – of the 22-man squad coach Gregg Berhalter names, Tim Ream and Brad Guzan may be the only players in their thirties.

The aforementioned Sergiño Dest is only 21 and Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic has 51 appearances for his country at the age of 23.

The combination of youthful natural vigor have aligned with the players benefiting from the highest levels of coaching found at these super-rich clubs and it could be crucial for the USMNT.

How to Train Like a Soccer Player

Do you want to be a Pro Performance? Well, it is important to know how to train to be a soccer player. Factually, different positions will require different disciplines, but there are some universal benchmarks.

Over a 90-minute game, a soccer player will run an average of 11.2km, which is probably the most of any team sport, so cardio work is paramount.

Midfield players whose remit is to turn defense into attacks like Tyler Adams and Weston McKennie can run upwards of 14km in the space of a match so their training programs take in more endurance and recovery work.

Likewise, different body types are employed in different capacities. Central defenders are usually physically bigger players, and their training regime involves lots of upper-body strength work, needed to hold off opposition forwards.

Wingers and fullbacks have the responsibility of moving the ball up the flanks and getting in behind the opposition defense, so their fitness plans require them to focus on acceleration and balance in order to beat an opponent with quickness in place of physicality.

Soccer is a great leveler. More than any other sport, people with almost any sort of body type can enjoy the game, and be successful in it. Arguably the greatest player of all time, Lionel Messi stands at 5’7 and 148lbs.

Meanwhile, USMNT defender Cameron Carter-Vickers clocks in at 6’1 and 203lbs, earning him the affectionate nickname ‘The Fridge’ from fans of his club side, Celtic. Maybe it’s time to work some soccer fitness into your training program. 2022 will most certainly be the year for it.

Quick Tips to Train Like a Soccer Player

  • Do Interval Training: to be able to accelerate to a high-speed sprint instantaneously
  • Perform High Volume Lower Body Lifting  and Core Work
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet to boost your energy level and lean muscle growth.

Words of Wisdom

The best way to get in great shape for your final game is to train like a pro soccer player by combining 1 to 3 days per week for your interval training to develop stronger muscles and increase your performance.

You also need to perform  2 to 3 days per week for your high-volume lower body lifting. This includes training your muscles with upper-body lifting for another two to three days per week to keep your body balanced. Then you need to finish with some core training. 

Importantly, you need to have a realistic workout routine for you to train like a pro soccer player. This will make you fit and energetic, but also purpose to stay hydrated throughout the day and eat healthy food.